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Thursday 21 January 2016

The Fraud Called Nigeria, A Country Built On Lies, Designed To Fail

Four years after the amalgamation of Nigeria, an ex-Judge Stocker, described the Contraption called Nigeria as a form of system he called; THE NIGERIAN SYSTEM. He described the Nigerian system as ”A SET BACK TO A CONDITION OF THINGS RESEMBLING THE BARBAROUS AGES”. As at the time, “The Nigerian system” was and is still the most infernal system that was ever designed for the express purpose of humiliating and depressing the units of any loyal and progressive community. The three basic principles for the successful working of the Nigerian System were and are still; IGNORANCE, FEAR and MILITARY TERRORISM. *INFERNAL – Extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell.
THE NIGERIAN SYSTEM – Designed to fail
To restrain and subvert the greed and selfishness of the Emirs because of his consistent dread of a Jihad or holy war against him or his government in the Northern Protectorate, Lord Fredrick Lugard charmed them into submission with the princely salary and a 50% allocation of the native’s treasury funds. These funds were derived from direct taxation thereby creating a distinction, without a difference between their private and public funds.
While Sir Lugard humored at the greed of these Emirs and the ignorance of the peasant natives, he had a successful rule as a mini-god, as long as he did not tamper with their religion. Hence, the cementation of the system where only “a few were beneficiary of state funds while the peasants were at the mercy of a ruling class”. In that system, he termed as the “indirect rule” in the Northern Protectorate. He had subtly guided these Emirs {ruling class} to the center of the garden to taste the fruit of knowledge, and to be able to decipher between good and bad while the natives were left in perpetual ignorance.
Things did not work out so well when Lugard arrived the Southern Protectorate and the Lagos Colony. There, he met missionary schools in several nooks and corners, educated natives with a system of government that was designed to progress. During his presentation on taxation policy to the parliament in 1913, he was bombarded with several questions on these policies and considerations were put forward on the affordability in defense of the natives. These didn’t quite go well with the god-emperor Sir Frederick Lugard. Ignorance was not going to be a basic tool for success in the Southern Protectorate/Colony as it were in the Northern Protectorate.
Most of the Princes and some commoners of the Southern Protectorate were already scholars of western education. Hence, history reports that Sir Fredrick’s policy met with such a lamentable and disastrous failure in the Lagos Colony and Southern Provinces. The darkness of ignorance from the Northern provinces was dispelled by the people of the Southern provinces championing Rights, Liberty and Justice.
Faced with the challenges of imposing the “divide and rule by ignorance” policy of the Northern provinces on the Southern Provinces and Colony that was strongly opposed by the natives of the Southern provinces, Sir Fredrick Lugard thereby devised the sudden thoughts of creating the CONTRAPTION called UNITED NIGERIA.
It is on record that as at when Lugard presented the proposal for the amalgamation of Northern & Southern Nigeria to the LONDON CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE, he is said to have explained how he was not at liberty to reveal what his proposals involved when questioned by the Secretary of State. He described the amalgamation as “a necessity which cannot be deferred” and declared that he was convinced that “the step had to be taken without delay”.
If Sir Fredrick Lugard was not at liberty to reveal his proposal to the London Chambers of commerce, who was he afraid of? Was there a higher level of conspiracy that involved other decision makers? It was clear that the Southern protectorate was going to be punished for not being as the ignorant “Northern Province”. In essence, THE CREATION OF THE UNITED NIGERIA was shrouded in a fortified, malicious and criminal secrecy.
A NATION’S DEMOCRACY BUILT ON THE FOUNDATIONS OF FRAUD AND LIES – A Revelation by Harold Smith – the 1959 electoral officer.
Having established that the enlightened Southern Province/Colony may not remain in their control for too long, the need for an amalgamation of the Northern Province with the South became an imperative action for the British government as a first step. Their shrouded motive did not come to play till in 1957 when the first indigenous Parliament was inaugurated in preparation for self-rule. It would be easy for the British government to hold-on to Nigeria through their northern friends knowing that the region knew less about their “rights” as compared to the Southern counterparts that were already scholars back home and in overseas as at the time.
During the 1957 and 1959 regional and national elections respectively as would be later exposed by Sir Harold Smith, the British Colonist decided to not only rig the elections against the highly populated and educated southern protectorate/Colony, but also conspired to allocate 50% of all votes to the North. In doing so, history reports as confessed by some of the conspiracist that an additional 20,000,000 in population numbers was added to the entire population of the Northern protectorate, while 20,000,000 was subtracted from the actual population numbers of their counterpart in the three regions of the southern regions thereby making it impossible for the leadership of the new nation to be in the hands of either of the Southern Provinces.
