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Tuesday 8 December 2015

A call to Ostracize Ohaneze, and Other Ibo Traitors

"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." – Samuel Adams
As fully configured stooges, sycophants, and traitors, the contemptible southeast governors, Ohaneze, shadow organizations, status pastors, and the rest of Ibo impostors have, as anticipated, issued combined, and, or individual statements without warrant, ordering Biafrans to jettison their “protests” and “freedom”, and instead enter into an unholy dialogue with the murderers of their own people. Clearly, you flatter yourselves.
You will by no means escape recompense for all the senseless massacre of Biafrans which your shameless treachery and complacency has caused. For you charlatans, everything under the sun is compromisable. You have literally dug your own graves for the sake of greed and crumbs, not minding that the cake belongs to you, and those you double-cross. You’d rather share with invaders than your own people.
Of course not every elder is in this category, but the culprits understand themselves as they are understood. Therefore this message is for you, the enemy within. You have never showed any modicum of the leadership you kill or die to take. You have abdicated your natural roles, and sold your birthrights for a pot of stew. You wear treachery and cowardice like a staff of duty. You mingle and dine with the enemy who hates you and seeks to destroy your people.
You have failed to identify clear and present dangers by mortal enemies of Biafra. You have refused to speak out vociferously, but instead acquiesce as your countrymen suffer progressive genocide, are mass buried in shallow graves in the wilderness of Northern Nigeria; systemically marginalized, subjugated, massacred, scattered, and impoverished. Your age-long meddling, duplicity, compromises, betrayals, and greed has reached intolerable levels, and continues to endanger all Biafrans. You are collectively an anathema to Biafra.
You have complacently and smirkingly watched as Nnamdi Kanu—who bravely took on the goliath that you are too terrified, and cowardly to face—is abducted, tortured, and incarcerated by your coworkers of darkness. Shouldn’t you have insisted that that wicked genocidist freed your sons and daughters whom he arbitrarily incarcerated, before shamelessly asking Biafrans to abandon their struggle, and negotiate new conditions of rape? Are you so merciless that you enjoy riding on the suffering of your own flesh and blood? Or are you asking Biafrans to be patient with Satan as his hell still blazes?
So what then if any basis should any of you imposturous leaders be dialoguing with the enemy who is destroying your people and heritage while he’s still at it? And what more are you second-guessing about one Nigeria and Muhammadu Buhari? Take a look @1Nigeria. Could it be that Buhari secretly repented without our knowledge, or showed remorse for his role in the massacres, following the June 1966 coup, of more than 300 Biafran Soldiers; followed by a pogrom of 300,000 Biafrans trustfully living among the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba; and the
subsequent genocide of 3.5 to 6 million Biafrans, mostly women and children? Or that his current actions, nepotism, callousness, and continuation of killing of Biafrans are not telling enough for you blind bats? How much wickedness and greed does it cost to buy out your children, your land, your integrity, and your soul?
Your baseless benefactor Buhari is unmistakably an impervious stark illiterate, a lawless man, a murderer, a genocidist, a war criminal, a chameleon, a congenital liar, and worst yet, an Islamic terrorist; though in a democracy, but too illiterate to comprehend the rule of law, let alone fight corruption, or manage an economy. Buhari will say or do anything in pursuit of Sharia. Therefore who and who are dialoguing, and with whom exactly?
The aforementioned attributes might seem impertinent until you factor that Buhari has left a long trail of bloody foot prints since 1966 to date. To delve deeply will immediately derail this message, but quickly, let’s take one recent example. During Jonathan’s regime, Buhari floated an anti-Jonathan radio station, used freedom of speech to heap every manner of accusation against Jonathan’s regime, continually spewed incendiary remarks, dared Jonathan to arrest him, used freedom of association to conduct clandestine gatherings, incited many riots, defended Boko Haram, killed multitudes of Biafrans and others via his riot instigations, constantly rained threats on Jonathans administration and his supporters. Here “Dogs and Baboons” may relieve your amnesia.
Having successfully terrorized his way back to power—because he has historically relied on terror instead of superior argument to usurp power—Buhari is now demanding his Senate gofers for wider power to crush freedom of speech—the same freedom he usurped—the very epicenter and heartbeat of democracy. In exactly what breadth then should this menacing monster be taken seriously? Clearly, his involvement in democracy is a fraud. Buhari’s real agenda is to kill, destroy, terrorize, pillage, deceive, and Islamize. Only a dangerous chameleon would dare to use democracy as cover whiles indeed a rabid raving tyrant. But worse yet, only a delusive bumbling buffoon will give more room to a blood bathing genocidist. Buhari remains an unrepentant mass murderer, and a very wicked Haman.

In a nut shell, Haman was the anti-Semitic villain in the biblical story of Esther who tried in vain to exterminate all the Hebrews living in ancient Persia around 500BC. He built a tall gallow and set about to hang a very prominent Hebrew (Ibo) official named Mordecai. By divine intervention, Haman’s plot boomeranged, and he was hanged on the very gallow he set up to hang Mordecai (Marduka, Mmaduka) as the rest of his wicked scheme backfired on his family and minions.
Although we can’t speculate the outcome had Mordecai been gutless and gone instead to appease, negotiate, dialogue, bend over, and compromise with Haman. But we do know with absolute certitude that if Biafrans dare to negotiate with Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba, Britain, Islam, and Buhari, soon they will attempt to obliterate the children of God. So what, with whom, and for who are these treacherous Ohaneze and their ilk negotiating?

