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Monday 21 December 2015

Biafra: Britain and Nigeria are in Cahoots to Kill Nnamdi Kanu

The Europeans brought comprehensive terrorism to Africa via the twin evils: slavery and colonialism. Many such invaders have since moved unto other ventures and built magnificent economies with sheer self-reliance, intellect and technology, while some are hell bent on looting Africa and perpetuating imperialism. The European nation of interest here needs no introduction. 

Rather than conquer Biafra as a Bonafide British territory, Britain in pursuit of immoral, duplicitous, and racist policies chose instead to establish a sub-human habitat for experiments, satanic rituals, human sacrifice, plunder, and other psychopathic predilections; not only to enrich her own territory, but also to destroy what it had discovered, carefully studied, and rightly labeled, before her nefarious conquest, “the Great Biafra.” By arresting the development of “the Great Biafra,” it treacherously calculates, the Black race would be effectively decapitated because without the land of the Rising Sun in her ordained position, then, all you have is pitch darkness and chaos as seen all over Africa to date.

To slog it out, Britain adopted her infamous stratagem—divide and conquer—which runs exclusively on a tangled web of lies, sleight of hand, reprobate mind, disinformation, distortion, violence, and death. When you call out these murderous scoundrels, they immediately label you “hateful” or decry your objectivity. But how objective do you have to be when describing a dead rotten carcass? They are so finicky about political correctness everywhere because they are too guilty and cowardly to face or be confronted with the truth.

As a matter of policy, to safeguard her legacy of thievery and racism, Britain will always seek out that influential African son who is vociferously opposed and threatening to her satanic oppression—the one who would do the noblest of all things by volunteering his life, galvanizing his people, and educating them about the intent and tactics of the invaders—and shamelessly label him after their own image, as very ‘dangerous.’ Now buoyed by the callous label, depending on your status, three options apply:
  1. Either you die by assassination, accident; coup d’ tat, poison, and character assassination; or
  2. You are falsely accused and invaded as was done to Saddam Hussein, Muamar Qaddafi, or
  3. You simply accept British do or die bait wherein their original intent and methodology remains undisturbed.

In Biafra’s case, her brain dead British-Nigerian auto programed puppets will inadvertently do the dirty work for Britain so their British masters appear, in their own imaginations, clean. Hausa-Fulani, and Yoruba peoples’ penchant for doing the dirty work is the result of a well-studied British stratagem to entrap these brain dead “house negro” harbingers of imperialism in a double coincidence of wants with Britain. Their interest in one Nigeria to a large extent overlaps the British interest in one united Nigeria, because it enables this consortium of criminals to plunder ruthlessly the resources of Biafra. 

Thus, the Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba, for unjust gains, are deathly willing guards of this wicked contraption which brings us to the kidnap and plot to kill Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, the leader and director of IPOB.
Mr. Kanu, as well as his wife and children are British citizens and residents of London, UK. If Kanu had even remotely broken one scintilla of UK law or involved in any form of terrorism, the British government would have gladly thought him English law. The fact that IPOB is a registered organization duly constituted and taxable by her royal majesty, incontrovertibly designates IPOB as a perfectly legit organization.

Mr. Kanu’s crime then must be bringing headache to the consortium of criminals-Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba, and Britain, all of whom, through sheer division of labor, have become very efficient in their specific roles in plundering and destroying of Biafra. Whereas Yoruba predominantly handles disinformation, fraud, and spiritual death; Hausa-Fulani takes care of physical death, living the door wide open for the rapists, swindling, and wielding violent power for smooth operation; while Britain, the arch benefactor, orchestrates injustice, keeps her ear on United Nations grounds and everywhere she nestles, rapes Biafra mercilessly, and whitewashes the crimes of Hausa, Fulani, and Yoruba, and oil cartels so the rest of the world is not alarmed. 

Mr. Kanu’s precipitous prominence and subsequent abduction is a direct consequence of his fearless exposure of the depravity of British-Nigeria and her British puppeteers. Since then, his life has been in danger. The revelation of the truth via radio Biafra threatens the status quo.  These implacable reprobates are back to the plough, but only reaping what they love to sow the most—confusion.

First Kanu was kidnapped from his hotel room (enforced disappearance) on October 14, 2015 until Radio Biafra blew the whistle once the plot to kill Mr. Kanu was leaked; by then he had vanished for four days without any word from the Department of State         Services (DSS, Buhari’s alter ego). Now confused because the genie was out of the bottle, DSS quickly arraigned and charged Kanu on October 19, 2015 with criminal conspiracy (conspiring to be free), intimidation (exposing the truth about evil doers), and belonging to unlawful association (teaching and organizing his people).

By this logic, Buhari ought long ago to have been sentenced to life in prison because he not only made threats, and incited riots; but have on many occasions, actually executed these threats. He toppled a democratically elected government for no good cause in 1983. He incited the 2011 elections riots that killed 900 people, many of whom were Biafrans. Buhari declared total commitment to the full implementation of Sharia in British-Nigeria. Clearly Buhari constitutes far worse threats than Nnamdi Kanu can ever pose. But in his pathological duplicitousness and self-righteousness, he is constantly pursuing and killing innocent people for trumped up crimes, such that he had exceedingly committed, and found ostensibly culpable.

