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Monday 24 August 2015

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Launches Its Long Awaited Biafra Television on Satellite And Its Radio Station (Radio Biafra) On Shortwave

Today 24th August, 2015 shall remain a day the Indigenous People of Biafra all over the world shall never forget in a hurry. At exactly 8 AM Biafra Time, the people of Biafra had already hooked up to their Radio (Radio Biafra) to listen as usual the morning edition of the gospel of the restoration of Biafra with body, heart and soul full of hope and enormous joy in anticipation to hear the good news coming from the thunderous voice of its Director/Leader Nnamdi Kanu.

It will be recalled that listeners of the Radio who continue to multiply in tens of thousands daily across the whole Eastern Region of the troubled country Nigeria and across the globe via CHK 102.1 FM, Satellite and Online were promised last week Saturday of the imminent launch of Radio Biafra on shortwave (SW) AM frequency and also the inaugural launch of its television platform, where not disappointed as the Director who had never left his promises unfulfilled when he announced the rebirth of Radio Biafra on shortwave and its Biafra Television which shall be airing on satellite.

The joys of the listeners were felt during call-ins after the News headlines and analysis which the Director had became an expert in. Callers who were opportune and lucky to call across from all over the world expressed their joy and thanked the Director for keeping to his promise and for spearheading the restoration of the Republic of Biafra. They also thanked the IPOB worldwide for their love for their people. 

On a visit to the Director Nnamdi Kanu's Facebook page, commentators on his recent post about the launch of their Radio on shortwave on Facebook were not left out with excitement as they also commented positively on his achievements so far as the Leader of IPOB worldwide. One Abuchi Eze commented thus; My director u are the man I love u sir long leave IPOB world wide. And as this writer was putting this piece of news down, 280 comments had already been commented with positive remarks, and 808 people had already shared his post as below:

Director's Post on Facebook

Director of Radio Biafra
Message from our Engineers
New TV (Video) channel called “BIAFRA TELEVISION” on our Yamal-402 DTH Platform:
Frequency: 11045MHz
Pol: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 40MSym
Service ID: 5
Currently it will be showing colour bars and test tone. Please confirm that you are seeing these pictures and sound. All liars, looters, child rapists, thieving politicians, Police and Army civilian killers must run to their private jets now and leave because the end of the Zoo has come”
Another post concerning the launch of the radio on shortwave from his Facebook page reads;
“The launch of Radio Biafra AM (Shortwave) Frequency is imminent. This means that everybody in the Zoo,
Africa and entire Southern Hemisphere can receive Radio Biafra on their transistor radio from 7 PM tonight on 15560 kHz 19 Meter Band. When we told Buhari, NBC and Okoroawusa that they will never win this media battle we meant it.

The Zoo must fall !!!!!”

Chinwe Korie.

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