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Wednesday 30 September 2015

Buhari must be stopped: A Call to Boycott Buhari and British-Nigeria

British-Nigeria is a rogue terrorist state that has perfected the act of genocide, human rights abuses, and crimes against humanity. Ironically however, there has been a frenzy in Europe to Boycott, Divest from, and Sanction Israel (BDS movement) precisely for defending herself in her ancient homeland against Hamas rockets, and Islamic terrorism. In defense of her territory, Israel has not killed remotely as many Palestinians as British-Nigeria have and continues to kill on a daily basis. British-Nigeria has been forcibly occupying, marginalizing, plundering, and massacring Biafrans incessantly for over one hundred years. Yet, it is in vogue in Europe to boycott Israel but not British-Nigeria.

One of the leading signatories to Boycott and Sanction Israel, unsurprisingly, is Britain. The British foreign policy is consistently in favor of Muslims against Christian Biafrans or Jewry because Islamic fascism bodes well with British shenanigans and her atavistic imperialism, albeit in a post-imperialist world; especially toward countries she ab initio violently forged by her merciless balkanization of naturally formed nations, and criminal agglomeration of discordant cultures; besetting them with insoluble conflicts in order to entrench her ruthless thievery and exploitation.

The British government specializes in meddling with other people’s destinies and holding a multitude of victims in perpetual bondage for the sake of petty imperialism. The British foreign policy is the antithesis of United States’— in that whereas USA became the sole hegemon of the world in defense and pursuit of liberty and freedom; Britain became an inglorious world power by ruthless destruction of lives, liberties, and freedoms. The difference here is and must be clear at all times.

Plundering resources of emerging nations; meddling in their affairs with criminal intent; and robbing children of developing countries the quality of life that Britain ironically preserves for British children is treacherous. Also, aiding and abetting genocides, war crimes, and crimes against humanity for the sake of plunder and petty imperialism ought not to be tolerated in 2015 global community thus the need to exorcise British meddling and Boycott her criminal agents—the British-Nigerian Muslims and her puppet president.

This call therefore is made upon decent and truly civilized peoples of the world to boycott British-Nigeria and her factually terrorist president Muhammadu Buhari because British-Nigeria is irrefutably a rogue terrorist state that never seizes to trample on every conceivable human rights, particularly, the rights of Biafrans and Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)—the organization of Biafrans agitating to free Biafra from the wicked British-Nigeria contraption—especially under Buhari, an avowed Islamist, genocidist, tribalist, and unabashed Boko Haramist.

Buhari succeeded in bamboozling the world using her brainchild Boko Haram to weaken, undermine and intimidate Goodluck Jonathan; and assuredly rendered the North “ungovernable”, as the Northern leaders promised if Goodluck Jonathan, the former accidental-president from Southeast contested in the 2011 presidential election. Jonathan contested and won. The north was rendered ungovernable by Boko Haram exactly as northern Muslim leaders threatened. Clearly then, Boko Haram is the parochial army of the Muslim North.

Although Buhari was apparently ineligible to contest the presidential election because he not only refused to debate with the former incumbent, he failed to provide the minimum academic prerequisite (West African School Certificate) stipulated by the Electoral Commission (INEC). Violence or the threat thereof, lawlessness, and impunity would be Buhari’s most potent strategy having unsuccessfully contested in the previous three elections and incited riots every time he lost. This time, he unleashed millions of under aged children to vote for him.

While Jonathan confronted to his flawed best the challenges posed by Boko Haram’s ceaseless massacre of innocent Christians (a great many of whom are Biafrans) and “erring” innocent Muslims; Buhari consistently spoke in defense of Boko Haram. He even demanded sending the Army Chief of staff to Hague to stand trial for “crimes against humanity” for killing Boko Haram terrorist on the battle fields, thus emboldening Boko Haram.

