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Friday 14 August 2015

Why we want Biafra and Nigeria must fail

Naturally, no sane mind ever preferred alternative to original solution unless it becomes obvious the original solution is impossible to attain. Before sixties Igbos never agitated for independence from Nigeria because there was evidently no enough reason for that. While merit was the measuring scale, igbos grew from obscurity to first class citizens, taking almost all strategic positions in the federation competently: that was when Nigeria was said to be great; when the right people were in the right places. But today reverse is the case, and the resultant effect is palpable on the country's current decadence.

Civilized countries grow through technical advancement, they produce practical items that revolutionize known ways of doing things and manifest what previously was impossible. They conceive ideas, materialize and sell them to other nations as scientific products and immensely enrich their economy and the lives of their people- they grow to eminence just with ideas. The most profitable exports on earth today are technology products. These high tech countries know everybody wants to be part of the expanding civilization and technology is it's most active proponent. And also having it clear that this technology is a mere idea which cannot be mined from the rocks or drilled from the sea bed but from human beings, they therefore pay attention to their citizens, develop their minds and cause them to generate better ideas which are sold to other nations with undeveloped minds. Consequently, nations with people of developed minds become developed countries while nations with undeveloped minds become undeveloped countries.

Like the wiseacre who exchanges a pint of his blood for a plate of food, the countries with undeveloped minds drill the blood of their land for exchange for idea generated products. They sell cocoa and import chocolate, they export crude oil at a low price and import kerosene at a higher price. They become great consumers. As more natural resources are found within their domain, they upgrade to mindless gluttons who devour everything consumable they come in contact with, even their own flesh, at the chagrin of the producers. This is what Nigeria has intentionally become; an indolent nation because of destructive sentiment and tribal rivalry instituted by the attitude of bringing down the next person who grows in a faster pace because of the cherished illusion that the one with the slow pace was destined to always be ahead therefore should never be overtaken by any means.

It is a well-known fact that Biafra’s are naturally endowed with exceptional technical skills; the same skill which puts America and China as leading world powers today. They weren't born with it, it is their culture of free enterprise that breed it. Nigeria knows that the shortest path to economic development is through technology advancement, and if it honestly invests in this area of its economy Igbos will irrefutably be in the lead which they imagine will resultantly empower them and give them an edge over other tribes who believe that the forefront is their inheritance every other people therefore must be subordinates no matter how good they may be. To maintain this notion, they plot, conspire and undermine the growth of the one whom they believe threatens their fantastic divine inheritance of being ahead without constructive effort or possessing real leadership qualities. Since they cannot move fast and will never allow the faster one to take the lead, therefore everyone goes slowly so that the snail will always remain ahead. 
This is the experience of the Igbos since 1969 in the hands of the Nigerian government directly and indirectly led by the Hausas and Yoruba’s.

Now, knowing very well that Igbos are truly not wanted around but cannot be dispensed with without losing control of the rich oil wells which furnish the national indolence and satisfies the glutton's appetite, so they pretend to love 'One Nigeria'. Igbos do not love 'One Nigeria' where tribal sentiment replaces merit, where their economic growth is considered a threat and conspiratorially stunted, where they are subjected to state sponsored massacre, where the rich people are the old men and young men are touts, a society where if you are not an elite you are an idiot. So they decided to have their own country where they can be protected, where healthy competition of technical skills will be encouraged and the youths' potentials will be constructively harnessed. Igbos wish to advance technologically but Nigeria has no platform for that and nurses no intention to build any, so they want to have their own country so that they can build the platform and invest in their ideas and contribute
to the world's expanding civilization by being producers rather than being in a nation that practices the system that makes its people career consumers. No doubt there are rich oil wells found in the south east but its obvious Igbos care little about crude oil and have never encouraged militancy or fought any one over crude oil; all the they ask for is a save and fair business atmosphere. Since it proves impossible to attain in Nigeria, so Biafra’s want their own country where merit will be the determinant factor in awarding contracts and making political appointments. At this age of enlightenment no one has the right to exercise undue influence over other people; Igbos and their associate tribes have the right to choose what to do with their lives and how to manage their own affairs. No question, Britain with its allies indirectly influence the world's affairs. They always want their way, and become destructive where there is resistance. If in their own countrythey could allow referendum for Scotland to peacefully choose what they want why then did they ignore the wish of the Igbos to be free rather equip our detractors to maim us at the slightest provocation? The answer is simple: for the sake of crude oil which they exploit as they wish with the help of our detractors without questions which they know can never happen if they Igbos should take charge.

So they make our brothers our enemies and furnish them with intelligence and arms to put the Igbos at bar so that they will continue drilling without caring about the environmental consequences of their activities in the host region. They drill without accountability; it was in the news that NNPC actually do not know how many barrels of crude oil drilled in the country in a day. What the oil companies tell them is what they tell Nigerians. They lack the gut and tool to verify the accuracy of the information they are given. And they don't consider it important so long their personal pockets are filled to the detriment of the nation and to the people whom their ecosystem is being destroyed- something that will never happen if Biafra is established.

But the unconfutable truth is that Biafra cannot be held back forever. So long Nigeria has refused to be a fair country for the Biafra’s, the Igbos must certainly establish their own domain where fairness reigns, where love binds people together not conspiratorial oats. The adult who raises his hand with that which belongs to the child will surely bring it down when his hand starts paining him.

By Kelechi Nwagbara

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