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Friday 25 September 2015


By Chima Onyekachi
(For Family Writers)

Few weeks after the inauguration of Muhammad Buhari as President of Nigeria, from June 17th to June 19th 2015, the Nigeria Air Force bombed Akwa Ibom and Cross River States with the banned NAPALM BOMBS in the guise of targeting kidnappers and pirates, killing scores of innocent Biafrans and leaving some of them with severe burns on their skins.

On the 31st of July 2015, officers of Nigeria Drug Law and Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) invaded Ariaria International Market Aba, in the guise to arrest cannabis smoker but ended up shooting and killing defenseless Biafran in his shop because he didn't have cannabis to offer them.

On the 7th of August 2015, a Nigeria Policeman shot dead a Biafran bus driver from Ogoniland at Whimpy junction, Igweocha because he refused to offer a bribe of #100 tagged as "PASSING FEE".

On Sunday, August 30th 2015 in Onitsha, Anambra state, a combined team of Nigeria Navy and Policemen opened fire at over 10,000 unarmed Biafrans who were on evangelism, killing and injuring many.

Last week, Nigeria newspapers reported that in Isheri/Ijegun road,Lagos, four little Biafran children watched the shooting and killing of their parents (Mr. and Mrs. Godwin Ekpo) by a Nigeria policeman because their father refused to offer the usual "PASSING FEE".

Recently, it was reported on a radio station that a battalion of Nigeria soldiers invaded a creek village in Rivers State, ordered all the villagers to lie on the ground, flogged the village head, ate and stole their foodstuffs.

And nothing is been done to quell AK-47 carrying Fulani herdsmen who are busy terrorizing innocent villagers, killing, destroying farmlands and raping women. What about cases that are hidden and never reported or heard?

Why have these reign of terror increased since Buhari took power? Are those the payment for deciding not to vote for him or not vote at all? Or are beginning to experience the threat of ''Anyone, soldier or not that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes." made on twitter on the 15th July 2012 by @elrufai who is now Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, a close associate of President Buhari.

It is disheartening that world leaders and the United Nations have kept silent to these atrocities. The world's mainstream media (exception of IBTimes) have also pretended not to hear but will send correspondents for live updates the moment we decide to defend ourselves.

I call on every Igbo,Ibibio,Urohobo,Itsekiri,Izon,Igala,Igbanke,Ogoni,Igede,Ikwerre and Efik Youths not to take these incidence for granted. These are BokoHaram in Nigeria security uniforms and if we keep silent, we shall live to regret it. Let us come together because we will fail if we fight alone but together we shall be a huge force. We shall restore Biafra and live in peace and prosperity as our ancestors did before Fredrick Lugard came and invented the evil called Nigeria.
Remember, it takes the WISDOM of the elders and young peoples ENERGY to be victorious.

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