It is no doubt true that British-Nigeria Army and Police are constantly abusive of human and civil rights of all civilians, especially Biafrans, irrespective of whom the commander in chief may be.  Buhari also was a military abuser that participated in the massacre of more than three hundred soldiers of Biafra origin serving in the British-Nigeria army within 24 hours following the 1966 coup; and subsequent pogrom of three hundred thousand Biafrans living in the North and Southwest regions of British-Nigeria; and the genocide of more than 3.5 million Biafrans in their homeland between 1967 and 1970.

As was stated in a former article, “Buhari and his surviving peers that irrefutably committed a genocide are yet to stand trial for genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity…” like Charles Taylor of Liberia who was tried and convicted at the International criminal court (ICC) for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the death of 250,000 Liberians; the leaders of Rwandan Genocide of 900,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus by extremist Hutus were convicted in the International Criminal Tribunal for crimes against humanity;  the Serbian Generals were convicted at ICC for genocide of over 100,000 Bosnians;  the Nazi soldiers are still being punished for the Holocaust.

Even most recently the ICC has indicted Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahman Al Bashir for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide of 400,000 Sudanese in villages of Darfur by his Arab Janjaweed militia.

Evidently, ICC have convicted war criminals that pale in degree compared to British-Nigeria’s recidivist war criminals and mass murderers who have killed upwards of 3.5 million Biafrans, raped, decapitated, disemboweled, dismembered, pulled unborn babies out of their mother’s womb, and starved millions of children to death. Whereas British-Nigeria war criminals are treated as sacred cows—still  in power, still marginalizing, still massacring, still plundering, and still committing crimes against humanity—Britain not only showers them with praises and awards, but turns around and boycotts Israel, the only true democracy in Mideast..   

The closest to justice with a British-Nigerian war criminal was prior to British-Nigeria 2015 elections. Buhari was captured on YouTube video entering a London Police van, the type used to transport criminals, against the backdrop of charges of crimes against humanity brought against him at the ICC in Hague; but the conspiratorial British media did not carry the news. See and

Let’s remain on the subject. While criticizing Jonathan on Sunday, June 2, 2013 on Liberty FM radio, Kaduna, Buhari complained that, quote “While the Niger-Delta [residents] were treated like kings, the Jama’ atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’ Awati Wal-Jihad which some people call Boko Haram are being killed and their houses destroyed unlike the special treatment given to the Niger Delta militants. This is injustice to Northern Nigeria.” Here, Buhari is priming his followers for violence. Buhari’s priority, obviously, has never truly been Boko Haram. No body fights against himself. Buhari’s eyes are set on the oil fields of Biafra and Islamization of Biafrans. In line with his historical methodology, Buhari will depend on terrorism in pursuit of his delusional Islamization. Boko Haram, for all intents and purposes, then, is the British-Nigeria Islamic regional army.

It is no surprise that in his first month on resumption of office, Buhari invaded Niger Delta area, followed by transportation of Boko Haram prisoners to subpar prisons in Biafra to unleash terror in pursuit of Islamization.

Today, Buhari wishes to grant Boko Haram terrorists who have killed over 50,000 people in exchange for some 200 kidnapped school girls writing “physics” exam.  To him, clearly, the Biafrans in Delta areas fighting for justice deserve the same treatment as Boko Haram terrorists fighting for Sharia law. The Kidnap fable sadly is a well-orchestrated hoax to undermine Goodluck Jonathan, which the authors are now looking for a plausible end to the ruse. Otherwise, what sane person would grant amnesty to agroup that has killed over 50,000 people, displaced over 5 million people, destroyed over 1000 churches and properties worth billions of dollars, for the release of some sham “kidnapped” girls?

Only a person with an agenda, and bent on freeing Boko Haram at all cost, and reorganizing them for a different battle field would propose amnesty as Buhari has inadvertently demonstrated in contradiction of his campaign statements. 

While campaigning for president, Buhari stated on a television interview (…) that amnesty would not be on the table because Boko haram would not have killed so many people if peace were in their calculus. Buhari’s willingness and desperation to grant Boko Haram amnesty now is at best dubious. In the absence of the envisaged amnesty, he has already unilaterally freed Boko Haram detainees and suspects without due process.

