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Tuesday 17 November 2015

Nigeria declared dead

A Biafran leader has described the struggle by Nigerian rulers to keep Biafraland as part of Nigeria as an effort in futility. Uche Asiegbu, the Head of Directorate of State of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) made the declaration recently when he insisted that Nigeria was already dead.
According to him, Nigeria was made to last 100 years, which expired on last year. He argued that onlypeople who did not have dignity as black people would want Nigeria to remain. “The amalgamation, which was a slight on our humanity and our civilization as black people, was to last for 100 years and has ended in the 31st of December 2014. We have the original documents to prove it. So all we are saying is that we want Biafra”.
Asiegbu then declared that Biafrans no longer want to remain in Nigeria, either as a confederate country or under true federalism. “We don’t want federalism or true federalism, all we want is Biafra. Before the British came, we have been in existence”.

Continuing, he said it was insult enough that Britain forced them into a country, and worse that they were named after a river, which also was named by the Whiteman. “There is no country called Nigeria. Have you seen a country named after a river before? Can a black man go to a Whiteman’s country and give them another name, expecting them to forget their real name. Can a black man name their country for them? Why must we be forced to answer a name that is not our name?”

Asiegbu also saw everything wrong with Britain forcing different peoples and different civilizations to live together in one country. “Why must we be forced to stay together with peoples that have nothing in common with us? We don’t have the same DNA with this Hausa/Fulani people. We don’t have anything in common with Yoruba people. We are the Indigenous People of Biafra. We have been existing thousands of years before the white people came to our land. We will not have anything to do with this people anymore. All we want is Biafra” he concluded.

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