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Sunday 20 December 2015

Biafra: We must fight for justice for all Biafra massacred by Nigerian Government

There will always be some wicked and evil people amongst us, Those who will always go behind our backs to sabotage us. They thought we wouldn't find out, what such traitors don't understand is that, we have true Biafrans everywherr watching every moments. Finally, we now have the list of Biafran traitors from Igbo-speaking areas of Biafraland. They gathered to complete their plans to frustrate Biafra restoration process. Here are their names for the records and judgment day:

Sen Ike Ekweremadu,
Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe, retd,
Mr. Peter Obi,
Prof Ben Nwabueze, SAN,
Prof A.B.C Nwosu,
Chief Joe Irukwu, SAN,
Senator Hope Uzodinma,
Senator Sonni Ogbuju,
Sen Ben Obi,
Prof George Obiozor,
Chief Gary Enwo-Igariwey,
Elder Uma Eleazu.
Osita Ogbu,
Chief Guy Ikokwu,
Chief C.C Ifeanyi,
Bishop Sunday Onuoha,
Chief Charles Odunukwe,
Eze C.I. Ilomuanya,
Eze Gibson Nwosu,
Igwe Chris Onyekwuluije,
Chief Dr. E. A. Ukpabi,
Mr. Emeka Ugwu-Oju,
Chief C.C Ifeanyi,
Chief Christopher Eze,
Chief Charles Odunukwe.                      

I want these Traitors and cowards to understand one thing, there are consequences for their actions and they will face them all. From  Sen Ike Ekweremadu to Chief Charles Odunukwe we are coming for all of you. We will make sure you all bleed for what you have done and we promise you one thing, if Nnamdi Kanu is not released or should anything happen to him, heaven help you all because what we will do, even your worst enemies will not think of doing that, this is not a threat but a fact. There is no hiding place for you all, we promise you that justice will be served to each and every one of you. And as for Buhari and The DSS, who think they can do whatever they like, we have had enough from you all and I think its time we take our future into our own hands, since you all have decided to jeopardize and threaten our future.
What is happening to Nnamdi Kanu is unacceptable, and we would no longer fold our hands and watch while the Nigeria Government continues to break the law and destroy us all. We will no longer wait and watch while this lawless country (Nigeria) takes everything from us. There is something called self-defence and we have decided to defend ourselves from these virus called Nigeria. Nothing on earth and beyond can stop Biafra from coming to pass. So whoever think they can stop Biafra, are just wasting their time and energy. We are Unstoppable! we are determined and no amount of money can buy goal, Those who think they can sabotage us and go free should wait for us, We are coming for you all, you can't destroy another man’s family and think that your own will be safe, it’s not possible. We must fight for justice for those IPOB members unjustly massacred by Nigeria Government and their Igbos Cohort.

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