Make no mistake, the abuse of entire masses of British-Nigeria is incidental to the criminal intent ab initio in the creation of British-Nigeria, whereas the targeted abuse, marginalization, plundering, and subjugation of Biafrans was the overriding theme in the fabrication of the British-Nigeria criminal contraption. Prior to the violent fabrication of British-Nigeria, Biafra put up the fiercest resistance against the British invaders and in one battle killed 34 British soldiers including Captain H.C. Chapman. It is no surprise then, to ensure longevity of colonialism that every scheme would have to be invoked to handicap a people such endowed naturally and fearless with much less sophisticated weaponry. 
Britain no doubt was powerful, but master of war crimes. They kill, women and children, bomb your farms, and your homes to get your ultimate attention.
In Buhari’s limited horizon one gleans, Biafrans ought not to control their destiny, and British-Nigeria ought to be an estate of his forebear, Uthman Dan Fodio as prescribed by their most respected leader, Ahmadu Bello. Buhari then is the personification of the evils of colonialism. He embodies the deep treachery conceived against Biafra from inception. He made no secret his respect for colonialism and has vowed to return to “colonial ways” in his inaugural speech. His intent is starkly the same as the British intent; as was said before, in a bizarre double coincidence of wants. See

Contrary to Buhar’s utterances, Niger Delta, in the coast of Biafra, is the depot area where all the Biafra crude oil and gas resources commandeered by British-Nigeria intersect and are harnessed by the colluding Western oil cartels. The oil cartels drilling oil and gas ruthlessly ravage the environment as countless oil spills and gas flares destroy the sea life, soil fertility, air quality, cause acid rain, and other anomalies; thus, leaving the Biafrans residing in Delta area economically destitute and sick with incurable lung cancers and other respiratory ailments.

When the delta area aborigines protested, the terrorist British-Nigeria in collusion with the oil cartels responded with invasions and massacres in an attempt to wipe the victims off the planet and discourage survivors from protesting and seeking to have a say, and some semblance of justice from the oil conspirators, in matters relating to their environment, health, and livelihood. This tone deaf aggression was also seen in previous presidents: Babangida, Abacha, Obasanjo, and Yar’Adua all of whom embarked on terrorist invasion and massacre of Biafrans for wanting justice.

No doubt some of the delta area militants ventured into criminality. But make no mistake; there are no terrorists in Biafra. Today, Buhari is globetrotting in search of arms to destroy and Islamize Biafrans in pretext for arms to fight Boko Haram and Biafrans who are agitating to be free.

British-Nigeria, it appears, never sheath the sword after proclaiming “no victor, no vanquished” in the cease-fire after the 1967 genocidal war of extermination of Biafrans.  British-Nigeria has continued on an endless massacre of Biafrans and surrounding areas unabated since the 1800’s by Britain, and since1945 by the Hausa Fulani puppets of Britain.  Since 1990 for instance, British-Nigeria have serially invaded, and massacred Biafrans at Ogoni, Odi, Vasae, Anyiin Iorja, Ugba, Sankera, Zaki-Biam, Ikot Obiokot, and Onitsha, etc.

The victims of these criminal massacres do not have any hope of justice in the rogue state. Central to all the invasions and extra judicial killings by British-Nigeria is total ineptitude in fact finding, paucity of truth, and total absence of Justice, thus, assuring an endless cycle of violence. Google Nigeria massacres, genocides, riots, and Boko Haram attacks to get a sketch of the calamity properly called British-Nigeria.

In Ogoni, Odi, and Zak Ibiam massacres, more than 5000 unarmed civilians were murdered and their towns utterly destroyed with no recourse to justice to date. These state terrorisms are far worse than what former Apartheid South Africa did to the Afrikaans but were boycotted. The massacre at Sharpeville in1960 pales to the massacre at Odi or Zak Ibiam yet British-Nigeria stands among the committee of nations.

