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Thursday 14 January 2016

THE NAKED DANCE BEFORE OBAMA- the umpire for the destruction of Democracy

THE NAKED DANCE BEFORE OBAMA- the umpire for the destruction of Democracy
 misconstrue “Good” to be external appearance, without knowing that a man is good firstly from the inside. So it is when it comes to respect to principles of democracy. American society has bequeathed human society an asset which if it should be applied as written in papers, the world will be a better place for human inhabitation. The unfortunate thing in human history is that man makes good society and man also destroys such that which his follow man has built. Past American leaders were known for their open confrontation to any opposition to democracy and human right as against what is obtainable in today’s American leadership that looks the other way and in most cases observes the destruction and annihilation of Democracy and Human Rights. If US leadership is in moral decadence as we see her today, observing the Human Rights abuses in the regime of Mohammadu Buhari, their stooge and puppet, which they support in Nigeria, it means that the world is heading towards dystopia state that only fate could conceptualise.
United States of America has been known for fighting for the just and oppressed people of the world, even her history is rich with such cases as read in her Civil war, but it marvels me to see US
 muted in midst of disregard of court orders and unlawful incarceration, maiming, torturing and killing of members of the Indigenous People of Biafra by Buhari’s regime. Those arrested are kept in an inhuman condition where they prefer death to life, while others were killed silently for the “crime” of asking for separate state. And US whose doctrine is embedded in freedom snubbed the cries and tears of Biafran people as Buhari and Nigeria work hard to annihilate Biafrans. In Nigeria the Buhari’s regime out rightly chose not to take those Biafrans under his custody to court, while those he manage to take to court due to public outcry, he refuses to free them as courts pronounced bail and release on them. This is what Nnamdi Kanu state looks like. This is to remind US again not that she is not aware of these, rather she chooses to stand by the dictator for reasons best known to Oval Office, Department of state, Pentagon, Capitol, CIA, FBI, USAID and others. Nigeria has no case against Biafrans than they ask for freedom, we are killed and dehumanised just for asking for freedom. Is this right? Why is United states of America seemingly deaf and dumb? What rights has America to come out tomorrow in the world and preach about democracy and human right when she glaringly and openly installed a corrupt military dictator in Nigeria as a president and observe him destroy everything that democracy and human rights stand for? President Obama should bury his face in shame for being the only American president under whose watch principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law is thrown to the dust bin. Obama is deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to issue of killiing of Biafrans, but when Shiite Muslims were slaughtered in Northern Nigeria as Biafrans have been slaughter on the soil of Nigeria since 1945 till date, his evil eyes blinked open and his ears were opened and his mouth started to speak. WHERE IS SHAME? 
To prove that they are killing and destroying us for no reason than we asking for freedom, on 14th of January 2016 Nigeria Government excused herself in the case between her and IPOB in New York, USA. She could not argue her point to logical conclusion and to avert further ridiculing of her damaged image in US, she evicted herself from the case. This is the government US Government stands on her side, a government that approaches court with no reason other than to suppress freedom as we are seeing in Nnamdi Kanu's case. Thank God for the relative sound professional dispositions made by judges in Magistrate and Federal High Courts. The bold decisions of the Judges prove a clear point that there are those who will never “bow to Baal”....that there are those who are not ready to rubbish their conscience integrity and reputation as Obama has done. On the 18th of January 2016, Nnamdi Kanu is expected to appear before Hon. Justice John Tsoho with fresh charge I believe. From belonging to unlawful organisation to sponsoring terrorism as previously charged, and now maybe the new charges will be "that Nnamdi kanu cause Naira to exchange for N305 to $1, downing oil price to $25 per barrel and causing high cost of gasoline in Nigeria local market to N500 per litre, and stealing of 2016 Budget from Senate. It will be recalled that Buhari, after losing the previous two court cases, mobilised the likes of former governor of Rivers state, Rotimi Amechi and governor of Imo state, Malam Rochas Okorocha with the sum of N20 million (twenty million Naria) each to shop for any corrupt judge to do his bidding and bear the blood of the innocent one, Nnamdi Kanu and get him convicted. No one knows if Hon Justice John Tsoho is the one bought to do the dirty job.  Everyone is already pissed up with Buhari’s attempt to write judgement script for judges even when his certificate from secondary school is in doubt and a fraud. The NBA, top legal luminaries home and abroad have frowned at Buhari’s self-appointment as Chief Justice of federation, as he defended in his presidential chat where he made it known to the world that he will never obey any court order that stands against continuous detention and torturing of Nnamdi Kanu. We will not be surprise if he floats another frivolous charge Kanu or pressurises Justice John Tsoho to abort justice. Whichever way, the world is waiting and watching…

Written  By   Okoro Austine
Edited  By   Ikechukwu Nwaorisa


  1. Is there any medication again that will heal this wound Buhari and Barack Obama has caused via the killing of democracy in our generation?

    For their information, Biafrans are ready to make sure it is more obvious that whiteHouse is writing the script uneducated foolani man #Buhari is playing.

    Russian president "Putin" is so kind as he already know the final outcome of the problem of demolishing of Democracy in the land of the rising sun.

  2. Woe to any Judge that will carry the whole problems of the ZOO to his FAMILY just for a peanut "MONEY"That will be a HISTORY for ever

  3. Obama is a closet Muslim, and there is no doubt about it. Just look at the way He treats Christians and Us allies like Israel. The sad part is, the worse is yet to come. With the Iran nuclear deal, He intends to change the power dynamics in the middle - east. In the not too distant future, Iran shall acquire the nuclear bomb and what we believe is jihad and terrorism today will be child's play tomorrow.

  4. Woe unto him that goes against Biafrans.


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