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Thursday 31 December 2015

President Buhari Disregards 4 Court Rulings and Refuses to let the Leader of IPOB go

The Plot to Kill Nnamdi Kanu (Update)              By Ndubuisi Anukwuem
Twelve days later, Buhari’s alter ego, Department of State Security (DSS) agents continues to detain and torture the leader and director of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu in flagrant contempt of the High Court.
President Buhari falsely charged Mr. Kanu with “terrorism”; but when the Court found otherwise and acquitted him, Buhari not only disregarded the court’s ruling, and refused to release Mr. Kanu; but he quickly brought a new set of backup charges; only this time suddenly remembering that Kanu is guilty until proven guilty of “treasonable felony” and charging him as such to the bewilderment of the High Court Judge, Ahmed Mohamed – who was embarrassed to the extent that once the defendant objected, he quickly seized the opportunity and recused himself until a reprobate judge is found who must convict the innocent and unleash the guilty.
Woe betide the Judge that would trade their soul for money and pervert justice.
Meanwhile, more than a dozen Biafrans were murdered at Onitsha for jubilating immediately after the breaking-news circulated that Kanu was “supposedly” set free by Abuja High Court. 
Read story here:

Buhari adamantly labels Biafrans lawfully demonstrating for independence, “insurgents” and “terrorists” to justify his brutality and rampantly “enforced disappearance[s]” against Biafrans in full view of the world; especially Britain, the arch benefactor of Nigeria, whose policy, in the face of existential threats posed by militant Islam, still, is to keep 99% Christian Biafrans from South East at the disposal of 99% murderous Muslims from the north, under one sadistic contraption called British-Nigeria. 
Buhari’s Boko Haram security forces has been abducting thousands of both wounded and peaceable Biafrans from hospitals, prison cells, their homes, and roads, incarcerating them arbitrarily, torturing, executing, and drowning many overboard, and pouring acid on Biafrans to render them unrecognizable according to reliable sources.

He has flagrantly usurped the powers of the Judiciary, legislative, and executive arms of government, but hitherto places himself above these powers. Detaining Mr. Kanu arbitrarily, while violating extant court orders, and piling new charges, is lawlessness and tyranny.  
And if British-Nigerian Judiciary and the legislature refuse to wrest back their separate but equal constitutional powers from Buhari—assuming they doubt the putative lawlessness of the zoo—then, by virtue of silent acquiescence, they would thereby have conceded their constitutional powers, and sanctioned this brazen coup d'├ętat against the rule of law.  

The cowardly silence of the legislature further implies that Buhari now officially has power to kidnap members of the judiciary and legislative branches of government, if in his remote calculations they “erred.” The real dangers here are upon the players of British-Nigerian Ponzi.

Clearly, Jihadi Buhari has no interest in democracy but came, like he did before, to subvert it, and inspire anarchy with delusive intent to “dip the Koran in the Atlantic ocean” as his forebears pre-deluded immediately before and after British Nigeria’s scam independence in 1960.

Here are the blueprints laid by the Saduana of Sokoto, leader and premier of Northern Nigeria from 1954-1966.
“We the people of the north will continue our stated intentions to conquer the South and to dip the Koran in the Atlantic Ocean after the British leave our shores.” — Ahmadou Bello, 1957.
Clearly, Ahmadou Bello came into Nigeria filled with hate, malicious intent, Jihad, and conquest, which beg the question, why are Hausa, Fulani and Yoruba pathologically antagonistic, belligerent, and morbidly terrified by Biafra’s quest for independence? Or is this fatal attraction? Bello continues:
 “The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather, Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power; we must use minorities in the north as willing tools and south a conquered territories, and never allow them to rule over us or have control over their future.”— Ahmadou Bello, October 12 1960.
Now watch Bello shamelessly espouse the northern Nigeria policy towards Ibos (Biafrans):

It is no surprise then that Buhari has foresworn to spread Sharia to the ends of British-Nigeria; and continues to threaten or insinuate war and genocide, while actively incarcerating and massacring Biafrans who are peaceably protesting for independence.
Buhari’s insidious Islamism needs addressed. I beg to digress; but this fantasy about dipping the Koran in the ocean has no basis. If anything, the real goal is to dip Biafrans into the ocean by genocide and rob them of their densely endowed and beautiful land. The Fulani’s dream to rape, and seize Biafra didn’t start today. In fact, it underpins every subversive policy and the crocodile cry of one Nigeria to date. Before the British conquest, they attempted on fifteen different occasions to conquer Biafra but were comprehensively humiliated on fifteen occasions by His Almighty Grace.  

Their hatred towards Biafrans is incidental to the enmity long ago established between good and evil; God and Satan; light and darkness, angels and demons and so on. Because the devil hate God’s chosen people, it is no brainer that he must raise his own “chosen” people with intent to overthrow God, and wreak havoc on the people of God.
Notice for instance how Buhari contested four consecutive elections and raised hell every time he lost? He was at no time ever qualified to be president, but that did not dissuade him. He finally had his way by aggressively undermining the seemingly clueless administration of Goodduck Jonathan.

Is Buhari’s underhanded ascension to power to be confused, as some pastors have insinuated, with the virtue of persistence, and, or resilience? Not a bit; unless you think that satanic aggression or persistence is a virtue. Of course Nigeria would have bled to its own death had Jonathan not bowed out. Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba thus are demonically driven to kill, pillage, and destroy Biafrans both physically and spiritually, as are Palestinians, albeit inversely, to Israel.