To this date, the North has fictitiously believed that they have a greater population than the South. Apart from having more fictitious votes, they were rewarded with more representatives in the Federal Parliament. On specific instructions from the British colonist, the Northern protectorate was to hold-on to power with their presumed numbers as long as forever. One can easily explain the statement credited to the late Premier of the North, Sir Amadu Bello 12 days after the independence when he advised his kinsmen to ruthlessly prevent a change of power from their hands to the Southern protectorate. He was also quoted to insist that the Minorities of the North must be used as a willing tool {Where numbers are required}, and for the Southern protectorate he knew nothing about, he referred to as a conquered territory that must never be allowed to have control over their future.
Smith had also stated that the Northerners never really wanted the British to leave as they were more scared of the Southerners than the British. But were only comforted when power was promised to be left in their hands. And they have so ruthlessly protected same since then, and have also decided to give their blood rather than allow the southerners have a control over their future. The ruthless genocide of 1966, 1967- 1970 is a clear confirmation of the determination to do same when the need arises. Unfortunately, this is 2015 and not 1966.
N/B The Entire Southerners, Southeast or Middle Regions belt don’t need to fight a war again, but just need to agree that enough is enough, The United Nations will take it from there.
THE FRAUD CALLED “THE NIGERIAN CONSITUTION” Designed for the interest of a few.
The Nigerian constitutions penned down in 1913 to allow for the amalgamation in 1914, the one generated from the first United Nigeria’s parliament in 1922, the 1946, 1954 were all a Gerry-meandering steps to the fulfilment of either the indirect rule of the divide and rule in the northern protectorate, or the direct rule of using sellouts via district officers in the Southern protectorate. They all pointed in one direction –less rights to the governed and more rights to the governors. The 1959 constitution that even-though was presumed to have given a certain meandering to the autonomy to the regions, had totally given absolute power to the leaders without provisions to questioning how the governed are govern. It was all designed to leave massive powers in the hands of the Northern protectorate that by the conspiracy; would remain the leaders in the government of the United Nigeria.
The colonial masters through the 1959 constitution technically created benchmark for achievements, entrance or assessments to keep the North in perpetual advantages ahead over their Southern counterpart. For instance, the entry requirement into government establishments was far lesser for northerners. Like the Army then would require 6 credit passes for all Southerners, and just a single “pass” {not credit pass} for the same counterpart from the North, thereby giving the Northerners a head-on against his Southern counterpart that may need to do two or more re-sits for the same examination to be accepted into a federal establishment.
In these manner, the Colonial masters designed a system that will leave the Northerner in higher positions of government against his southern counterpart in all spheres. But that did not deter the northerners to always remain behind, until all forms of entry requirement that could stand as a barrier was abolished to fulfill the new conned word “The Federal Character”. The system that would allow for a cattle rearer from the North to fit into a senior position against a WASC holder from the south as at the time.
These were the breeds of leaders created by the Colonial masters to lead the future of the new nation called Nigeria. We even have one known General that ended up without a WASC and has proceeded to be the number one citizen of the UNITED NIGERIA on two occasions.
The 1979 and later the 1999 constitution by which we are now governed sealed whatsoever was left unsealed in the grand plan to keep the poor poorer and the rich, richer. For instance, Section 6(6)C of our 1999 constitution takes away every right a Nigerian has to question his Fundamental Rights as Nigerian;
S.6 (6)(c) “shall not except as otherwise provided by this Constitution, extend to any issue or question as to whether any act of omission by any authority or person or as to whether any law or any judicial decision is in conformity with the Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy set out in Chapter II of this Constitution”
In essence, as Nigerians, we do not have the right to question if the actions of a person in authority or any law or judicial decision is in conformity with our fundamental rights. In essence, as long as one is in authority over another, the governed has limited or no rights to question, or request for the obligations of governments to be fulfilled in either his life, or that of his community.
So as long as power remains in a certain region, that region determines your Political status, Economic, Social and cultural development or future.
Meanwhile, the same Constitution in Chapter II titled FUNDAMENTAL OBJECTIVES AND DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICY gives you Rights that has been withdrawn in S6(6)C as mentioned above.