As Europe and Arab League pressure Israel for defending their ancient homeland, British-Nigeria occupies, massacres,  marginalizes, subjugates, robs, abducts, kills, and steadily commit crimes against humanity without cause, but no word ever to reprimand her because, you guessed it,  Britain is her partner and protector in crime.

Consider this excerpt in response to Zak Ibiam Massacre: “According to reports from the Human Rights Watch of April 2002 the killings constituted clear case of extrajudicial executions by the Nigerian military, contravening Nigeria’s obligations under international human rights law. Yet the Nigerian government had so far failed to take action against the soldiers responsible or against those who ordered the operation, or even to issue a strong condemnation of the killings.” See

Recently, on August 30 2015, the British Nigeria Navy opened fire on a crowd of unarmed IPOB members peacefully evangelizing on the imperative of restoring Biafra’s independence. The unarmed IPOB evangelists were ambushed by the British-Nigerian Navy for wanting to be free. Three people were gunned down and over 20 hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Till date, the entirely of British–Nigeria government is mute on the massacre. The State Governor Obiano is mute. Buhari is mute. The members of Senate and House of Representative are all mute and dumb stricken. The Navy, army, and police are denying. The Yoruba media are obfuscating, lying, and conjecturing. This is nothing new to the terrorist British-Nigeria contraption; just business as usual.

As you dig for truth, care must be taken not to dabble into anything written by the wolves parading themselves as journalist in British-Nigeria; or by her conspiratorial media bureaucracy; or by British imperialist media bureaucracy (BBC, etc.). Nowadays, British Nigeria has gotten very creative. They know the entire polity is saturated with liars and nobody believes them. So they bribe foreign media outlets and outsource foreign journalists to lie in their behalf and launder their horrible images.

The struggle for justice against British Petroleum (BP) and British-Nigeria which eventually led to the 2011and 2012 movies called “Black Gold” and “Black November” respectively, document the wicked criminality of British-Nigeria.  Evidently, British-Nigeria is worse than any apartheid country, in any era, the world has ever known.  But Britain confounds, distorts, and obfuscates the British-Nigerian story which will and should, if told truthfully, shock the soul, and excite the wrath, of every civilized person. The world must call Britain and British-Nigeria to account on her genocidal escapades against Biafra.  Enough is enough.

Eventually, the Delta area residents took up arms to defend themselves and demand some say in the oil and gas drilling that has destroyed their eco system, health, and livelihood.  But to Buhari, these Biafrans fighting for justice in the Delta area are similar to Boko Haram terrorists that have killed over 50,000 innocent victims and burned down over 1000 churches, displaced over 5 million victims and Billions of dollars in damages; who do not to agitate for a better quality of life, seek any justice, or fight corruption; but terrorizing to establish an Islamic Caliphate with Sharia law allover British-Nigeria. 

Curiously, Boko Haram does not attack the Northern political leaders who are unquestionably the most corrupt looters of public funds, and the bandits directly responsible for the mismanagement of crude oil revenue allocations to the North; misery and mass impoverishment of their own people; and the crippling decadence of every institution in British-Nigeria because Hausa Fulani—the Mohamedan puppets of Britain—have held power eighty percent of British-Nigeria’s existence since the make-believe “independence” in 1960.

Do not be fooled, British-Nigeria shall remain a grotesquely corrupt British estate unless it is dismantled comprehensively, and the constituents revert to their original identities before the British intruders tore their fabrics to pieces. Hausa, Fulani, and Yoruba must resolve to go back to humble beginnings and build their nations individually and stop dignifying the whims and caprices of British intruders by antagonizing Biafra whom they lived quietly by until Britain came and forced you into her criminal edifice for naked plunder. 

And United States of America (USA) and other civilized countries must stand tall like Dwight D. Eisenhower who disapproved the excesses of British imperialism in the Suez Canal in1956, and asserted that Britain will have no “special relationship” with the USA in Suez Canal conflict. Eisenhower stood for justice and fairness, and British pirates retreated from Suez Canal.  Good men and women of the world must likewise prevail upon Britain to end her genocidal meddling and thievery in Biafra.