Keep in mind that the invisible world informs and controls the visible world; “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against power, against the rulers of the darkness of the world, [and] against spiritual wickedness in the high places” (Ephesians 6:12). The application of this principle does not by any means preclude you from engaging in physical warfare; rather, it ought to prepare you in all the dimensions of warfare.

British-Nigeria’s hatred (Ibo-phobia, not unlike anti-Semitism) and aggression towards Biafra is devilish, but masked with naked “economic interests,” and unlikely to ever subside, unless Biafrans rise up and circumscribe their territory. It’s not enough to say you want peace. Of course, the children of darkness would only misconstrue your peaceable disposition as weakness, and greenlight to tighten their leash on you; to kill, destroy, and pillage as their bloodline dictates. Biafrans must therefore resolve to drive home the point by pursuing the enemies to the cores of their fortresses, and decisively bringing down every lofty edifice erected for the propagation of evil, and to the detriment of the children of light. 

In any case, Buhari, Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba are betting that Britain will again join them or at least help tie Biafrans’ hands and legs; and perhaps drug them to deep slumber, so that Hausa- Fulani and Yoruba can dash out like mindless maniacs—killing and raping defenseless women and children. I admit you are not entirely wrong because you and Britain share the same bloodline. But of course, you are all welcome to meet your doom.
The ongoing pogroms, mass incarcerations, killings, massacres, impunity, mass graves, and lawlessness are very consistent with the infernal empire because the untamed hyena has come upon the rabid dogs. Both are the same save their degrees of ruthlessness and blood thirstiness. Both the judiciary and legislature are inundated with murderous and corrupt officials; so let him with clean hands raise the motion to impeach this wild and crazy beast.
Should Biafrans surrender to murderers? Far be it from you. But you must plan ahead and be ready at all times to defend your life.

As an indigenous people, Biafrans have every right to use the principle of self-determination to free themselves from all the ramifications of British invasion (colonialism); and by the principles of universal human rights and self-defense; you have the right to defend yourselves from Hausa-Fulani AK47 rifle wielding cattle herders and terrorists; and act in matters that concern your individual, as well as collective safety, freedom, and destiny because British-Nigeria fails woefully to guarantee your safety, and inalienable rights.

If the Hausa-Fulani nomadic cattle herders could acquire AK47 assault rifles, and frequently kill, pillage, and rape defenseless women, village farmers, and Biafrans in general, then, every Biafran has the right to seek whatever weapons you can lay hands on, and defend yourselves. Remaining enfeebled in the face of murderers emboldens them, and endangers you more.

Self-preservation is a cardinal attribute of life. It is perfectly moral and natural to want freedom, to be alive, stay alive, and preserve your family, property, community, and heritage. To these ends—especially in the face of nomadic Boko Haram Fulani cattle herders, Boko Haram Security apparatus, Boko Haram DSS elite squad, Boko haram terrorist cells, Boko Haram terrorists, Boko Haram politicians, political thugs, kidnappers, etc., plus the failure of rogue British-Nigeria to safeguard your life as evidenced by rampant sale of human body parts, massacres and mass graves—you must as a matter of duty wake up to your responsibility, and organize yourselves for the purpose of forcible self-preservation.

In United States for example, every now and again, gangs or robbers lunch into residential areas while families are at work or school, and speed terrorize, abduct, rape, rob, vandalize, or shoot up the neighborhoods. Most times, police will arrive a few seconds late. Therefore, to forcibly preserve themselves, residents of such neighborhoods take matters into their own hands. They wait for nothing. They organize themselves into “Neighborhood Watch” or “Crime Watch”—as the name implies, it means neighbors who come together to watch out for criminals, and plot how to remain safe in their neighborhoods. When they see something odd, they call the cops or take action; for example, citizen’s arrest—i.e. catching and holding a criminal by force, if you can, before the real cops get there.
In Nigeria’s case, the Boko Haram police may well be out robbing Biafran motorists, and later arrive to count, by ratio, the number of dead bodies. So what do you do when Boko Haram cattle herder comes for you? Run, hide, beg, or just give up? …Thus, encouraging the killer to come back for your neighbors; OR fight, kill, die fighting, survive? The choice is yours. And for those who mindlessly invoke “turning the other cheek” mantra; pray for understanding.

Impeach Buhari
Buhari’s inability to understand the nuances of democracy, the rule of law, the United Nations Charter on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and Human Rights conventions has no other remedy but impeachment. But who will rise to the call. Who has the fortitude to table a motion to impeach this lawless brut? And when will United Nations fulfil its charter?
According to the UN High Commission on Human Rights, the Indigenous Peoples Rights are established to protect subjugated, or once subjugated peoples; or peoples who were forcibly colonized and dominated by foreign invaders. States, such as British-Nigeria, have no right to impede or block the liberation of indigenous nations and peoples without violating international human rights standards enumerated in international Human Rights Covenants to which British-Nigeria, as a co-signatory, is liable to obey.

We therefore call on the comity of nations to intervene to enforce international laws and treaties because President Buhari is a lawless genocidal dictator who underhandedly returned to power with the help of Britain, and President Barak Obama to kill, pillage, destroy, and Islamize Christians. Watch YouTube comment:

Unfortunately, David Cameron has been silent on this monstrous violation of the civil rights of a British Citizen by an Islamist for obvious reasons. See
But anyone that is scheming to kill Mr. Kanu in order to keep Biafra under British-Nigeria for the sake of crude oil or any reason whatsoever, schemes but in vain. 

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