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Friday 29 January 2016

Biafra: Late Obi Ubulu-uku completed his Biafran assignments

It has been revealed that the late Obi of Ubulu-uku, Akaeze Edward Ofolue, who was murdered by Nigerian agents masquerading as cattle-herders, had long completed his assignment for Biafra restoration struggle before he was killed.
In a chat with a top Biafran intelligence officer, operating in the Delta State Area, who called himself “Holy-eyes”, it was revealed that the Ubulu-uku monarch was successful in his work for Biafra, having long submitted his report to the Biafra Restoration Committee set up by IPOB more than a year ago before the Nigerian government got him.  “Nigerian government was very late in the day in killing him. If they had killed him a year ago, it would have somehow affected the struggle negatively. But they were as clumsy as ever, and the man was able to evade and outsmart them at every turn on the assignment, until it was completed” Holy-eyes said.
He told Biafra Family Writers that Nigerian government “killed a man who was already in retirement as long as the work for Biafra restoration is concerned” he said.
The Ubulu-uku monarch was kidnapped in the evening of January 5, 2016, by agents of the Nigerian state who masqueraded as Fulani herdsmen. They kidnapped him along Obior/Igbodo road while he was riding in his Land Cruiser Jeep with a young Christian aide. A lawyer, a businessman, and a strong Christian with the Deeper Life Bible ministries, Ofolue was passionate about Biafra and its restoration efforts. He is also a strong believer in education and freedom for anyone and people that desired it.
Our investigations revealed that the traditional ruler, who is also known as Agbogidi, Ofolue is being mourned by IPOB because he was among the hardcore Biafrans of his time. He was among leaders of the delegation that pushed the Biafran issue to frontline at the United Kingdom (UK) Parliament and the European Union (EU) government. Since the information leaked, Obi Ofolue has reported to the Biafran leadership how Nigerian security agents have been on his trail under different kinds of disguises.

Speaking further, Holy-eyes said that part of the work Ofolue did for IPOB was packaging the worldwide demonstrations, which blue-print was submitted more than a year ago. “You see our worldwide demonstrations? That was part of the work his committee did. You see how smooth and effective the protests have been, then you will know that our brother was a genius” said Holy-eyes.
The struggle has taken such an international dimension that the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari and his officials were said to be scared-stiff that Nigeria might break-up under his watch. Recently, IPOB leadership accused Buhari of taking a last-ditch decision to commence an elimination process of prominent leaders of the Biafran struggle. By his murder, Ofolue became the first prominent victim of that decision by Buhari. Since Ofolue’s body was discovered last January 20, Biafrans have been in mourning, especially leaders and members of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who knew his worth and saw it as a big blow to the Biafran struggle.

Holy-eyes: “His death is very painful to all of us as a compatriot and a brother. We love him and would have loved him to be around when Biafran is finally restored. But we console ourselves with the fact that he did a marvelous work for us. He was a dutiful, dedicated and clinical worker. We miss him greatly”.


  1. The Biafran intelligence officer should be aware of it and the way of thinking towards the improvement of this project. The Papers Board is improving the quality of their effort on this project.Late obi ubulu uku did a great job for th development of this project.


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