Suffice it to say that you have completely lost your compass conniving with the Muslim North to keep your countrymen in a devilish contraption where bullies, criminals, and murderers like you,
are promoted, and the innocent destroyed for resisting. Your actions mean something, if anything, a set of fiendish ideologies that must be exorcised by these brave Biafrans marching daily in their multitudes—many of whom have died fighting to free you from mental slavery, and relative imbecility.
You’ve embezzled your way to notoriety as those you rob wander for their next meal. You have not only embraced a contraption that is comprehensively destroying your heritage, scattering your children abroad, and enslaving those left behind, destroying your infrastructure, maintaining a permanent air, land, sea, blockades against your people as if at war, besieging your land with Muslim terrorists, police and military touts, who mount roadblocks, and molest your folks, extorting your kith and kin, abducting, and shooting your countrymen, raping your women as their wild cattle eat out their crops, planting Boko haram terrorists among you, and the list goes on; but one that has profoundly rejected you, insult your sensibilities, while using exclusively your resources to develop their regions. How pitiful.
In the relatively short period of her existence however, the Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu have pressed the restoration of Biafra to the center stage of world politics. IPOB and Radio Biafra has redeemed more than 80% of Biafrans from the shackles of British divide and conquer policy which runs exclusively on blood, lies and brainwashing of which you (Ohaneze, puppet governors, and other colonial agents) are hapless casualties—because your minds have been colonized, scrambled, and fully reconfigured like robots. You function exactly as the British intended. What a disgrace.
Furthermore, against your wish, Biafrans from the entirety of former Easter region of British-Nigeria are now more united than ever before. Exponential progress is recorded daily via IPOB and associates’ united peaceful worldwide demonstrations which cover the globe with images of a nation breaking free. All these were accomplished in spite of your perfidy, betrayals, and wickedness.
According to a reliable intelligence report, Ohaneze ndi okwu asi, connived with one Ibo trader in Cotonou to scuttle Biafra protest as part of the criteria before his coronation as a caricature Eze Ndi Igbo in Cotonou, Benin Republic, on Saturday, December 5th 2015. To want to be king, and then be crowned a king in diaspora, albeit without subjects or real territory, at best is not just laughable, but questionable; not unless the agents of such parody have no shame.
Having temporarily obstructed the planned IPOB demonstration, the sponsors of this lampoon gathered in Cotonou to fantasize, while tens of their brethren are massacred senselessly at Onitsha Head Bridge while fighting to free them from Bondage.
These same Ohaneze elements accepted N5 Billion from Goodluck Jonathan to remain silent as Biafrans massacred in the north are discarded with no regards for the cultural rites they claim to champion. Now, for the sake of, I suppose, relevance, Mr. Ebuka has boldly set himself against Biafra’s independence. But make no mistake; you will be no more successful at stopping Biafra’s independence any more than you could a moving train by jumping headlong in its path.
You say you are the mouth piece and chief custodians of Ibo culture? Agreed. But by whose tradition are you crowning an Ibo king outside Ibo land? Or is this diaspora king a novelty of
Ohaneze? You silverbacks have taken Biafrans for granted for too long; even in the face of existential threats. Your Priorities as seen in Cotonou testifies against you.
Since I can only speak for myself, I suggest that Biafrans all over the world openly disown forever Ohaneze Ndi Ojoo. It is time to come out boldly and expose to the world that Ohaneze are Trojan horses who aid and abet the enemy to subjugate, exploit, and kill Biafrans. Their cup henceforth is full. It is time to alert the world that Ohaneze are traitorous personae non gratae among genuine Biafrans; and they must seize and desist from using the hallowed name of Biafra to advance their criminal enterprises, and wash their dirty laundries. Let the universe know that Ohaneze are impostors and are by no means representative of Biafrans’ interests.
Finally, the quest for absolute restoration of Biafra is a phenomenon that both the puppets and their puppeteers, as well shadow organizations like Ohaneze Igbo are totally powerless to dispel. It is a phenomenon that is defiant of every human intrigue. It is, indubitably, a moving force not only recognized the world over, but an insurmountable force arisen from a battered people, but placing itself above the will of man. Thus, Biafra spirit is indestructible and her march to freedom immutable.
Hence, you must understand that this is a movement that shall not reverse until Biafra is unconditionally and completely restored. You bottom feeding scoundrels have blood in your hands; thus, you have lost forever the moral right to speak concerning Biafra restoration. Know that your treachery is in full view of Biafrans, and Him who watches over Biafra, and you will by no means escape judgment.
Your only hope is to repent now, and visibly condemn Buhari, and British-Nigeria without reservation, then step aside, before it is too late. To be forewarned is to be fore armed.
For True Biafrans, 3 cardinal principles must continue to govern all actions:
1. Never negotiate with mortal enemies or their benefactors.
2. Seek independence from a position of strength and remain unshakable.
3. March fearlessly, ceaselessly, and overcome all enemies, at home, abroad, within, without; and in every way, shape, or form that they come.

There’s no substitute for militant freedom. The only alternative is submission and slavery ~~Calvin Coolidge~~

By Ndubuisi Anukwuem

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  1. A word is enough for the wise. Onye mara asu, ya suo nime ikwe; onye n'amaghi asu, ya suo n'ala.


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