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Thursday 7 January 2016



Citizenship is the exclusive privilege given to a member, also known as ‘citizen,’ of a particular state to exercise civil and political rights. Otherwise referred to as ‘nationality,’ the term vests rights and responsibilities to members under the laws of that country and entitles them to participate in its public life and affairs.
The most common proof of British citizenship is the possession of a British passport. Having asserted this, it is not in doubt that Nnamdi Kanu is a British citizen since he possesses a British Passport.
Some of the rights stated in The Human Rights Act 1998 include:
• The right to life
• The right to be free from torture and treatment of a degrading nature
• To be free from slavery and labour that is forced and not of free will
• The right to freedom and liberty
• The right to have a fair trial in the event of criminal accusation
• That if you do something that later becomes deemed as a crime, that 
you will not be punished if it is criminalised after the event
• The right to have your private and family life respected
• The right to free thought, conscience and religion and the right to freely express your personal beliefs
• Freedom of expression
• The right of freedom of assembly and association
• The right to get married and to start a family if you wish
• The right not to be discriminated against in regards to any of these rights or freedoms
• The right to enjoy your property in peace
• The right not to be sentenced to death (freedom from the death penalty)
British government cannot deny the knowledge of the illegal detention of Citizen Nnamdi Kanu by Nigeria’s DSS, neither will she claim ignorant of the fact that court of competent jurisdiction has ruled and ordered for the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu but DSS refused to obey the court order.
Nnamdi Kanu is undergoing severe inhuman torture and treatments of a degrading nature; in fact he has been totally deprived of his Human Right as written in the Human Right Act of 1998. His is lawyer is not allowed to see him neither his doctor or family members which include his wife and parents. I see this as a slap on the face of the government of Great Britain and the human right that she protects by Nigerian government led by President Muhammadu Buhari.
But it is surprising that the British government is doing little or nothing to protect the right of her citizen Nnamdi Kanu who is helpless in the hands of Nigerian government, even when a court of competent jurisdiction has ordered for his unconditional release and he is still being held. This is unlike the Great Britain that I know, the protector of the rights of her citizen’s and the common man.
However I must draw the attention of the British government that, till date, Citizen Nnamdi Kanu is not under any court remand in Nigeria and is presently held under President Buhari’s personal order. While Sections 293, 294 and 296 of the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act of 2015 forbid any authority or person other than Magistrate and High Court to detain any citizen beyond 24hrs or 48hrs without court remand for maximum of 28 days without trial; Section 35 (4) (a) of the 1999 Constitution further forbids detention of any citizen accused of committing offense of capital punishment (life jail or death sentence) for more than 60 days or two months without being released on bail or appropriately charged to court."
Moreover, Nnamdi Kanu's wife and kids are in the UK and they need him over there, his wife just had a new baby and this baby needs his daddy. I urge the British government to do the needful, protect her citizen Nnamdi kanu, take him back to UK before he dies in the hands of Nigerian government unless President Mohammadu Buhari is playing a scrpt written by the British.

Written  By   Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Edited  By   Ikechukwu Nwaorisa


  1. So being in possession of Nigeria passport and if peradventure he commits this type of offence in the UK then you expect Nigeria government to rise in his (Kanu) defence?.. Does this writer know what jurisdiction means at all?. How do you expect UK to step in when the offence was committed in Nigeria which is another jurisdiction of which he claims to bong too?.. Another Biafran has just been sentenced to death by hanging in Malaysia for drug trafficking, why don't you send your government or Nigeria government with which you and him belong to solicit for him because his human rights are being violated?.When we say that you people don't have brain, you tend to doubt that fact, if not, you won't have posted this rubbish for the whole world to see.Even his British nationality should be checked, I doubt it legality .. Mumu Biafra that can never be.

    1. @Casey morgan;you are completely BRAINLESS..What's the nature of the offense? Can you get a proper definition of the offense committed? When the federal Judges said that there was no offense,YOU STUPID BRAINLESS DULLARD that can't even define an english word stick up your ugly head before your screen to write trash....This shows the height of ignorance in Nigeria ....You must be an ardent fool to think that quiteness is nonchalance. The british government are watching closely..

    2. Casey people like you make Nigeria to become a zoo do you know the implication of what your president is causing to his Nation to outside world and how they passive you people, especially people like you. A competent court say some thing an ordinary man like your president refuse there order let me tell you without court you will not have right even to write rubbish in the newspaper you must know what you are talking about if you come from a zoo.

    3. My advise to the rest of Nigeria is we are not one and irrespective of how you deceive the international world, you know in your mind that you don't like Ibos and they don't like you also so the early a solution is found between us and you people the better it is for everyone.

    4. Fool!!! which offence did he commit? preaching to his people about Biafra? My next world will not have anything to do with black people

  2. onyekachi okoroji7 January 2016 at 23:54

    thank you uju eke. atleast you answered this foolish bastard of a son with polished english. i love you uju. that idiot must be abjectly insane. he needs mental cleansing. CASEY MORGAN my foot!!!! just wait and see that biafra will be restored. we cant go back. NEVER!!!!

  3. All these internet trolling wont help your dilector: probably a political solution. Your director is on a weighty charge in Nigeria and your think just foaming will help his ass?
    Suddenly, dilector is no longer a Biafraud citizen but a British citizen? That man will grow agedly in detention as long as he's viewed or perceived as a threat to the society and you folks will only add to him woes with your immatured style of trying to intimidate PMB.

  4. if you say you are a nigerian,say your name as a proud have played the game of those who live in the zoo.

  5. The rule of Law has to be respected Buhari have to respect this rules and free NNamdi Kanu he has No right or what so ever to keep him in detention after the court of Law has cleared him of any wrong doing as long as the court did not find him guilty he is innocent.


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