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Friday 27 November 2015

Nnamdi Kanu - Beyond the propaganda

Nnamdi Kanu - Beyond the propaganda

For anyone following events in Nigeria today and the Biafra question, some of the things easily heard are Nnamdi Kanu and Radio Biafra was preaching hate but not too many take time to look at the message in detail.
One of the legacies of the British which they built into the foundation of Nigeria is “lies and fraud” which they did deliberately. This technique was used by the British to totally destroy the North and then use them to destroy black people as much as they could.

Just before you challenge me, ask anyone who tells you Nnamdi Kanu was preaching hate for an example and you hear them.
Let us quickly see the British serpent and their modus operandi and before you criticize me in your mental slavery to the British, look at the North who are supposedly a British friend to understand how a “black friend of the British” looks like - poverty, sickness and disease.

The Portuguese arrived the Bight of Biafra before the British and were buying slaves as they buy oil today.Many local chiefs opposed the slave  trade but the Portuguese bought slaves on willing seller and buyer basis to a large extent until the British arrived. When the British arrived they started killing the chiefs that opposed the slave trade.

The British were brutal and their subjugation of blacks and infact Igbos or Eboes did not start today. The slave ports were like the oil terminals today -still in the Bight of Biafra.Within the Bight of Biafra just two venues - Old Calabar on the Cross River and Bonny in the Niger Delta - supplied the great majority of slaves entering British ships. Overall, Igbos from the Bight of Biafra constituted probably the largest single ethnic group of enslaved Africans entering the British Slave Trade.Further reading is available at You may read some of the treaties signed with the British at

The British not supporting Biafra did not start today, and the idea of making it look like a Southeast affair is purely a British engineered fraud using their lackeys. The British will never support Biafra as they are happy with their Hausa/Fulani lackeys and their gullibility in the British subjugation of blacks. The British actually referred to the entire Bight of Biafra as Eboes and it is their ability to brainwash black people that has changed the Igbos to South-East only.You can read the Ethnograpy of the African races 3d ed. 1837 - James Cowles Prichard describing the Eboes up to the boundary with Yarriba(Yoruba)

It must be noted clearly that the British are all the problems Nigeria has and they use the North to achieve their goal of subjugating black people. Any black person you see violently against Biafra is doing so out of mental slavery. Anywhere you check slavery and the Bight of Biafra, you will see that it was all about the evil of the slave trade and should be preserved.

To examine Nnamdi Kanu’s message beyond the propaganda and see if he is saying the truth or not.We must first remember that mental slavery gives you the illusion of freedom, makes you trust, love and defend your oppressor while making an enemy of those who are trying to free you or open your eyes.

We all saw that during the civil rights movement in the USA, while Martin Luther was fighting for basic rights for blacks Obasanjo, Gowon and Buhari were on the side of the same oyibos slaughtering fellow blacks for oyibo to have oil-- Is this not a shame? Was it not when the Steven Biko and Nelson Mandela were fighting Apartheid in South Africa that the same Obasanjo, Buhari, Adekunle and Gowon sided with the same oppressor to slaughter fellow blacks?

Many Nigerians today hate Nnamdi Kanu simply for trying to open their eyes. The idea of preaching hate follows the British type of lies to justify any action they want to take.

From the history given above, the British has been exploiting the Bight of Biafra since they got there be it Slaves, Coal, Palmoil, Lime stone and today oil and Gas - thats the British game.

The Bight of Biafra is so important to the blackman that Obasanjo and other British lackeys should not have been allowed to change it to Bight of Bonny.The Bight of Biafra provided a large number of slaves from Africa more than anywhere else and should have enjoyed preservation. See map at Nnamdi Kanu criticized both the British and Nigeria but Cameron knowing what type of brain black people have, needed Buhari to stop him and that was what he did. The North that is angry with Nnamdi Kanu, cannot boast of anything they have gained from the service of the British, but they are willing to die for the British to have their way.

Nigeria was never designed to work and will never work and if it has not worked in 100 years, anyone that thinks it will work should give us a date when he or she feels it will start working.

I want to enjoin you the reader to carefully follow the BBC and their reporting of the Biafra protests, the things that happen in Nigeria and how they appear to be siding the North.

I have given the history so you know they don't support the North out of love but because they see them as gullible and easier to incite than any other group.Some people had wondered why won't the British support Biafra and they can have the oil, this is impossible because with the North, all they need is give them the bone to get more wives and they kill anyone who tries to ask questions.

The British incited the Nigerian civil war simply by saying “that means only them will take the oil” and that was enough to trigger the massacre. For those who still think the British meant well, remember the same British has super interest in a landlocked Zimbabwe and it is outside oil, so why can't they develop such enterprise in the North?

A number of people have suggested true federalism, fiscal federalism, regionalism but that will never work instead the North will be incited to war by the British.

A little look at history shows they were incited to the last war by oil where the British said “it means they will take all the oil alone” and that oil has been embedded on the mind of every Northerner you see.