Right to General welfare and security
Right to participatory governance system
Provision of Transportation
Provision of Physiological needs
Right to employment
Conditions of work
Right to health
Gender sensitive rights
Right of the child
Right to public assistance
Right to education, from cradle to grave
Right to a safe environment
Cultural rights
All the presumed Fundamental Rights as listed above are as strange as fictitious mythology told by aliens as we all know that none of us can request for such rights. So the question is;
Why do we pay tax when we cannot hold the government responsible for roads, not to mention the shelter or healthcare that has never been provided by Government? What right does the Nigerian government have to own and acquire our lands when they want to? And Finally—– What rights do the Northerners have to own 85% of the Oil-wells that has desecrated our lands in the Southern protectorate?
The fraud of the constitution that allocates resources from Bayelsa to only 8 Local government in the south and does same to 44 Local governments in Kano or Jigawa? The constitution that permanently without prove allocates far more Wards/State Constituencies/Federal Constituencies to the North than a region is ever considered in the South, thereby always giving the Northern protectorate more seats in the parliament of the fraud called United Nigeria.
The Constitution of Nigeria is designed to either sentence a goat stealer to 21 years imprisonment, or hanged by the neck, while a multimillionaire thief is endlessly charged for corruption and acquitted or worst, sentenced to 6 months in prison for corruption with an option to fine of N200,000.
The Nigerian Constitution, before the advent of Boko Haram, prepared the Northerner for his/her “national service” in the oil rich Niger-Delta region in preparation for mastery in the oil industries, or Lagos where he is prepared for to take-over the private sector, while his counterpart from the Southern protectorate was sent to the deserts of the North to force or redirect his dreams.
These are just some of the fraud in our constitution of the contraption called Nigeria. Its biggest fraud is to claim that “WE THE PEOPLE” that is I and you came together to agree to defraud ourselves. When did we firmly swear to agree on these lies and unholy marriage? A nation with no possibility of progressing. No, not with what binds us together.
PROPAGANDA & THE GREEK GIFT; A perfect tool by the North to enslave the South.
In their efforts to effectively hold on to power and dominance, the North has consistently used the propaganda tool effectively to keep the unity of the south in question, while they remain united by all means necessary. The first step was to identify the greatest and most dreadful threat to their supremacy; THE COMBINED STRENGTH IN THE UNITY OF THE IGBOS AND YORUBAS.
They seek a dubious alliance with the WEST to weaken it futuristic alliance with the EAST if there would be any need for such. With that, they have found an alliance with the Slave/Master mentality that will permanently disallow a possible coalition between the two strong regions of the Southern Protectorate.
They also designed a way of putting fears into the minds of the immediate neighbors of the Igbos of some imaginary fear of dominance that they, the Fulanis are known for. Did they just stopped there? In 1967, using General Gowon as a willing tool, the slice out slice out several part of the region, called them states, then reminded them that they were not Igbos.
They went as far as cutting out several parts of the Igbos, and merging them with their neighbors in an attempt to weaken the population strength of a single Igbo nation. And in all honesty, our parents from the South/South {still a creation of the north} believed that truly, the Igbos were their newfound enemies. And were blinded by the facts that their brothers and sisters were also massacred in the north. How foolish could we be to believe in the lie of our adversaries?
(i) How did Nigerian end up with a Region known as South South? (
ii)How did a costal people that have lived peacefully for hundreds of years with their hinterland neighbors without any genocide attempt explain the sudden fear of dominance or genocide simply because these their neighbors are a threat to a dominating race hundreds of miles away?
(iii) How did a man from Benin City suddenly become more brotherly to a man in faraway 400km away in Ogep than the Ebonyi man that is less than 60km away from him?
(iv) How did a man that speak the same language of Igbo, but lives in Aniocha of Delta State deny vehemently that he is not Igbo because a state was created to divide him from his ancestral Clan hall in Onitsha?
(v) How did a man in Obigbo that is barely 30km from Aba ever deny he is Igbo because an imaginary created state was created and he suddenly realize he was no longer a part of that race, yet he won’t speak a different language or behave differently from his roots?
(vi)When did an Annang man from Old Ikot Ekpene that has cultural identity with the Ngwa man, inter-married for over 400 years suddenly realize that the Igbo man is more of a potential enemy than the Fulani man that helped him to identify his brothers as enemies?
At the sudden realization of our newfound enemies, not even ones has the North differentiated either of these block of people in the Old Southeast during their killing largess. Several reports emanated and has been passed down as history that during the war, stories were heard of how the Biafran soldiers abandoned the Federal forces they were meant to kill, and decided to waste their scarce bullets on their defenseless neighbors from the present day Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta states including the Old Bendel state.