After more than four months, it is now apparent that Buhari lied throughout his campaign. He is by no means a changed man and still exhibits his hatred of democracy, and preference for dictatorship, terrorism, and state terrorism. According to a caller on—the beacon of truth—PM edition, on September 17, 2015, British-Nigeria Police, at Buhari’s command, are now harassing Biafrans wearing headphones to determine whether they are listening to Radio Biafra.  Hundreds of people are being harassed and arrested for listening to Radio Biafra by British-Nigerian police; having tried but failed to “jam” or “blow Radio Biafra off” the air.

Whereas the history of British-Nigeria is the history of perpetual subjugation, plunder, abuse, and genocide of Biafrans; the history of Buhari is history of corruption, deception, lawlessness, Islamism, graft, state terrorism, tyranny, nepotism, marginalization, abuse, hatred, and killing of Biafrans. 
How a man with his history became president? Well, Buhari overthrew a democratically elected government in 1983—on bogus grounds of such fleeting ills for which democracy was intrinsically sensible to correct through elections and courts—to preempt an impending indictment against him in the theft of $2.8 Billion from Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) which was traced to his personal British account in Midland Bank, now HSBC. Having escaped justice by seizing power, Buhari inaugurated and used his poster child program themed “War against Indiscipline” (WAI) to strike fear, usurp power, intimidate the masses, and unleash his uncanny bent towards tyranny and Islamization. See

The WAI program, seemingly a worthy concept, was lawlessly and corruptly executed in all its facets as the army trampled on basic rights, detained people indefinitely without cause, killed for offenses that would not attract death sentences, and sentenced a man 300 years in jail for a petit theft. There was rampant witch hunting, speed tribunals, and promulgation of arbitrary decrees such as decree ‘4’ which criminalized free speech that embarrassed government officials irrespective of the speech’s veracity. Many journalists were then incarcerated as a result.

Unfortunately, because British-Nigeria is drowning in corruption; as another election cycle approached; frustration and desperation for change saturated the polity; in that desperate climate, Buhari’s War Against Indiscipline was nostalgically pandered in his campaign trail as the only time British-Nigeria attempted to fight corruption. After 30 long years since Buhari was ousted as Head of State, poverty induced amnesia had overwhelmingly afflicted the polity.

The WAI nostalgia then resonated especially with the demographics intent on preserving the rogue British-Nigeria contraption to exacerbate their unjust gains, corruption, avarice, covetousness, and treachery. The beaten and pauperized masses led on by a criminal and conspiratorial press, with only their short term memory remaining for all decisions, forgot the twin sister of WAI: lawlessness and state terrorism.
WAI was an illusion because Buhari, a lawless man cannot at any time fight corruption. He got power again by corruption. Now using corruption and gross indiscipline to fight corruption and indiscipline is base paradox and reminiscent of his WAI era. Seventeen months after the WAI tyranny was lunched, British-Nigerians took to the streets in wild ecstatic jubilation to celebrate the abrupt end of Buhari’s reign of terror.

Buhari’s recent transplantation of Boko Haram to the Christian South, appointments by absolute nepotism, refusal to form a cabinet so he has preeminence over everything, delay and dishonestly declaration of his assets, rampant killings, abductions, searches, lack of accountability, and unlawful decrees are just a few current events to prove that he not only lied about being a changed man and a democrat, he is in fact worse than before because he is under law, yet above it.

Finally, Buhari’s Islamic fundamentalism, impunity, and lack of education clearly reinforce his inability to appreciate the nuances of democracy and the rule of law. He has once again obtained power by fraud and terror, but only this time bent on making good his well-documented and publicized threats to spread Sharia to every region of British-Nigeria and this time, indeed, keep British-Nigeria an estate of his forebear, Uthman Dan Fodio, the conqueror of Hausa and Yoruba peoples, and founder of Sokoto Caliphate in the Northeast of British-Nigeria.
Buhari must be stopped, boycotted, Sanctioned, and impeached before it is too late.
Let’s recap Buhari’s actions since successfully terrorizing his way back to power:

