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Sunday 13 December 2015



You don't need to look too far to see that Nigeria economy is dead. This can be seen in the way the value of the country's currency is sliding down the ladder like a measuring scale without a counter balance weight on it. The value of the Naira to the dollar as at May 2015 was N168 to $1, but six months later in November 2015, the exchange rate of the dollar to the Naira is $1 to N198 and N244 at the parallel market. And the Federal Government of Nigeria under the illiterate president Mohamadu Buhari introduced many measures to reverse this trend and what his little brain told him will boost the value of the Naira to the dollar is to 1. Cut down the trees under which black market money changers stay to carry out their Businesses. 2. To clamp down on traders and importers as well as ordinary traveler going out of the country not to carry more than $2000 as BTA. If any trader or importer or common traveler is caught with more than $2000, the excess will be ceased. Why common sense did not tell this dullard of Daura that if traders cannot bring in goods enough for the population, the prices of the few goods available will rise thus further depreciating the value of the local currency against the $. It is called inflation. When a trader that is suppose to bring in a container of goods now can only bring in just few cartons of the goods he is suppose to import, "few goods will be chasing more money" and this in economics is called inflation. And when inflation sets in, the value of the local currency drops with an unprecedented plunge.

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Now that the crude and checkered measure the dullard employed to prop up the value of his Naira seem not to be working, has now resorted to the seizure of the proceed from the sales of Airline tickets of foreign airline operators in the country. This is what to the tinny brain of Buhari, seem to be the answer to Nigeria's dead economy. It did not occur to Buhari that his brothers and corrupt politicians he surrounded himself with who have looted the Nigeria treasury dry should be arrested, probed and billions and trillion of Nigeria's money they have stolen recovered. It did not occur to this dullard that a country without electricity can never attract foreign investment, and when foreigners don't bring their money to invest in your country and you as a country produce nothing which other countries need you will all always have a low reserve in your foreign reserve and you economy can never grow. This can be likened to planting a  crop on top of the rock and you think it will germinate and grow.

The Nigerian politicians are all aware that they are just managing an expired and dead country trying to paddle a sinking boat. That's why all of them have embarked on a looting spree, to the extent that the director of Nigeria's highest anti corruption agency, the  Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Lamorde looted over One  Trillion Naira and he is today walking free and enjoying his loot while hard working innocent Biafran traders traveling with as little as $10,000 will have $8000 of it ceased by the agents of subjugation employed by Buhari.  
It is clear that Nigeria Government is dead and Buhari do not want any one to say it. That's is why He has arrested the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and Director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu who is only exposing the edifice of corruption called Nigeria to the entire world and is plotting to charge him for terrorism, while calling his own terrorist organisation, Boko haram "insurgent". Boko haram terrorist have be rated the worst terrorist organisation in the world before ISIL, but Buhari or Bokohari doesn't see them as terrorist, rather he calls them "insurgent" and is begging them to come for negotiation for a possible amnesty.
We are therefore using this opportunity to call on Buhari to Release Nnamdi Knau unconditionally without further delay, if he do not wish to further lacerate the already decayed image of Nigeria in the international community as a lawless state.

Written By   Ikechukwi Nwaorisa


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