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Friday 25 September 2015

Olu Falae: Fulanis Have Been Dealing With The Yorubas Since 1887 - By Bayo Abiodun

It is now clear that the Yorubas are confirmed cowards. It is inconceivable how a respectable Yoruba leader like Olu Falae could easily be kidnapped in his home town by brainless Fulanis without a single bullet fired and N50m ransom paid before he was released and no arrest made.

From the media reports, Falae was made to sleep on the bare floor for 4 days and after the N50m ransom was paid, he was released and made to trek several kilometers from where he was dropped off by the Fulanis to a hotel in Owo town, where he met with the security agents that took him home. On his arrival, his community went into jubilation. What a shame! Are the Yorubas this shameless? Can any Yoruba man kidnap an Emir in the north without the kidnapper being lynched? What's the jubilation all about?

This was how, out of Yoruba cowardice, the Fulanis conquered our territories in the present day Kogi and Kwara States in 1887. The Fulanis killed the Yoruba leaders and installed Fulani Emirs. Till today, the Fulani Emirs are still ruling our territory.

I urge every proud Yoruba to rise against this insult melted on us by the Fulani and chase them out of our land, otherwise a repeat of the ugly event of 1887 would happen again!

By Bayo Abiodun

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