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Saturday 24 October 2015


So the latest propaganda now is that Ndigbo want South South's oil that's why pro-Biafra activists are trying to 'annex' the South-South into their proposed Biafra.
If we didn't live in a country where desperate lies often pass for truth and are acted upon, I would have dismissed this nonsense as another piece of ignorant stupidity. But we live in Nigeria and so if stuff like this are not challenged, less intellectually astute folks may swallow and propagate it.
Let my post yesterday "BIAFRA, OH BIAFRA" be a background upon which I'll write what I'm about to write.
First, since I started hearing of Biafra as a little kid till today, I've NEVER heard it being associated with the South South. Post-1970, the idea of Biafra has always been an Igbo enclave comprising the present 5 South-East states and other WILLING Ndigbo who, out of the political realities of today, are part of the present Delta and Rivers states. Note: there's a marked emphasis on the word 'WILLING'.

Second, the South-Eastern states of Abia, Imo and recently Anambra are oil-producing states in their own right holding sufficient commercial quantities of crude oil. In fact, the crude oil deposits there are such that if the states (or region) were to own the oil wells (as against the present FG ownership), the South-East would be as oil-bouyant as any other oil-producing region in this world. That is if oil is Ndigbo's problem.

Third, for anyone to allege that a people who are globally acclaimed to be enterprising and industrious will hanker after the South-South's oil. Since when did Ndigbo become so lazy and parasitic? Ha! Isn't that just funny?
These are easily verifiable facts that's why it beats me why anyone would believe the rather brainless propaganda that the agitators of Biafra have the South South's oil in mind. That's so silly and preposterous that it makes you wonder.

And talking about wondering, ask yourself, if these facts are so trite and commonplace, why are some Nigerians still spreading the news that Ndigbo have their eyes on something they already possess in sufficient quantities??
The answer to that question ought to expose the true intentions of the purveyors of that propaganda. You know the reason why they're spreading that propaganda, don't you?
Ikechukwu Obi


  1. Dear friend
    I am curious as to why the proposed map of Sovereign Nation of Biafra included the SS regions - Rivers state, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta and Cross River? I think that you people or your so called leader need to publish your plan for independence for your non-Igbo neighbours to study and decide if they'd wish to be part of this Biafra project.

    It appears that you guys have decided that the SS is part of Biafra by default. If that is the case then you people are not as smart as you claim to be. I support any kind of Biafra as long as it stays well away from Rivers State and the SS region. The Niger Delta is not the "coastal region of Biafra". GOD FORBID

    Lest be good neighbours. God bless you all

    1. We are counting on the Igbos stolen into that nick named SS and not Ijaw. Opobo people are from Amaigbo in Imo State. In Delta State there are Igbos. Stop being stupid

  2. I'm also in support of igbo land alone aside Ikwerre! Yes any other tribe can join but not ikwere, we should stop playing into their game plan, we need to make it clear that we're not interested in the ijaw nation, I'm saying this because ijaw is the one causing all this trouble, and we will not help them by joining them, we will have igbos across every region, the other willing tribes.. that's all.. no ijaw no Ikwerre!!


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