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Wednesday 23 December 2015

Campaign for Biafra Independence again

Campaign for Biafra Independence again, that he would be slammed with another charge bordering on treasonable felony. Kanu refused to sign and they slammed him with a fresh charge last Monday, December 21. Meanwhile, that new charge runs in the face of United Nation’s Charter on Indigenous Peoples Rights of 2007.
Obetta also spoke concerning it when he pointed out that within the span of three months, Buhari and his lapdogs had situations where Kanu was “alleged to have committed three different offences: Conspiracy and leading an unlawful society; Terrorism and Terrorism financing; and Treasonable Felony. The presupposition of this act is that the authority is shopping for the offence to levy against him unsure which he has committed against the state.”
This led him to declare that “what was happening in Nigeria was no longer a case of trial in court, but a case of dictatorship. “Our contention is that the prejudicial manner of continuous detention of our client puts the authorities in the light of persecutors instead of the revered position of prosecutor”.
Now, it is from this standpoint that one can confidently say that Britain (a country noted for its belief in legality and rights) must wade into the matter. Britain must insist that the right things be done rightly. If Britain did not arrest campaigners for an independent Scotland, but chose the part of referendum for the people, it should not stand for the rape of the right of Indigenous People of Biafra for self-determination, which Kanu is championing.
One believes the foregoing are enough reasons why the British Parliament must work to force Buhari to free Nnamdi Kanu before the coming great debate.

By Tim Tochukwu

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