After Mr. Kanu’s arraignment, Bail was set at N2 million Naira, plus production of a level 16 civil servant with landed property in Abuja as surety. The bail conditions were met, but Buhari defied the magistrate court ruling and three additional court orders to free Mr. kanu on bail. The DSS surreptitiously extracted, behind Kanu’s counsels back, by use of an affidavit, an ex-parte order (temporary order) from the Federal High Court to further detain Mr. Kanu for addition 90 days to enable them investigate him thoroughly.
Since none of the initial charges carried the desired penalty, DSS decided to shut their eyes and upgrade to full “terrorism.” 

Kanu’s counsel filed another motion seeking to enforce previous court orders. Realizing that the court’s hands may be tied by rule of law, and degree of interest in the case, Buhari’s alter ego DSS quickly brought a counter motion asking the trial magistrate to recuse himself on the ground that he lacked jurisdiction on charges of terrorism; and then superimposed the ex-parte order to detain Kanu for additional 90 days. The next hearing was then set by the Abuja High Court for Thursday, December 17, 2015 wherein the Court found that the continued detention of Mr. Kanu was illegal, and that the charges brought against him had no modicum of merit, and accordingly acquitted Kanu of all charges.

Previously, DSS had attempted, on October 23, and November 18 consecutively, to truncate the due process with their usual impunity by going to court without the defendant.  Mr. Obeta, Kanu’s counsel objected and the judge affirmed that the defendant must be present before further hearing. Questions about Kanu’s whereabouts raised suspicion that they had murdered him. British Nigerians are fond of murdering prisoners in their custody or anyone that discomforts them with truth. Aguihi Oronsi, MKO Abiola, Kudirat Abiola, Mohammed Yusuf, Gideon Akaluka, Mrs. Ransome Kuti, Dele Giwa, Chuba Okadigbo, etc., for example were either murdered while in custody of, or pursued and killed by, British-Nigeria government with impunity.

But where does British government stand in all these?  Could it be that Prime Minister David Cameron has no opinion on this, or is he in cahoots with his lawless hyenas to murder Mr. Kanu? Well, such silence in the face of injustice and violation of a British citizen begs the question—where does Mr. Cameron’s allegiance lie? Is your primary duty to serve and protect British citizens or is it to protect British “economic interest” (meaning business portfolios of the British elite)? Your silence only exposes the real you. Some conscientious British MP’s have spoken, and as such set themselves apart from the rest. We anticipate, as a matter of common decency and natural justice, the entirety of British Parliament to declare support for unconditional restoration of Biafra, and to sponsor a bill ending all British criminal “economic interests” at the peril of Biafrans and all of Africa.

This must be clear; Britain insults humanity with her shameless and grotesquely immoral “economic interests” that are placed above humanity, ethics, and good. If the world could not accommodate Adolf Hitler’s nefarious socio-political and economic interests, then why is it silent about the genocides committed by Britain for the sake of power and plunder to date without remorse?
The British government shall remain one hundred percent culpable in all the deaths, massacres, genocides, subjugation, and suffering that Biafrans are subjected to at the hands of the murderous wild donkeys from Fouta Jallon whom she studied, and found wholly and completely sub-human, then, elevated them to Royal hyenas to attack, guard the loot, and pursue Biafrans from their once peaceful land.

Further, Britain must know that it is completely unlawful to detain an innocent man for speaking out against an evil contraption. Kanu was not only detained for 2 months, but was charged with “Terrorism” and “Financing Terrorism” against the master terrorists in flagrant violation of international law, natural law and jurisprudence. Britain is fully aware of every possible ingredient in the definition of Terrorism, and that Mr. Kanu has by no means met any of them, yet the Prime Minister Cameron remained silent as a British citizen languished in her sub human habitat.  You know workers ofdarkness by their propensity to lay false accusations, bear false witness, label those who oppose them after their own image, and remain cold in the face of a shocking victimization and injustice. What has Nnamdi Kanu done wrong that his freedom and life is threatened? Why has British government refused to come out and openly defend an innocent British citizen?

Finally, it is good news to learn, albeit with suspension of disbelief, that Mr. Kanu was finally acquitted and released unconditionally; yet a competent medical examiner must have to certify him fully healthy before any further comments.  And it would be in British-Nigeria’s best interest to seize this opportunity and release every Biafran patriot in your custody because the demonstrations will only intensify in the coming days. 

Many one Nigerianists and foreign leaders have urged Biafra activists to protest within the ambits of the law. Fine, that’s precisely what we’ve been doing, but British-Nigeria state must realize that time is of the essence, and peaceful protest must be complimented with full protection of the protesters, and that Biafrans will not continue peaceably if you continue massacring unarmed protesters. You have killed more than 100 defenseless Biafrans for protesting. If this ugly pattern of killing peaceful protesters continues, then, bursting open the gates of hell will be the only remedy going forward.
By Ndubuisi Anukwuem

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