1.         Buhari has usurped the executive, judiciary and the legislative functions thus exalting himself above the law and behaving like a power drunk maniac who lacks basic understanding of democracy and rule of law. 
2.         He has refused to appoint a cabinet, usurps all executive functions, and rules arbitrarily by fiat in the presence of a functioning bicameral Assembly.
3.         Launched an aerial bombardment of the densely populated, oil rich creeks, at Ikot Obiokot, located in Akwaibom State, in Biafra—Southeast of British-Nigeria, by using “incendiary” bombs for no apparent reason killing about 350 Biafrans including women and children. Buhari did not explain to the people why British-Nigeria Airforce used helicopter gunships to invade civilians exactly 21 days after his inauguration.
4.         Buhari disdainfully disregards the principle of National Character enshrined in the 1999 Constitution of British-Nigeria and instead embraces parochialism and prebendalism, having made 95% of his appointments using absolute nepotism as the controlling principle and effectively scheming out the region (Biafra) where from 90 percent of British-Nigeria revenue is generated. 
5.         Within his first month in office, Buhari arbitrarily transferred Boko Haram Prisoners to the predominantly Christian Biafra States where they are hitherto not known to hide or operate.
6.         Arbitrarily released a convicted Boko Haram terrorist double agent, Zakari Biu; and reinstated over three thousand (3056) dismissed soldiers accused of various offenses including deserting post and colluding with Boko Haram terrorist, back to British-Nigeria Army. Most of these suspected Boko Haram agents have been outfitted with AK47 Assault Rifles, official armed forces uniforms, and redeployed. The Biafra cities are now besieged with illiterate Boko Haram suspects hiding under police, military, and subsidiary forces; mounting road blocks, extorting money, and killing innocent Biafrans at the pleasure of Buhari in pursuit of Islamization of Biafra.
7.         Frequent killing of Biafrans either exercising their right to peaceful gathering, agitating for self-determination, or for the sake of intimidation as witnessed in Aba, Igweocha (Port Harcourt) and Onitsha. British-Nigeria shamelessly denies her deeds. No official explanation usually given. If Buhari finally does, it is for a reason other than accountability to the electorate like on his way to a foreign country, albeit scornfully, to preempt embarrassment in case he is confronted by foreign journalists or leaders.
8.         Ordered a massacre, killing three Biafrans, and over 20 hospitalized with gunshot wounds at Onitsha, Anambra State, for exercising their rights of association and agitation for self-determination in concord with both local and international law including United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
9.         Has been seeking to jam Radio Biafra, in a desperate effort to crush freedom of Speech, rights to self-determination breaking national and international laws.
10.       He has unleashed terror and is now killing, beating, abducting, intimidating, and kidnapping Biafrans that peacefully gather to evangelize for the restoration of Biafra, thus breaking well  established indigenous people’s rights and other inalienable rights as enshrined in the United Nations, which British-Nigeria is cosigned. British-Nigeria like their British progenitors, lie about everything.
11.       Arbitrarily enacting decrees in a democracy, targeting Biafran merchants to extort money and limit their ability to trade freely within British-Nigeria and abroad to intimidate, and discourage them from daring to seek self-determination.
12.       Unilaterally ordered the addition of Islamic studies to all grade school students in the government schools without precedent or legislation.
13.       Embarked on a series of wild goose chases, political abductions, kidnappings, unwarranted searches, extrajudicial killings, carried out by the secret police (DSS) to intimidate and bully “erring” Southeastern governors, top personalities, top government officials that seemingly constitute an impediment to his Islamization agenda.
14.       Breaks international law and the British-Nigerian Constitution by arbitrarily outlawing a duly registered and United Nations recognized rights of indigenous people of Biafra to self-determination. British-Nigeria subverts every law and suborns all who can be suborned to stifle the truth. Britain aid and abets every corruption in British-Nigeria. Every investigation into ALL British-Nigeria’s atrocities ends in futility and limbo. 
15.       He has continually hounded members of IPOB, Radio Biafra, and those who are exercising their fundamental freedom of speech, association, and agitation for self-determination daring IPOB to respond. “IPOB will inevitably respond” says Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of IPOB and Director of Radio Biafra.  

