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Sunday 1 November 2015

Biafra: Why Britain and British-Nigeria Must Leave Biafra Alone

The scepter of Biafra torments Nigeria. British–Nigeria shall inevitably burst asunder or be destroyed against its own wishes, the wishes of Britain, and any other benefactors intent on killing, subjugating, and plundering Biafra. Anyone scheming to keep the British-Nigeria one with Biafra, baselessly, schemes but in vain.
As the clamor for the unconditional restoration of Biafra gains momentum, so also does the clamor for conspiracy, subjugation, and extermination projects by the enemies of progress, liberty, and freedom gain notoriety. The conglomerates of evil powers prowl in vain. They gloat but in vain to subdue the little Black wonder.  For a time, they held sway in a doom already sealed. Now and again they grope but in vain. Biafra and Radio Biafra are here to stay.   
While the forces of good deal openly in goodness and truth; those of darkness deal secretly; in cults and clandestine organizations, refining their endless intrigues, cascades of lies, distortions, and treacheries. Their media scoundrels cover the air waves with lies, obfuscations, conjectures, half-truths, half witnesses, half stories, full diabolism, and half wits. But like a toothless bulldog, you plot but in vain because you are already defeated.

The nexus between the British economy on the one hand; and progressive genocide, and wholesale destruction of Biafra’s destiny on the other can be gleaned from Britain’s penchant, albeit desperately, for petty imperialism and shameless thievery of Biafra’s oil and gas resources at all costs in post-colonial era.  Supposedly. 
Whereas the world converges to a global village where World Wide Web (WWW), twitter, and Facebook have essentially intertwined the ends of the universe, you show, still, no restraint in your characteristic schemes, callousness, pettiness, calumny, and disdain for the truth. Your imperialistic media monopolism, wherefrom you rained falsehoods, and distortions, has been effectively neutered by WWW. Yet, you brazenly orchestrate mayhems and genocides in full view of the world. When will you repent of your racist war against the Black race, freedom, and justice?
You will not lead, but you will not follow. You will not speak but you will not listen. When you do speak, you pour out lies like rainfall. When you lead, it’s to corrupt everything in your path. How crude oil has invaded the dignity of man.
Of Biafra’s tribulations, you see and hear no evil. Are you deaf,dumb, and blind? Have you not heard that the leader of IPOB, an International figure, and a British citizen, has been criminally abducted by your stooges? Will you at the very least respect his world wide appeal as the leader of an indigenous people; or the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous people’s Rights or is he black?
You pick and choose who, when, and where law and justice are applicable. You target Biafrans for your imperial prosecutions. You wear injustice like a badge of honor. You have developed your land precisely at the peril and expense of Biafra. Your satanic appetite for victimizing, enslaving, killing, and robbing Biafrans and the Black race can never be over emphasized. Have you British government no morals at all? Or is it amnesia?
To awaken your memory, you were nearly bombed out of existence by Adolf Hitler’s army in Second World War in the 1940’s as your “Royals” scampered to Canada and elsewhere for refuge.  What if someone muffled your cry to the world or held out a consortium to exterminate you while Germany was at it? You know firsthand what it’s like to be the victim of a nefarious power. America, Russia and literally the world mercifully rescued you.  Should you not likewise extend mercy to the lesser of you?
You form an unholy alliance with Islamic vagabonds and murderers that relish any opportunity to murder British citizens as well, for the sake of greed and oil plunder? It is one thing to be a violent thieve and a murderer; but it’s quite another to be brain dead in that line of work.                                                       
The 1967 genocide and calumny which you orchestrated and championed with satanic fervor intimidated the Biafra families to silence and servitude. But in silence, Biafrans have been dying, hounded, and marginalized for your sadistic pleasure. You, David Cameron, British government, as well as President Obama while professing to be Christians traitorously support British-Nigerian Muslim aggressors at the peril of Christian Biafrans?  You only kid yourselves. Your wickedness, and proclivity to kill Christians, and play god only betrays your irredeemable duplicity and depravity. 
Talking about workers of doom, there are certain stooges of supposedly Biafra extraction who participate in Nigeria Ponzi, not because they represent or speak for Biafrans; but because of their knack for sabotaging, and betraying the interest of Biafra for a pot of porridge. Such traitorous charlatans and their minions are the so called elite of Ibo people.
