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Thursday 10 September 2015

Fani-Kayode: Niger Delta Oil is the Only Thing Keeping Nigeria Together

Nigeria's former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode in a Facebook post titled ‘Lord Lugard’s Magic and Flora Shaw’s Spell’ wrote that the only thing keeping Nigeria together is the Niger Delta oil.

Read Facebook post below: 

What we often call the Northern Protectorate of Nigeria today can be better described as the poor husband whilst it’s southern counterpart can be fairly described as the rich wife or the woman of substance and means.

A forced union of marriage between the two will undoubtedly result in peace, prosperity and marital bliss for both husband and wife for many years to come. It is my prayer that that union will last forever”.

From this contribution it is clear that ours was a ”forced” union. It is also clear that Lugard saw northern Nigeria as a ”poor husband” that needed constant attention and support whilst he saw southern Nigeria as nothing more than a ”rich wife” or a ”woman of substance and means” whose plight was to be constantly pillaged and ravished.

This was his vision: a northern Nigeria that was essentially the ”head of the household” and that would remain in control of all the power and resources of the state and a southern Nigeria that would play the role of a passive and subservient wife whose destiny it was to remain in perpetual subjugation and bondage.

Sadly this was the crooked foundation upon which our union was built. What made it even worse was the fact that the so-called ”southern wife” and ”northern husband” were never asked if they wanted the marriage in the first place.

The truth is that the British colonialists were masters of divide and rule. The amalgamation of the southern and northern protectorates was a Greek gift which was designed to fail and to crumble at the appropriate time. Nigerians have done well to have held it together for so long and the fact that we have only experienced one civil war is miraculous.
Despite all pretensions, the only thing that has kept us together is the oil of the Niger-Delta and the extraordinary resilience, patience, faith, fortitude, zeal and strength of the Nigerian people themselves. Mr. Sola Adebowale, a writer, understood the mindset of Lord Lugard. He captured it rather well on Facebook in 2014 when he wrote the following:

“Lugard was a stark illiterate and it was quite unfortunate that that was the best that imperial Britain could send to Africa. Hence he was noted to have vehemently opposed native education for Africans. And he was said to have loathed the educated and sophisticated Africans of the southern coastal regions who had been educated by the Christian Missionaries before him and instead wined and dined and positioned the uneducated feudal hordes of Africa to the forefront of leadership of Africa. Is that not the albatross against many African nations till date? Hence the moral right of Devil Lugard to pontificate about Africans is questionable”.

Mr. Adebowale has hit the nail on the head. I concur with his submissions.

Permit me to end this contribution with an interesting aside. It is generally agreed though not commonly admitted that both Lugard and Flora Shaw were Luciferians who practiced the black arts and all manner of satanic rituals. He was a “High Priest of the Freemasons” whilst they were both avid folllowers of Aleister Crowley, the leading satanist of his day and the self-styled “worlds most wicked man”.

This explains a lot. It also explains why Shaw gave us the name “Nigeria”- a name which has questionable roots. Anyone that doubts this should consider the literal translation of Nigeria from latin: it means “the area of darkness” and there is a deep spiritual and mystical reason that she gave us that name. It comes with a lot of baggage because not much good can come out of an area of darkness.

Most of the former British colonies changed their names after independence for similar reasons but because most of our leaders in Nigeria were not aware of these matters they refused to do so. Lugard and Shàw were an unlikely couple who had no children. What held them together was more spiritual and mystical than anything else and Nigeria and the Sudan are their joint legacy to the world.

Sadly both countries are having major challenges today. Sudan has broken into two after a protracted and bitter civil war whilst Nigeria is experiencing serious regional, ethnic and religious tensions. It is clear that our nation needs a good deal of prayer. May God deliver us from Lord Lugard’s magic and his beautiful wife’s spell.

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