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Tuesday 22 December 2015



It amazes me to see Buhari's Government spend time and resources over Nnamdi Kanu led Biafra Restoration movement with the aim that Nnamdi Kanu will betray the course like other saboteurs and  prodigal sons in Biafra Land. Even till date, the government and her anti Biafra contractors still hope  that Nnamdi may give up the struggle and compromise his stand. While the naive regime keeps fooling herself, the contractors are seriously enriching themselves from the naivety of the regime. It is damn laughable that Buhari  has increased his 2016 budget to 6.8 trillion on the huge hope that these contractors could help him suppress Biafra Agitation.  Hopefully in the mind of Aso Rock there is an imaginary "ministry of Biafra suppression" to which the likes of Willie Obiano (Governor of Anambra state) or Rev. Ejike Mbaka will either be in charge or nominate those who will head the ministry. But it is an outright waste of time for anyone to think that Biafra struggle under Nnamdi Kanu's  IPOB will be sold out!

(Notorious saboteurs of Biafra)

Aso Rock believes that holding Nnamdi Kanu in captivity will stop, stall or slow Biafra restoration agenda, but I have a very bad news for them. Nnamdi Kanu finished  the restoration program and dropped the blue print before he was arrested. Nnamdi Kanu left a standing statement that "if at any point in this restoration struggle 'HE' Nnamdi Kanu changes his stand for Biafra restoration, 'HIS' orders should be disregarded". In other words, if for any reason, whether under duress or whatever pressure Nnamdi Kanu is forced to sign any document that did not state in black and white "BIAFRA RESTORATION" in it, such document is null and void and will be disregarded by the Directorate of State of IPOB. So Buhari's directionless government is busy wasting the countries money chasing after shadows by torturing Nnamdi Kanu to drop Biafra Agitation, because that will just amount to wasted effort and resources. But I have an advice for Aso Rock. Instead of pressing charges against Nnamdi Kanu (which will be quashed in the court as usual), I will advice Aso Rock to take the following Agenda to Nnamdi Kanu and all this problem will be solved.

FIRST: Tell Nnamdi Kanu that Nigeria will give him Biafra. With this Nnamdi Knau will pay attention for whatever agenda there is on the table.
2ND: Release him in line with the Court Ruling. This will make him believe that maybe there are still human beings there and not animals as we are seeing, because only animal will disregard court order, "only animals".
3RD:  Drop all the baseless frivolous concocted meaningless charges against Him. This will bring in a little sense of sanity in the already destroyed Nigeria's image in the area of observance to the rule of law. 
4TH:  Schedule a meeting to negotiate the modes of separation between Nigeria and Biafra with the relevant United Nations Organ  and Civil Liberties organisation, Human Rights bodies and others world agencies in attendance.  With that the ball is set in motion.

With just these four agenda, Buhari would have rewritten his name in the world history as the only president who recognized the rights of Indigenous People and granted them freedom in line with the United Nations Charter on the rights of Indigenous peoples which he, Buhari advocated for at the 70th General Assembly of the United Nations for the people of Palestine. And Biafrans can close their eyes and forgive Buhari of all his atrocities against them.
The first blow Nnamdi Kanu gave to Nigeria was to voluntarily come back to Nigeria en route to Biafra land  to let the world and rumour mongers know that He is fearless before His enemies and that the inhuman hammer sledge of Buhari does not scare him. The fact that he did not sign the non Biafra pronouncement slip after the court granted him bail, should have proved to them that Nnamdi is already a sold out freedom fighter. Buhari have use threat to his life on him, but his love for Biafra kept him going, they adopted some baseless and dead on arrival diplomacy, yet he told them out rightly that the only workable diplomacy is granting of Biafra. Buhari  equally employed some  compromised Biafran saboteurs and he proved to the saboteurs and those that sent them that he is sold out for the restoration of Biafra. If Nigeria will learn a good lesson and free Nnamdi Kanu and allow Biafra to go, she will save herself of wastage of resources and time, knowing too well that even Nnamdi Knau's family members are already convince that 'Biafra'  is written in Nnamdi Kanu's DNA  and that nothing on earth will make Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB families forsake the struggle for Biafra restoration.  On the wake of the media war between Nigeria and Radio Biafra, Nigeria wasted over $50 million dollars to buy off Satlink, the Israeli satellite communication company carrying Radio Biafra signal. That amount could be meaningfully invested into a worthwhile project. They went further to buy off another communication company that is carrying Radio Biafra signals on Shortwave platform. Are all these not wastage? For what? In the bid to keep Biafrans in a Nigeria that has murdered over 10 million of our sons, daughters mother and fathers since 1945 till date. NO. The time is over. It is either Nigeria give us Biafra and stay peacefully or we all die and there will be no people to be called Nigerians. The whole world cannot claim to be deaf and dumb only to wake up tomorrow and brand Biafrans unmentionable names when the "evitable" not "inevitable" happens; when the "avoidable" not "unavoidable" happens. The world is hereby put on notice to intervene now to avoid an impending holocaust of our modern era.  The needful that Nigeria should do now is to  release Nnamdi Kanu and also prepare for Biafra reality. Budgeting against  Biafra is just waste of time while accepting her existence and reality is needful.

Written By  Austin Okoro
Edited By  Ikechukwu Naworisa

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