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Wednesday 30 December 2015



The Nigeria gutter media are at it again with lies and misinformation to the the gullible Nigeria masses about the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu. They have come up again in the business they know best- banding and dishing out lies in their gutter media to the zoo animal who know next to nothing about the word TRUTH because they have never been told one since the inception of the British contraption called Nigeria was concocted. This time the Zoo media led by "the mother of all liars- Sahara reporters, has come out with a trash that the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra Prince Nnamdi Kanu apologized to Buhari and others.


Well Sahara reporters and the rest of the gutter brown envelope journalist infesting the zoological republic of Nigeria should understand one thing. Nnamdi Kanu is not a Nigerian. He is a Biafran. He thought us one thing - ability to differentiate the truth from lies. That's is why when your politicians gives you brown envelopes to disseminate falsehood to the Nigeria populace, Nnamdi Kanu will sit in the studios of Radio Biafra and dissect each of them one after the other and lay the truth bare. So for you to come up with all the useless "Photoshop" pictures of Nnamdi Kanu and follow  up useless lies of his apology to the pedophile or the rest of the shameless Igbo men is an abrasion and misfiring. You all missed the target, try again, because Biafrans know their leader and what he can do.  Let it be known to you liars and gutter brown envelope journalist that Nnamdi Kanu will never apologize to Buhari or anyone for that matter on any statement he made on Radio Biafra because all he said is the truth and not lies. So why is he going to apologise? If he lied, yes he could apologize, but he never lied, so what is he going to apologize for. Or is this your own way of asserting to the fact that your president is a pedophile and a terrorist. Is Nnamdi Kanu the only one saying that Buhari is a terrorist? Didn't you read the report of American CIA on Mohammadu Buhari? Nnamdi Kanu will rather die than apologize to the truth he said.

So know it that your propaganda can never work because Biafrans are wiser now courtesy of our leader, Nnamdi Kanu. Times have changed and time have gone when you deceived the masses with your garbage we thought was news. Now we have Radio Biafra to rubbish all your junks. We now have the BIAFRA TIMES and the BIAFRA HERALD to counter your negative publications. We also have the BIAFRA TELEVISION to show and expose to the entire humanity all the evil you people, you journalist who are suppose to be the eyes of the people, are covering for years now. You all are in one almighty mess, because we are here now. Nnamdi Kanu is our leader, he never lies. Make no mistake about it, Nigeria will be destroyed with the instrument of TRUTH and Biafra will come because truth always prevails over lies and light over darkness.

Written  By   Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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  1. Nigeria: FG said that they have jammed RADIO BIAFRA, it turned out to be a lie, FG said that they have taken over our SHOT WAVE, it turned out to be a lie also, FG said we have technically defeated BOKO HARAM, it turned out to be a lie, Now FG said Kanu apologizes to Buhari, Jonathan, Igbo Elders. I ask where, when and how? Nigerian government cannot survive without lie & deception. Don't believe the zoo for anything.


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