Evidently, British-Nigeria is a criminal entity that has no legitimacy to remain. It testifies against itself by its endemic corruption, disunity, and the number of people that die daily with no recourse to justice. British-Nigeria kills and endangers her subjects and has no capacity to protect them especially from Boko Haram. Where then does it derive its legality or the lack thereof? Well, from AK47 assault rifles, helicopter gunships, sham elections, criminal press, and “great” Britain. ThisBritish intruders’ experiment, if that, has failed woefully. Its existence is a perpetual crime against humanity. The world is already wearied of wars and massacres, and refugee problems. Adding British-Nigeria to the list will spell an unconscionable doom.

Because the United States delayed when it got reports of the activities of the Nazi Army against the Jews, and the growing evils in Germany, 6 million Jews were killed, three thousand were ambushed at Pearl Harbor, and the unwilling United States, unfortunately, lost about three hundred thousand soldiers. Second World War in all cost 60 million lives. This analogy is not to reproach anyone, but to pinpoint that “a stich in time saves nine.”
Whether Biafrans hate British-Nigeria and Britain? Well, they mean death and destruction for Biafrans. So how would you feel if anyone hounded you and your family for over 500 years starting with slavery, colonialism, re-colonialism, and neocolonialism? If you can answer honestly, then there is no further mystery here. 

All the violence against Biafra by the Hausa Fulani Muslims must of right be blamed on Britain, as well as the actual puppets murderers because Britain sadistically forged the deadly contraption with full intent to subjugate, plunder, and destroy Biafra. They ought to be ashamed of their grossly disingenuous and outright disinformation in everything they say about British-Nigeria. Britain must swallow its pride as the chief architects of misery, distortion, impoverishment, and comprehensive destruction of Africa’s path to development; seize and desist from her imperialist thievery and meddling in Biafra; and call for a dissolution of her wicked contraption without any further utterances to the contrary.

And your usual shameless argument of maintaining your “economic interest” at all cost does not hold water.  The USA is infinitely stronger than Britain. Russia is also infinitely stronger than Britain. Even Germany can show you the door.  But how would you British politicians feel if America, Russia, or Germany had economic interests in England to the extent that they will commit genocide of British children for the sake of their “economic interest” in Britain?  But that is what you expect Biafrans to swallow.

Clearly as you can see, British Nigeria has neither impetus nor capacity to do justice. British-Nigeria is a Terrorist state. Either she is boycotted and prevailed upon for a democratic dissolution of the unsustainably wicked contraption by the civilized world, or an all-out violent destruction commences inevitably from within. I make no apology for this assertion.
Since many have already been killed, it would be unconscionable for the global community to sit idly by and let an avoidable war break out. Boycott British-Nigeria now. Call for its dissolution. Call for a referendum because two divergent ideologies cannot coexist in one place. 

The British-Nigeria ruling class is tone deaf and unamenable to reason. The only language they understand is violence. They scorn dialogue and make nothing of human life. There is no forum to dialogue with AK47 wielding nomadic cattle herders whose intellect is hardly different from the cattle they herd. They mindlessly kill as soon as they are prompted to do so. These same AK47 wielding Muslim peasants (Almajiri) are the bulk of Boko Haram terrorists, the police and army. They are the hapless expendables engineered by Sokoto Caliphate to do the dirty work for Britain in exchange for power and protection.

British-Nigeria must therefore be Boycotted for her atrocities, and because of her litany of crimes against humanity.
So what would it take for the civilized countries to say enough? After a few more millions are killed? Well, British-Nigeria has killed more than is required to have peace but never stops killing.  She has already killed more than 3.5 million Biafrans and still counting. So what more would it take?

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.  ~Bonhoeffer~

By Ndubuisi Anukwuem
Follow Twitter: Insearch Justice

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