When a sensitive conversation regarding Biafra arises, these imposters—induced by their degenerate mentors, whose only goal is destruction and plunder of Biafra—arrive first with their pockets lined with fantastic shekels of silver.  They speak from their pockets and for their employers. No sensible person, of course, would take these prostitutes claiming to speak for Biafra seriously.  Good conscientious Biafrans are castigated, hounded, massacred or incarcerated. Good Biafrans are comprehensively proscribed and marginalized in the general scheme of British-Nigeria Ponzi. Any conversation without genuine voices of the people then is much ado about nothing.
Many of the impostors are alive today by virtue of surrounding themselves twenty four-seven with mindless Ak47 wielding police and army thugs. Otherwise, the people will tear to pieces these pitiful traitors who exacerbate the subjugation of Biafrans in pretext for representing them. They enjoy more audience by British-Nigeria criminal press and her arch benefactor, Britain and the British media bureaucracy because they are essentially an integral part of the gang.
The mark of a quintessential British-Nigerian is the inordinate propensity to lie, murder, embezzle, distort, and corrupt; plus a total inability to reason much further than a terrestrial “baboon.” These perfidious silverbacks are the quintessential British-Nigerians.  Unfortunately, their minds have been scrambled with lies and corruption. Try and imagine untangling 100 years of cascaded lies. Of course you can’t. It would amount to mental anguish and most likely a fruitless venture. But to simplify, only uncompromised Biafrans have the moral and existential imperative to lay bare the facts about British-Nigeria.  Of course, there are some good people in the outlier nations, but is it worth the mining?
Anybody or organization sympathetic in any way to the continuation of the satanic edifice of death, plunder, and corruption is a quintessential British-Nigerian whose god is the British. Such primates ought not to be entertained anywhere except by their kind. Many of them have taken their treachery too seriously by forming shadow organizations to circumvent legitimate agitations of the beleaguered people of Biafra. For them, the plight of Biafra could be traded for naked profit. They say what Biafrans are not saying; and quickly compromise what Biafrans are not compromising.
The intruders, coveters, jealous neighbors, and scavengers who scavenge in a land not their own, who continually reap what they did not sow, who continually marginalize Biafrans, and who enjoy fantastic revenues from Biafra oil and gas fields, and labor from her entrepreneurship, of course, while bloated with unjust gains, will have no incentive to be reasonable, or truthful, lest truth, reason, and justice prevails and British-Nigeria contraption unravels.
Who then will you listen to? Is it the intruders, coveters, jealous neighbors, and scavengers who scavenge in a land not their heritage, who continually reap what they did not sow, who continually marginalize Biafrans, and who enjoy fantastic revenues from Biafra oil and gas fields, and labor from her entrepreneurship; or is it the people whose existence hangs on the balance; who have endured an endless stream of injustices, pogroms, genocides, and massacres for absolutely no just cause; a people economically blockaded, politically emasculated, and serially massacred; who have left their immensely endowed land for other places where they are strangers?  Who is to speak, and who is to listen?  
Is it the British intruders who criminally agglomerated insoluble cultures; who orchestrated the Genocide of Biafrans for the sake of oil; or is it the Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba British- Nigerians who murdered, at the pleasure of Britain, far in excess of 3.5 million Biafrans and counting for the sake of oil? Or better yet, is it their children, friends, servants and employees? Or their backpacks in Biafraland? Exactly Who? Do not be fooled—the truth can only rest on sound unencumbered minds. Only the prudent, the truthful, and the just would search out the truth about British-Nigeria and stand firmly in their unwavering support of the restoration of Biafra and the irrefutable conclusion that British-Nigeria has no moral justification, or any justification whatever, to be.
Enemies of freedom, liberty, and light will, as all evil entities, foment troubles in desperate attempt to highjack and distort the narrative, so they can shamelessly propagate the idea that the Indigenous People of Biafra are terrorists.  They have kidnapped the leader of IPOB Nnamdi Kanu, in a delusive scheme to destroy Radio Biafra so their bloodbaths may resume unexposed.
