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Tuesday 2 February 2016


A dictator is known to be a person who believes's in a tyrannical manner of governance, unrestrained by law. Starting from Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin to Saddam Hussein and Mao Zedong, the world has Witnessed the rise and fall of the most wicked dictators in history. They shrewdly gained power and maintained it through cruelty and violence.
Saddam Hussein              Buhari                    Adolf Hitler
The Magistrate Court, ruled an unconditional release to Nnamdi Kanu of the treasonable felony charged him, why bring the case back to the not just as an appeal to the judgement but yet as an allegation? Does it mean that treason and felony are of two types in Nigeria constitution? Hon Justice John Tsoho on Federal High Court in Abuja on 29th day of January 2016 denied the leader of IPOB Nnamdi Kanu bail on a charge he has been discharged of earlier. The words from John Tsoho says Nnamdi Kanu is a threat to National Security, that if release might commit the same offence again, and he might jump bail because he possessed dual citizenship. One will be wondering what this man committed other than asking for His freedom and that of his people. Is that an offence of treason? Biafrans are yet to understand what Justice John Tsoho meant by "threat to National Security" Because Mr. Kanu is never a terrorist or associated with any terrorist group or organization. 
Buhari sworn during his maiden media chat "NEVER" to release Nnamdi Kanu despite court rulings. Is Buhari rewriting Nigeria constitution with his mouth? Buhari  has been on an endless search corrupt judges from Biafra LAND who will accept his blood money to convict Mr. Kanu. Now Buhari has found what he was looking for in Hon Justice John Tsoho Which is very disappointing, disgraceful and a let down to the judiciary whose image is struggling to stand apart among the myriads of corrupt arms of the Nigeria government. 

Hon Justice John Tsoho

In this scenario, it is highly disappointing to note that Hon Justice John Tsoho has compromised. And the image of the judiciary which Hon Justice Ahmed and  Shuaibu Usman tried to keep afloat is here being rubbished by John Tsoho. What a shame that for mere material gains, honourable Justice John Tsoho has decided to paint his impeccable image black just to satisfy an illiterate terrorist paedophile whose thirst for the blood of Biafrans is insatiable. 
In all these avalanche of problems facing Nigeria ranging from insurgency, corruption, unemployment, embezzlement of public funds, none payment of workers salary dwindling oil revenue, etc.  facing Nigeria, should Nnamdi Kanu be their centre of attraction? 
If Nigeria and it's inhabitants are civilized and wise, tackling these problems should rather be there uttermost priority not chasing shadows, because in the end,Biafra must come.

Written  By  Anyikwa kelechi cynthia
Edited  By   Ikechukwu  Nwaorisa

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