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Sunday 11 October 2015


Nigeria has made symbolic record amongst world nations and has taken the lead for its African neigbours in particular. It has to its credit to be the fifth largest Troop Contributing Country (TCC) a figure that made Nigeria the UN member-state with the most human sacrifice in peace keeping missions. Nigeria has its credence in restoring peace in countries like Congo, Liberia, Sierra leone, just to mention but a few. Even as this article flows out, Nigerians are out there on peace keeping missions in different countries.
Nigeria is known for its major roles in peace keeping missions in Africa and beyond. With its credence, one might be compelled to wonder if Nigeria would be able to ponder its reputation in its quest for conquest over Biafra land. When this question strikes minds, it is quite obvious that some minds within the UN member states are well concerned about the state of Nigeria and the Biafra Struggle. Thus to say; will Nigeria ever peacefully let Biafra go? Or would Nigeria be good only outside with its jealousy born out of oil discovery in the Biafra land of 1965 continue to laden its heart and rigged it out of its peace consciousness when it comes to other countries... ?
Nigeria should re-position itself and come to terms that Biafra deserves its freedom and independence without cock and bull stories. Days are gone when ignorance and illiteracy played roles in stupid decisions and actions against legitimate voice for equality and freedom. This was the case when Nigeria waged its war of ignorance against the 1966/1967 legitimate yearnings of the Biafrans for independence. It was clear and pronounced that the merging of Biafrans with Nigeria was a backfiring British experiment, that required urgent seperation of the non-homogeneous elements that constitute the nation Nigeria. But, because the ego of master of colony was in forefront, Biafrans views were ignored and fought against.
Today the old ideology is no longer invoke and this is an undiluted fact Nigeria must understand. The days of arms repression against Biafrans must be put off the track of present Biafra actualization struggle. Would deployment of troops to Biafra land solve the problem... ? The answer is simply NO! In the face of the sun rise, Biafra must be free! If presently the Nigeria troops have diverse visions in Biafra land to include continuation of rapes and mass murder, the crimes against Biafrans committed by their fathers in 1967-1970, then some urgent re-examine of the "mental box" of this camouflage elements must be done. Whoever that is in command has questions to answer in any failure to address the activities of these soldiers deployed in Biafra land.
To you Commander in Chief, would you call back your men out of Biafra land as a matter of urgency... ? A stitch time they said saves nine!
God bless us!
The truth shall prevail... .NO GOING BACK.
Mr Azubuike Francis.

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