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Friday 22 January 2016


Governor Obiano
If democracy is the government formed by the majority through voting system, a government that represents the decision and aspiration of the majority of the people, a government that disregards the basic elements of anarchy and dictatorship; then Willie Obiano, the governor of Anambra State should be evaluated on these grounds.
Anambra has long been known for her democratic system of government which has a pre-historic background. Their local system allows for healthy competition at all levels – from siblings up to communities. Even in some villages with kings, decisions are still made in agreement with the council of elders.
As a result, power lies in the hands of the common hawker at Onitsha, the blacksmith at Awka and the autoparts retailer at Nnewi. This was evidently proven when the masses protested Andy Ubah’s electoral result, their support for Chris Ngige when he clashed with Chris Ubah, and their support for the current Governor Obiano when Charles Soludo and Ifeanyi Ubah nearly sank APGA with their wealth in the just concluded election in Anambra State.
Owing to this, Obiano has seemed to forget the rich history of democratic Anambra State; he is doing all he can to dissipate and mortify the core values of the state. He is turning the State to a place where the opinion of the few selfish elites rules and determines the fate of the suffering poor masses.
It will interest you to know that, a period came in Scotland, when the "first line" of every aspiring politician was "Scottish Referendum". Till date, SNP leaders are still promising the Scottish citizens of a second referendum contrary to the current trend in Biafra.

MISS NKIRUKA, Student Killed at Onitsha, at the orders of Obiano, Governor of Anambra State

Today in Nigeria, you will agree with me that these senseless killings can never happen in the Northern part of the country; where unarmed peaceful protesters will be shot dead in numbers. If the nineteen (19) Northern governors of Nigeria could hold an emergency meeting for the killing of armed Shiite group, if the federal government could throw all it has to calm that situation; why should a governor in Anambra State command the killing of his people in their numbers, the people who actually voted and put him into power?We have waited long enough; we can no longer wait for Obiano’s second tenure campaign to express how displeased we are with him. This is a clarion call to all Pro-Biafra groups and supporters in Anambra State to commence a peaceful protest for Obiano’s immediate removal from office. This will serve as a deterrent to every individual occupying or intending to occupy any political seat in Biafra. Surely, Obiano’s political enemies will take advantage of the situation, but they will learn to take issues concerning "Biafra" more serious than what we have today. We have done it to Andy Ubah, we can do it to Willie Obiano!
Say No To Obiano! Say No To The Killings!!!

Written  By  Chinedu Ewulu
Edited  By   Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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