How false can that be? Any witness to these killings you were told?
The question is, who committed the Asaba genocide? Who leveled Ito Road/Aba road in Ikot Ekpene? Who forced people into the river at Eket? Were they Biafran Soldiers?
Who generated the rumors that the Igbos will kill all the Annang and Ibibio in an event they win the war {at least I heard that}, my question is, how would the Biafran soldiers that were yet to be settled start making plans of exterminating their neighbors when they had some of these neighbors as compatriots in the battle field?
Did we for once consider that in wars, there are always propagandas to weaken the enemy lines? Have we ever wondered that these were lies to leave us disunited so as to continue in these slavery called one Nigeria?
Let’s ask ourselves another series of questions that may be running through your minds;
(i) if you assume the Igbo man cheats, ask yourself, do you cheat?
(ii) if you assume that the Igbo man is corrupt, are you corrupt free? Or are those that told you less corrupt?
(iii) If you tell me the Igbo man lies in the market, please point out to me which of those tribes don’t lie to sell?
(iv) Igbo man sells fake things, please if everything from the Yoruba or Hausa sells to you is authentic, why don’t you stick to him/her?
In other-words, I want to clearly put it to you in these article that all the fears you might ever have heard of the Igbos are propaganda that were carefully designed, crafted and strategically structured for your ears. If in doubt, ask yourself in all honesty if you are any better from what you have been oriented to believe about the Igbo man. If a man is money conscious, at least you have never been forced to buy from him. What so ever is practiced by an individual Igbo in his line of trade, check if the Uhrobo, Calabar or Yoruba man is different in the same trade? Every tribe has their goods and bad, and none is better than any other as our central adversary have made us to understand. It is time we free ourselves from the propaganda designed by the born to rule to keep us disunited.
THE LOWER NIGER REGION – The need to be united in liberation/Self-determination
Having considered all abnormalities in the contraption called the United Nigeria that is enmeshed in secrecies, lies, hypocrisy and propaganda, and having confirmed that the contraption and its systems was designed to fail while enslaving a section of it and the governed in its entirety, is it best to continue to dwell in the illusion? No matter how well you believe and think that there will be a perfect leader that will right all the wrongs if that is your hope, have you considered the possibilities of changing the constitution that empowers all these wrongdoings? The constitution itself does not allow for a change neither will the benefactors of the contraception allow it.
The only way to right the wrongs imposed by the British imperialist is to start all over again. To create a nation that the colonial devils has no hand in it. To create a nation that will be built on morals that have been agreed upon by all parties involved, unlike the Nigerian amalgamation that was shrouded in a conspiracy by a few. The strength of a nation that will be founded on the diversity of our different strength.
A nation with a defined work plan to progress, a nation built on a people of a kind that all agree on the sacrosanct of life. Not a nation that will be torn apart by religion or fear of the religion of our brothers. A new nation built on the principles of regional autonomy and not parasitic dependency as described by the LOWER NIGER CONGRESS CHARTER. A nation that includes but not limited to Edo, Ijaw, Ibo, Ibibio/Annang/Efik, Jekri/Urhobo/Isoko and Ekoi as it were in a 1885-1906 map found in the archives of the United Nations from the British Museum.
The only way to successfully break away from this contraption called Nigeria without these imperialist Slave/Masters responding with a possible genocide being what they always want and might want is to break away as a united region. As long as we continue to see ourselves differently, as long as we are suspicious of each other, as long as we see each other as a potential threat, then we will continue to be under the propaganda spell that has placed us as a common slave under the Hausa/Fulani, but disunited brothers in all senses for liberation.
The people of South Africa did not see themselves as a threat to themselves when they decided to fight against the imperialist of the Dutch, but a united black population. In our case, the British extended their stay via a Slave/Master relationship transferred to the Northern Protectorate; and the only way to respond to these Born/designed to rule protectorate is reject them, reject the fraud of a United Nigeria, reject the fraud of a constitution that claims we all agreed to the merger in absentia. And we can only do this as a united body, under unified umbrella, under an umbrella that involves not just the Biafra agitators, but the entire region of the Lower Niger.
I have done my part, I have expressly defined the fraud called Nigeria. I have made it clear that Nigeria was never designed to progress. Best of all, I introduce you all to THE LOWER NIGER CONGRESS.`
If you find this exposition useful, please share or republish either in full or in parts on your Facebook page or your online blogs or news magazines.


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