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Sunday 6 September 2015


On a rainy sunday in Igweocha attending an IPOB family of over forty men (young and old). It started with prayers, worship/praises to Chukwu Okike Abiama and sermon. And then a minute silence was observed in honour of our departed HEROES who were killed in Onitsha by a combined team of the Nigerian navy and policemen.

The meeting had a solemn atmosphere but became more lively after words of wisdom and truth were spoken by principal officers and other members. The meeting was coming to a close after other agenda has been deliberated when information came in that the DSS (secret service) have arrested members of IPOB while they were having their meeting in Rumudara/Rumuduru in Igweocha, Biafraland.

The atmosphere became charged,filled with anger and chants of angry words. Members were clamouring for every one of us to move to the location which was a short distance from where we are in other to stop the arrest. It took the intervention of the coordinator through his deputy to calmnerves because he was in attendance in that meeting. When he finally arrived, we were told to await directive from the command and everyone obeyed.

I want the world to know that enough is enough! We are still nursing the anger that our brothers were killed unjustly and many others are still nursing bullet wounds and still in the hospital. Now, you want to frighten and silence us by harassing and arresting us.

I want to tell those responsible for these acts of wickedness and intimidation that we are not deterred, and you must release our brothers unharmed and every of our property in your possession must be released.

Brethren we must not be cowed by Nigeria president Buhari and the Lagos-Ibadan expressway media. We must get our freedom or die. Chukwu Okike Abiama is with us. Isee!

Mazi Chima Onyekach (IPOB Youth)

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