This scheme should, seemingly, be easy to accomplish since their benefactor in chief, Britain, sits at the Security Council of United Nation where it has power and proximity to spin and suborn other powers; and even terrify them—as she did while waging a genocidal war to covet Biafra’s oil fields from 1967-1970—that a free Biafra portends equality, liberty, and freedom from white supremacism and any number of morbid fears that you can expect from a fully discovered backstabbing chameleon.  
To be clear, Biafrans must, unapologetically exert her self-defense, and boldly defend their inalienable human rights, lives, heritage, and territory by all means under the sun, no matter what the conglomerate of dark powers think. Your cheap blackmails, labels, and propaganda will only work for your mindless quintessential British-Nigerians and yourselves. Good men and women of the world would not be fooled twice by your junk. This is 2015, not 1967 when your imperial filters filtered out every single truth about Biafra to confound the world on your overly satanic scheme.
Point blank: The right to life cannot and ought never to be ceded to any authority under the sun! Don’t stand idly by as British-Nigeria police and army thugs shoot defenseless citizens. You have 100% right to kill anybody you reasonably believe is about to kill you. Stop letting these vagabond murderers think they can kill you and go free.
You chastise Indigenous People of Biafra for exposing the truth and wanting to assert her inalienable God given rights. But you forget that you cannot rightfully take what you have no power to give. Life and freedom comes from the Creator God to the extent that you are even free to reject Him or kill another but not without consequence. 
To cut this short; Biafra sinned and God used the gentiles to punish them for a time. In other words, the plight of Biafra thus far is no accident. It is preordained from the beginning of time that through the tribulations of the Covenant children of God, mankind may incontrovertibly know the One True God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Chiukwu Abiama). But woes betide the nations that will standby, curse, or oppress Biafra any further.
According to the gospel of Yeshua, the devil is a murder, a liar, and the father of lies from the beginning. The human nexus of this satanic DNA is Cain, the murderer in Genesis who killed Abel his brother in a jealous rage, and then lied about it. Like their father, Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba, and British government from time immemorial are murderers and liars;  Also, Boko Haram, Maitasine, and the likes of Abubakar Shekau, late Osama bin Laden are fugitives; and the nomadic cattle herders rampaging from place to place not unlike Fredrick Luggard, a terrorist soldier of fortune, are vagabonds exactly like their spirit father—Cain.
Thus, when, on 15 different occasions, Hausa-Fulani Muslims attempted to conquer Biafra, nobody sent them. It is in their DNA to scavenge, kill and pillage. So they came naturally with their gutter religion as their opiate. But they were roundly defeated on all 15 occasions by the grace of Chiukwu Abiama (God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). The British likewise conquered many nations. It is in their bone marrows to wander, kill and plunder. Nobody caused them to become wicked. God simply allowed them to have their way. And boy have they had it.
Yet evil embodies its own seed of assured destruction because it is incrementally aggressive, expansive, and unyielding until it collides with the supreme will of Chiukwu Abiama and then meet its inevitable doom.  Since you only uphold the survival of the fittest jungle law; by jungle law, then, shall a stronger, but more ferocious power swallow you whole, unless you repent and leave Biafra alone.

Finally, whereas the punishment for abandoning God was preordained; the redemption from abandoning God was also preordained. The people of Biafra have been wailing to Chiukwu Abiama. The little ones are wailing, and so are their mother and fathers. Those at home are wailing, as are those scattered abroad; the living prefer death than continue without Gods face, and the dead from violence and genocide are resting, but not in peace. Their blood cries in the wilderness for justice.
But because the indigenous People of Biafra have atoned, and turned their face towards God, the case of Biafra is no longer in the jurisdiction of man. It is purely now the domain of God. Yet man must do whatever is necessary minute by minute to free Biafra, or face the consequence. But stand in the way and surely meet your doom.
By Ndubuisi Anukwuem

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  2. Allllllll Hail
    Biafra All Haillllllllllllllll Baifraaaa
    Yessssss Britain And Nigeria Hausa Fulani shall pay for this

  3. Allllllll Hail
    Biafra All Haillllllllllllllll Baifraaaa
    Yessssss Britain And Nigeria Hausa Fulani shall pay for this

  4. Allllllll Hail
    Biafra All Haillllllllllllllll Biafraaaa
    Yessssss Britain And Nigeria Hausa Fulani shall pay for this


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