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Friday 16 October 2015

No force on earth can stop the emergence of Oduduwa Republic. – By Makanjuola Adigun

No force on the surface of the earth can stop the emergence of Oduduwa Republic. – By Makanjuola Adigun

Who is a Yoruba leader? Is there any leader in Yorubaland? Who are they leading? Is it their respective socio-cultural groups or over 50 million hopeless lives trapped within Nigeria? Can these elders, who defined themselves as leaders, make any huge sacrifices for their people’s freedom, if that is what their leadership positions required now in these trying times in failed one Nigeria? Can they put their lives on the line, as the true shepherd they want us to believe they are? Who should our people follow? Is it these self-serving politicians with huge war chest to fight self-preserved political interests that would not attracts huge permanent benefits to the generality of the Yoruba people

Should one Nigeria politics be their priority now, when it is obvious that there is no future for the Oduduwa people without the Sovereign emergence of an Oduduwa Nation? Is there anything about failed one Nigeria, these so called leaders do not want to let go? Is it truly God that created Nigeria and not the British? Shouldn’t we follow anybody or genuine groups of Yoruba leadership who truly rises up to say in practical terms, it is time for Oduduwa Republic? Why are these leaders afraid of Nigeria breaking up now, when they have debated, contributed and make submissions at very fora, informing their people that Nigeria is a failed State and an artificial creation of the British? What are they currently doing courageously, to save their people from this one Nigeria zoo?

Should Otunba Gani Adams,George Akinola, Adebayo Ogumeno,, not be elevated above these over celebrated self-made leaders, if these three above personalities are practically taking steps with the foolish ones like us ,to get the Yoruba set free from the satanic one Nigeria grip, and the others, if they Could do?

The answer to the above questions is that there are no leader’s among the Yoruba anymore. The season of courageous leadership is gone with Papa Awolowo, Michael Ajasin, Pa Rewane, Kudirat Abiola, Fela Ransome Kuti, Dr Beko Ransome Kuti and the rest, recorded on the good side of post-independent failed Nigeria cum Yoruba revolutionary history. The latest self-acclaimed Yoruba leadership of which some of them were with Awolowo when he was alive and the others who were now circumstantial and situational Awoists as a results of the criminal annulments of June 12,and the struggle that follow that annulment. Majority of these self-acclaimed Awolowo followers, are now the fronts of northern feudal lords, to forcefully take over a country majority of the Yorubas want practically disintegrated. Be it as it may, even if Pa Awolowo had wanted one Nigeria to continue lopsidedly via the dysfunctional federalism the feudal imposed on other unwilling part of one Nigeria, after the civil war, the sage did not disapproved of the ordinary Yorubas to embrace the process of self-determination on the basis of creating a separate Oduduwa Country. It is wrong for any Awoists to conclude for the late sage that the Yoruba must continue to die with a Nigeria that possess no hope and life for the majority of them. It must also be noted to these self-serving Yoruba leaders that because Awolowo opposed Biafra in the past, do not imply that if he is still alive today, he would not practically supported an open process for an Oduduwa Republic. If Awolowo is alive today, He would be given us the massive practical supports on how we get our side of the failed Nigerian state out of Nigeria, forever.

In conclusion, when Papa Awolowo was to transcend to the etheric plane, he told the ordinary Yoruba and not any of his successors, that it is we the ordinary Omo Oduduwa that would free ourselves from slavery in useless and failed one Nigeria. And that time has come.

We must be united as a people and be determining to break the chain of Nigeria slavery, once and for all. In the process of moving towards our sovereign homeland, we shall extend our hands of corporation to other sections in failed one Nigeria who have also decided to be free. Never again would our people join the feudal lords and our internal colonial masters to keep Nigeria one again. The one that was done in 1966-1970,is still what is keeping our people in bondage in failed one Nigeria. If the so called failed Yoruba leaders do not desire Oduduwa Republic, they can as well move their families to the section where they Godfathers came from and be a citizens of such places, instead of pretending to be fighting for non-existing Yoruba Agenda. We the common Yoruba are going ahead in practical terms for Oduduwa Republic. No force on the surface of the earth can stop the emergence of Oduduwa Republic.

Like I said, we do not have leaders in Yorubaland anymore.

Join the process for the actualization of Oduduwa Republic today.

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  1. Mr. Adigun: Yoour piece is funny. Who fought to keep Nigeria one? Yoruba. Who was your leader? Chief Awolowo. Who adviced Gowon on starvation as a weapon of war? Awo. When are you gonna get serious?


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