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Monday 29 February 2016



                Land of The Rising Sun

All hail Biafra; the land of the rising Sun.
The world and even the Nigerian government have noticed and acknowledged how great and insurmountable you have become that they conspired and perpetrated all manner of evil against you in order to subdue and prevent you from reaching the crescendo. 
They have sought and fought so much to expunge your name from the annals of history and world map,  but that failed woefully. They indeed came for your total destruction and elimination but their evil motives were discovered on time and that was fully materialized upon arrival. Your enemies were so mortified and awestruck at the progress and momentum which you have garnered over a short period, the fear and thought of losing the chances of milking from you awakened their vicious, murderous and bloodshot eyes seeking to curtail your overbearing influence and popularity to the ends of the world. They have continued to hold steadfastly on our land(Biafra) and refused to let go. Now, the Nigerian combined security forces are on the trail of Biafrans, in an evil mission to forcefully and aggressively curb their rising but legitimate activities. Like Dracula, their need for blood has become insatiable.
In and out of Biafra, they march like soldier ants creeping in on innocent civilians, killing, abducting and locking them up in various detention cells, invading homes and communities and causing pandemonium and unrest to the host communities. The land is filled with the blood of massacred peaceful and unarmed Biafrans perpetrated by the forces of the Nigerian state.
Since 14th October last year that the prisoner of conscience, Nnamdi KANU was illegally arrested and detained which sparked off series of peaceful protests, they have ceaselessly and brazenly spilled the blood of Biafrans, terrorizing and wrecking wanton havoc on them in their own land.

On the 9th of February, 2016, they unleashed terror on Biafrans praying at National High School Aba, killing over twenty two peaceful and unarmed Biafrans, leaving scores of others seriously wounded. They also took 13 dead Biafrans from the massacre with their hands tied, blindfolded eyes and embalmed bodies, dumping their corpses in a borrow pit recently discovered in Aba. Thankfully, this has exposed the horrific display of pure hatred, injustices and terror meted out on Biafrans simply because they are exercising their rights to self-determination. Another recent attack on 22nd February, 2016, by the members of the Nigerian Army is their invasion of Ogoni land, another Biafran province, sent by President Muhammadu Buhari. And as usual, they left scores of innocently civilians which they would have protected, dead as other inhabitants of the community fled to neighbouring communities while scampering for safety. Just like the biblical Abel, the spilled blood of Biafrans are restless and seeking redress, hoping for vengeance  hoping that justice will prevails. Surely, the perpetrators of these inhumane killings and crimes against Biafrans must not go unpunished. Nigeria, after much interference and evil plottings must surely bow to this great emerging nation, Biafra.
The unusual and uncivilized strangers occupying our lands will have no choice but to leave on their own. The inevitable end is near for these killer machines in uniforms, armed to the teeth and sent out to eliminate Biafrans by their despotic leader Buhari. Biafra has arrived at the appointed time and without much ado, the earlier they embrace the truth and submit to the general will of the people, the better for them. Amnesty international has finally reacted in the direction of influx of calls on its table, ordering for investigation of the continuous terror attacks and crimes meted on Biafrans by the oppressive Nigerian State. It is hoped that through the detailed research and findings, they will support and give the agitation for the restoration of Biafra a boost by calling for a snap referendum. There is absolutely no need to further delay things.
These uniformed men of the Nigerian army and Police constantly besieging our communities and terrorising Biafrans should be made to face the wrath of the law. There is also the need for Biafrans to remain determined and resolute even in the face of austerities, until our common goal of restoring the pride of our fatherland is accomplished. Until we fly her flag so high for the whole
world to see and applaud, there will be no retreat, nor surrender!
These killings must energize us and serve as a constant reminder to us that we are sacrificing our lives for the sake of the existence of our generation and let that spur us to show more commitment and devotion in the pursuit of self-determination. All hands must be on deck in seeing that this is realized.
William Wilberforce ended slave trade a long time ago and democracy is all about freedom of speech, association, and even self-determination which is recognised by the Nigerian construction, the European Union and United Nations. What harm will conducting a peaceful referendum cause, when other countries have towed the same path peacefully? Is there a hidden agenda to begin another genocidal war obstructing the restoration of Biafra?
But surely this plan will never yield any result as you cannot quell or quench an idea whose time has come. You cannot cover or prevent a rising sun from shinning. Biafra is greater than any individual or group to subvert.

Written By Victoria Agangan
Edited  By  Ikechukwu nwaorisa

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