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Monday 29 February 2016



She was a beauty, spreading her graceful glances throughout the eastern region of the River Delta, Niger to the south-eastern Cameroon. She had a large family and they were industrious, illustrious and great merchants. They traded along the coastlines and beyond her boundaries. The white traders nicknamed them Ebos. She loved her family and manifested her beauty in various forms for their comfort. She had beautified herself with resources for her family's use. She provided enough for everyone; they had in abundance, oil, gold, coal, zinc, rivers, mangroves, salt etc. In the early days, they lived happily as clans in hamlets. She was peaceful until she was raped. How horrible!
The white men invaded her in her privacy, her center fell apart and consequently, Biafra lost her virginity. Her family men and women fought bravely and relentlessly but were overwhelmed by the scavengers. The scavengers were armed to the teeth with trickery, treachery and all kinds of vices. Eventually, Biafra fell to the pillagers and plunderers. She had promised to resurrect, hence her reincarnation is here today, lurking with us. The British conquered and amalgamated her in an unholy union with strangers of dissimilar interests, religion and values. Therefore like an over sized and overripe boil, Biafra has come to take back that which was taken from her and which rightly belongs to her. Like a boil long overdue for elimination, she has vowed to continually cause discomfort for the host until she is burst free. Nigeria has no choice left but to comply. 

Nnamdi Kanu

A star was born in November 1967. It was a critical era. Many screamed and groaned, the newborn observed his mother’s predicaments even as he too, partook in the horrifying experience. He quietly and carefully listened, overhearing the sounds of gunshots, the whispering of survivals, then he realized there was no place for him aboard the ship and so he resolved to subscribe to a mission.
An honorable prince of Afara ukwu, Umuahia, Abia state has so far become the biggest boil in Nigeria's scrotum. For more than a decade he has denied himself comfort and has nearly traveled all over the world preaching the gospel of the restoration of Biafra, teaching and galvanizing the cooperation of his kith and kin. Many before him had tried but lost focus and fell out like the seeds from the sower which fell by the wayside.  His brain gave birth to Radio Biafra with which he spread his gospel and got many to hear him and hence endeared many more to himself. The quest escalated but Buhari, antagonistically ordered his abduction since 14th October, 2015. He has remained the matured boil in Buhari and Nigeria’s scrotum. They can neither stop his quest nor dismiss him. He has the key and his fists are tightly clenched on their most vital possession. 
Buhari is going to be the instrument for bursting open, these overripe boils, and this is why his heart, like the biblical pharoah remains hardened. He has sworn to continue the elimination of innocent Biafrans until he receives the cataclysmic consequences of his evil deeds. 
Amnesty international, United Nations, African Union, and all concerned people of the universe are cordially invited to Intervene and to ensure that history will vindicate the just. We invite everyone to uphold justice for those unjustly depraved, deprived, detained, jailed, maimed and killed, for the mayhem meted out against Biafrans are totally condemnable. 
We ask for nothing else but freedom from an unjust union, an oppressive union, a union of conflicting features and interests. We are no criminals, yet uniformed terrorists under the guise of security agents have been deployed to our land with standing orders to kill and silence our people. How can we explain the killings of innocent, unarmed, harmless Biafrans? It is pure terrorism and should be treated as such. Therefore we have requested the support of all relevant local and international organizations of the world.
Come to Biafra's aid as the boils are too ripe to remain on the scrotum sack. Help us burst them now before it metamorphoses into a cancer. 
Free Nnamdi Kanu! Free Biafra!

Written  By  Victoria. O. C. Agangan
Edited By  Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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