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Saturday 30 January 2016



Biafrans, Friends of Biafra and lovers of Freedom, You can all see that the whole world has gone BLIND, DEAF AND DUMB over the atrocities being meted to Biafrans. The United Nations has gone blind, deaf and dumb. The United states of America and her Congress have gone blind, deaf and dumb. The Bitish government and and its Parliament have also gone blind, deaf, dumb and lame. None of them wants to see, hear or talk about the evil the British edifice of the Devil called Nigeria is perpetrating against Biafra and Biafrans. Now the Biafrans are going to drum it into the ears of the governments of the whole world. To this end, The Directorate of State of the Indigenous People of Biafra have directed all Biafrans all over the world to RECHARGE THEIR PHONES FOR A ONE MILLION PHONE CALL CAMPAIGN COME 1ST OF FEBRUARY 2016.
From February 1st 2016, IPOB members world wide, Biafrans at large, and friends of Biafra will be calling the government of the world to let them know what Buhari and his murderous agents are doing to Biafrans. This is to make it known that we have towed the path of peace to achieve our goal which is restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. Biafrans should not be held responsible in any act of violence that may erupt in the course of our self defence.

Biafrans, Friends, and Well Wishers
Starting Monday February 1 through Friday February 5, 2016, we intend to, and shall awake the United Nations, Government of the United States of America to the plight of Biafrans.
Please endeavor to make phone calls  starting this Monday, from (3pm to 11pm Biafra time), 9am to 5pm (US EST), to Barack Obama, President of USA and United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon
When you call, you don't need to say much—just politely deliver the main points of the petition or just use the example below.
“Hello, my name is (------) I’m calling to appeal to the President to:

1. Condemn the ongoing crimes against the humanity of Biafrans by the current President of Nigeria;

2. Free the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and other Biafrans arbitrarily incarcerated for peacefully demonstrating;

3. Support freedom and independence of Biafra. Thank you!”

Then, help me keep track of how many calls have been made by clicking here:

The UN & US Gov’t Phone Numbers are as follows

1.    President Barack Obama, White House

+1 202 456 1111
2.    US Congress/Capitol

+1 202-224-3121
3.       United Nations Secretary General: Ban Ki-moon

+1 212 963 1234
4.       Speaker of House of Representatives: Paul Ryan       

+1 202 225-0600
5.       Republican Majority Leader: Kevin McCarthy

+1 202-225-4000
6.       Democratic Minority Leader: Nancy Pelosi

+1 202 225-0100
7.     USA Senate President: Orrin Hatch

+1 (202) 224-5251
8.    Republican Majority Leader: Mitch
+1 (202) 224 2541
9.    Democratic Minority Leader: Harry Reid Phone
10. US Senate Foreign Relations Committee : Chairman, Senator Bob Corker; Senator James E Risch; Senator Marco Rubio; Senator Ben Cardin; Senator Barbara Boxer

+1 202 224 4651

11.  US House Committee on Foreign Affairs: Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations: Chairman, Ed Royce; Ranking Member: Eliot L. Engel
 +1 (202) 225-5021

12. Secretary of State: John Kerry:

From USA, call
    From overseas

     888 407 4747
+1 202 501 4444


  1. Call me naive if you want, but I don't believe USA will ever support Biafra because Britain and US often hunt in packs to attack and destroy any true independent country not under their control.

    Our best bet is to keep appealing to the new alliance led by Russia and China. At the same time ensure always that key Africa countries are in tune with what we are going through and to ensure that they also support us. Because should any hostility break out again, the first task of the British enslaver is to make sure that they got AU on their side and other African regional organisations so as to isolate and make us look bad as was the case in Ivory Coast's Gbagbo recently. If they can isolate, then Britain will feel they have the "legitimacy" to move in forcefully and arm their Yoruba and Hausa servants relentlessly as was the case in '67.

    So we mustn't forget Africa as getting their support will also make it easier for the new alliance of Russia and China to help

  2. @Ikenna, I have had similar opinion as well and mentioned it to a couple of people. Why don't we seek alliance with Russia and or China. Make a deal with them that they cannot refuse but also make sure it is for a period of time, after which Biafra will be free from the deal. Example, promise China a quantity of oil for free for some years and seek their alliance. Trade alliances and technological support. I think you have to flex your muscles for the West to pay attention in my opinion, and one good way to do that is to bring in Russia and/or China into the equation. I am praying for Biafra and God will bring it to pass in Jesus' Name, Amen.

    1. Seeking alliance is what we have to do as we don't really have much choice. Britain, as we all know being the principal beneficiary of the evil, unjust, corrupt and unhuman entity that is Nigeria just don't want their creation dismembered mainly because of the resource they have looting from it.

      Without any strong external support, British government most likely is going to sponsor another genocide on our people.

      Relatively speaking, now is the easiest time to get Biafra for the following reasons:

      Nigeria in 6 decades remain an ignoble, banana republic. There is hardly any tangible achievement to its name or for its people. So most foreigners wouldn't have problem have it broken up into manageable portions.
      British power has long peaked. And so are many other Western powers including US. Actually, they are all in major decline and are faced with likely unwinnable challenges everywhere with other major powers.

      Lets work tediously with Biafrans skilled in diplomacy, not arrogant, boastful people to sell our struggle to our neighbours like Equitoria Guinea, Cameroun, Angola which defeated or forced out apartheid SA into negotiation because of help from Cubans and Russia. Even Zimbabwe that are close with China, SA etc.
      If we play our cards right, Biafra will be guaranteed without too much bloodshed. We have people in all these areas who could be helpful in making the right contacts


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