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Monday 5 October 2015

Diezani Alison-Madueke Arrest: Lest Nigeria Be Turned Into A Banana Republic

This rubbish has to stop! People are baying for blood and because of that are giving this government carte blanche to destroy what little democratic ethos we have imbibed.
It seems we are reverting under the All Progressive Congress (APC) generated propaganda government back to the days when all you have to do is shout “ole” in Lagos or “boys o ye” in Onitsha for a blood thirsty mob to kill someone.
Now, once anything is done in the name of “fighting corruption” or “recovering loot” we not only condone but approve it.
Why on earth should the EFCC or DSS or any other organ raid the house of the former petroleum minister in her absence?

Now, they claim they recovered money in the house, so that makes illegal action right? An action that won’t hold up in any court of law?
Any youth corps lawyer can quash this dubious invasion of the former petroleum minister’s home.
How can they prove that they met that money there and that they did not plant it there? If any? To make matters worse, they claimed to have found a token sum of N1.2 million.
That is why a proper search warrant is executed and presented to the person under investigation before a search in conducted.
Or does the EFCC now conduct searches just for the purpose of embarrassment value?
Was the EFCC just reacting to news of the “arrest” of the erstwhile Petroleum Minister? Or did they ask the UK police to “hold unto her” so they could conduct their pre-planned search?
Whatever may be the reason for this illegal conduct by the EFCC, one thing is sure, it lacks moral value and it is deeply suspicious – intent and timing-wise.
Anyone who stole should be caught and punished. That is what I believe and my support for Goodluck Jonathan or distrust for Muhammadu Buhari does not affect that belief.
But, everything must be done under the spirit and letter of the law. Anything less, means that Nigeria degenerates into a banana republic where anything goes. We barely escaped being turned into a worthless entity by the military regimes of the 80s and 90s. We can’t risk going back.
I don’t want to come from a country where the Secret Police can invade your one-room apartment and say they found a whale inside and then proceed to charge you for illegal whale farming.
God forbid!
by Chris Ikeotuonye

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