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Sunday 13 December 2015

Biafra: Snubbing Biafra opposition voices

The cacophony of hysterical voices from certain individuals – especially those with Igbo names that are currently shouting themselves hoarse against Biafra restoration efforts – should not be a surprise to any true Biafran. It was expected that their nuisance will be experienced at this particular point in the struggle.
Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) said that a time will come when people, even those so blind and ignorant that they do not understand the issues, will be bribed by Nigerian government to rail against the struggle. But he did assure those he described as “hardcore Biafrans” not to be deterred because that phase will pass when such people are disgraced with the truth of Biafra.
He had advised that Biafrans should remain calm when this time comes. He said the people should diligently continue in whatever they were doing that eventually, in the end, Biafra will have victory.
Somehow, Kanu’s words reflect what Mahatma Gandhi, former Indian leader said of the phases people pass through as the wicked try to stonewall their struggle. “First they ignore you; and then they laugh at you; and then they fight you; and then you win” he had said.
We remember vividly when their mantra was, “You are all abroad making noise, come to Nigeria and campaign for your Biafra”. Today nobody makes that taunt anymore. Later they turned to another taunt: “You are just ranting on Internet radio and on Facebook, come to the streets in Nigeria and see what will happen to you”. Today we are fully in the streets, and they are shaking in their pants. Then they tried blackmail: “How many of you have seen war? If you have seen war, you will not be asking for war?”  But Biafrans were not asking for war. They were engaged in self-determination efforts asking Nigeria to take its instruments of occupation away from their land. Biafrans never wanted war; they wanted referendum. Now, even if it comes to a case of war, do these Nigerian think they will triumph over Biafra? That is a subject for another day.
We remember when they called us miscreants that nobody was listening to us outside the shores of Nigeria. But few hours ago, Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra was discussed on the floor of the House of Commons in the United Kingdom.
Interestingly, there are three types of people, with Igbo names, who were engaged in this opposition against Biafra restoration. Thefirst set is made up of professional bribe-takers from Nigerian government, who often do so to undermine their own people. Currently, some of them are going around soliciting for funds to float a counter radio station to Radio Biafra.
Imagine that hundreds of radio stations, television stations, newspapers, magazines, social and below the line media, have been in existence in Nigeria and promoting the lie of one-Nigeria. Yet they could not stand the truth that Radio Biafra and Biafrans threw at them. Is it now another radio station to be operated by some miserable Igbo misfits that will do the job? This means that anyone giving out money to such people to float such a radio station will be a very daft individual.
The second set consists of those seeking the attention of government. They believe that the more noise they make; the more visible they will become; and the easier government will recognize them to settle them with bribe money or political appointments.
There is a third set, which is made up of people whose parents have committed abominable crimes in their land and have no desire to go back home to face the ignominy of their wicked acts. But it is not a must to be in Biafra. They should stay on in Nigerian.
The message in this article is simply, that hardcore Biafrans should not bother themselves about such people. They are called saboteurs and quislings. They are not important.
If you look very well, they do not address the real issues when they speak, they only skirt round them with base and mundane arguments. For instance, some will ask why Biafrans must seek exit from Nigeria when other tribes and peoples are also suffering in Nigeria. But they refuse to acknowledge the fact that people don’t react to stimulus the same way. A good example is the fact that because Hausa people allowed themselves to be subdued and overrun by Fulani people. But Biafrans will never accept that. They have natural instinct for freedom. The world knows that they never accepted slavery as is exemplified by the recorded history of “Eboe Landing”. They did not accept slavery in the past and will not now under the Mohammedans.
All along, Igbo opposition voices have refused to tell the world that Biafrans were the only people blockaded by evil Nigerian governments – the only people in Nigeria that do not have a seaport and an international airport in their land. They refuse to tell the world that Biafrans were the only ones always massacred in Northern Nigeria under any guise. They refuse to tell the world that Nigeria was a federation of four regions with individual constitutions, but that the North have (through military jackboot) turned the country into a unitary state where one region (North) has 19 states, and the other three regions (East, Mid-west, and West) has only 17 states.
These opposition voices against Biafra restoration work have not at any time told the world that Nigeria has expired, having exhausted its miserable hundred years of existence. They did not at any time explain to the ignorant that Nigeria was never a nation, but a patchwork put together by Britain in order to enable them steal the people’s resources. Of course, they never at any time told the world that Biafra is a nation that has existed thousands of years before the British came to force them into a union with people they had nothing in common with.
With the foregoing, no hardcore Biafran should be moved by the rants of these people. The difference between us is that we are fighting for what is rightfully ours, with conviction. But they are paid agents; they are only making noise because they have been paid. Very soon their money will run out and they will go back to their miserable existence.
Therefore snub every Igbo opposition voice. Remain resolute; we are winning this battle. Biafra or death!

By Tim Tochukwu

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