Only recently, Buhari came into power at a time the same British and Americans stopped buying Nigeria's oil apparently in a bid to create chaos and force Jonathan out. The prices of oil have fallen and oil may soon end up like slaves, palm oil, coal or limestone in the Bight of Biafra still you notice that's where Buhari’s priority is. He also retained the oil ministry because that's how “deep” or otherwise their brain is.Ordinarily. if Buhari was not the character described by Frederick Lugard in his book, shouldn't he be looking to be Agric minister or any other ministry he thinks would be the next?

You may sometimes hear Northerners claim they are being marginalized and other times they say why should Igbos blame us for the situation in Nigeria when their Governors are Igbo. The question remains - if indeed they do not like the situation why do they not want it changed? For a nation that since 1960 till date has been in decline and yet some people claim there is hope is shameful.

Nigeria is being controlled by the British unfortunately and their romance with the Hausa/Fulani is a master/Slave relationship that holds no promise for the Northerners as it were and for black people.The only reason the North copes with the British subjugation of blacks is because the British has identified the North as lacking in aspiration,vision, goal or any destination and they are feudal. The feudalism mentality of the North makes them see the British as God and that we are created to worship them. No matter how bad things are, the Northerners see it as how God has planned it for the blackman and there is nothing that can be done about it.

This is why the likes of Gowon, Obasanjo and Buhari are still proud today to be seen as war heros because they were used by the oyibos to slaughter fellow blacks in a war that was incited by the same oyibos.

The only reason they are not willing to talk about the war is because it is a black man's war. No war has ever been fought with starvation and without adhering to the geneva convention except the Biafran war because it was fought with a group of “incited” folks with no brains of their own.

Please research the number of military contracts and others that the British has gotten since Buhari became President. How can a government that is struggling to pay minimum wage be spending the little money it has on military training? Is it not because the blacks are considered animals like Frederick Lugard said?

In case you quarrel with calling Nigeria a zoo, Frederick Lugard that created Nigeria which you are ready to kill fellow blacks for, assessed blacks as near animals, Fela called Nigeria a zoo, Buhari classified Nigerians as Baboons and Monkeys and Nnamdi Kanu’s tagging of Nigeria as a zoo is neither new nor far from the truth.

Buhari went all the way to New York with taxpayers money to demand the rights of Palestinians as indigenous people, but turns around to arrest Nnamdi Kanu for demanding the rights of Biafrans as indigenous people, is it not because Buhari thinks the Palestinians are oyibo while blacks are of less value.Biafra is a matter of historical record and should have been preserved as such.Please note that the Biafra and Bight of Biafra was what united the people of the old Eastern region before the British created Nigeria and gave them the name “Eastern region”. See maps

You may be doubting what I am saying, but take time and study Oyibo handling of our affairs.

Black people kill fellow blacks with weapons manufactured by oyibo - what do you call that?

Black people kill fellow blacks for oyibo to have oil and power their industries, what do you call that?

I hear some people thinking Obama will offer them some hope, but he is a lackey and the iranians made the same observation few years ago. You can read it at

In summary, before you blame Nnamdi Kanu ask yourself why is Nigeria so unwilling to talk about the war but instead threatens to kill more people?

In your defence of Nigeria, remember One Nigeria favours oyibo than it favours Nigerians.Above all the Frederick Lugard that created Nigeria classified blacks as near animals so why on earth can't black people use their brains?

Nnamdi Kanu’s message is an emancipation of blacks from mental slavery. The British removed competition to destroy black people and surprising they can't see. competition is the biggest driving force for any society but the British using the Hausa/Fulani removed that.Nnamdi Kanu had said the dream is to build a country that can compete with any other country in the world, but those for ONE NIGERIA have neither provided a plan nor a future look ahead for Nigeria.

You may be against Biafra but it is to the benefit of the black race and if people can start asking why Scotland of less than 6 million people can ask for a country but black people cannot ask, then they will understand. Oil is not required and is only a British and oyibo subjugation tool. Every black person must join to educate the Northerners and Buhari that the oil they struggle over can easily be shared and they join hands for the first Black nation to be liberated from British slavery. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh did it, malaysia and Singapore did it - black people must therefore rise up and undo the evil of the British. The British does not believe blacks are capable of using their brains and always will do all they can to support their Nigeria using the British lackeys.

For those that argue diversity what good has the diversity brought in 100 years?

For those that argue our population should be strength - what use has that population brought in 100 years and why is Scotland of 6 million people(less than Kano) wanting independence?

For those that argue Igbos have properties everywhere -why dont we become one country with Gabon, Ghana and UK because Igbos have properties there too?

For those that argue why the Governors in SE/SS states are not doing better -why do you have all the things that can make them do better in the “Exclusive list”?

For those that say, we are one people why are we not one with Gabon or Chad simply because oyibo wanted it? Why didn't Buhari advocate for Palestine and Israel to be one state?

For those that think it will lead to war, why can't black people allow themselves to be who they were before oyibo came same way, nothing to fight over. The oil can easily be shared and better still if you think we are one, after separation, let each side ask those that want to stay to stay as prove that we are indeed one.

Source - MyNews24 recycled by Family writers

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  1. Still, someone with some thinking faculty. Most Nigerian claimants lack sense of human reasoning. That's why the oyibo will continue to use them for their own purpose. Yes, "look to the north to see what an African friend of the empire looks like....poverty, disease, ..... "


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