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Wednesday 11 November 2015

ANTI-BIAFRA elements from the North and South would not like to talk about

The NEW BIAFRA movement has nothing to do with war or call to civil disobedience. It is strictly a legal and legitimate struggle recognised by the United Nation's Charter on Human and people's right. It is called right to self-determination!
People who attach or invoke war into Biafra struggle are enemies of freedom, equity, fairness and justice. People who infuse calamity into this noble lutte are often political illiterates, intellectual Lilliputs, Igbo-phobic entities and mentally impaired individuals, to say the least.
It is not written anywhere that Nigeria must continue to exist as a political entity at all cost, especially in the face of monumental national failures, gross under-development and utter distrust amongst the constituent units.
Nigeria is not working and has never worked, and will probably not work because is a marriage of convenience. Nigerian union is DERAILING AND IMPEDING the GREAT potentials of Biafrans. Nigeria as presently structured is choking previous life out of our people!
Beware of those who month ''one Nigeria'' and her indissolubility while remaining silent to grave injustices that bedevil it.
Beware of those who talk about national unity but pretend not to know anything about the fraudulent Hausa/Fulani military inspired 1999 Constitution that we operate; about quota and federal character institutions that kill our creativity; unbalanced and skewed number of States in the federation that denies us our dues from the federation account as well equitable representation in the nation’s legislative chambers.
These are the issues that ANTI-BIAFRA elements from the North and South would not like to talk about. They would like we keep mute on the recommendations of the NATIONAL CONFAB, even when is becoming obvious that Buhari-led APC government has jettisoned it.
They prefer we keep quiet in the sea of injustice, they would want us to remain their vassals forever – a people whose land must continue to oil the engine of their ethno-Islamic agenda. To be tolerated only, and never to seen as equals. They would want us to remain a conquered people even when they brandished no Victor and no Vanquished after the civil war.
But never shall we be intimidated into perpetual bondage. We must reclaim our freedom, liberty and national dignity from this evil gang-up.
Biafra offers this generation of ours an incredible window of escape from the suffocation of Fulani-led Nigeria state actors! It has NOTHING TO DO WITH WAR! It is simply a desire to live to the fullest without state orchestrated encumbrances.

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