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Wednesday 7 October 2015


Chima Onyekachi
(For Family Writers)

Demolition of Ladipo market
Listening to the evening broadcast of Radio Biafra on 102.1fm in Igweocha,heard over the radio that Ladipo Spare Part Market in Lagos has been demolished. I felt uneasy because Biafrans in Lagos have been threatened several times by most Yoruba people lead by their Oba of Lagos and some were deported by Raji Fashola when he was governor of the state.

Ladipo Market is a market located in Oshodi/Isolo local government area of Lagos. It is the biggest auto spare parts market in Lagos and opened on a daily bases except on Sundays and public holidays. The market was destroyed on Thursday evening and continued on Friday. Many goods were destroyed because traders were not in their shops because of the independence day celebration and public holiday.

The Lagos government claims it wants to reconstruct the market and turn it into a modern plaza. The traders says they are not been carried along with the plans and decided to challenge the plan in court where they receive an injunction. A negotiation took place and the case was withdrawn from court and there was an agreement to vacate their shops on Sunday,October 4th but the government decide to deal with them and strucked on Thursday,October 1st. Where is the love been preached by every "one Nigeria" apologists? Isn't that hate been practiced?

After Raji Fashola demolished Tejuosho Market,what is happening there now? Empty and looking for occupants. When will the Biafrans doing business in Lagos learn? Where is Joe Igbokwe? Why has he kept silent? Of course,he is in support of the demolition. He is only interested in his political career and pocket. Selfish political jobber masquerading as Igbo leader. Joe Igbokwe claimed Nnamdi Kanu is preaching hate but says nothing when hate is been practiced by his APC masters.
The Nde Eze Ndigbo of Lagos, Aka Ikenga and other useless Igbo groups who call themselves Lagosians should hide their faces in shame. After leading Fashola and Ambode to Ladipo market to campaign for APC,they cannot stop the destruction of that same market because they have nothing to lose.

I hope the Biafrans doing business in Lagos will learn from this incident? If it is not fire outbreak caused by electricity on a shop built with concrete,it is the discriminate shutting down of the market or exorbitant increment of rents and tax. When will the Igbo speaking Biafrans in Lagos State understand that they cannot be fully trusted or loved in Lagos state? It is time they begin to think and not waste an opportunity to start on a safer ground. Let them come back to Biafraland and extend their business. We have been known to do better even when oppressed and that was clearly shown after the last Biafra war of 1967-1970 when only twenty pounds were returned to us but we still got up and have done better than those who stole our money from us.

Ndigbo!tete nura!!locate your root and secure yourself,there may not be another opportunity for you.

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