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Sunday 30 August 2015

NO NO NO We Biafrans Are Not And Were Never Ever Nigerians, But Were Forced By The Satan - Fredrick Lugard In 1914

This article is being published with the consent of the original writer - Ghettoman. His numerous Reggae music has aided tremendously in the propagation of the restoration of Biafra via his musics. The article below is an excerpt of his response to one of his fans with regards to his defined stand on the restoration of Biafra, his fatherland!!    


Greetings Brother Onipaa Jaisu!
I,m writing this as a reply to what you sent to our Music Page.
You have said it well and your contribution is respected but please, you must allow me and others to struggle for our Liberation. And you must wake up from your slumber. ( I have seen many of your comments chasing my Posts but i purposely skipped them. Listen: 1st point is, We Biafrans are not and were never ever Nigerians NO NO NO. That we travel or do whatever we did or doing with Nigeria(Doc) is because we were forced in the Year 1914 by Fredrick Satan Luguard.and we are still being forced till date to use their relevant Documents. Since 1945 till date Millions of Biafrans/Igbos have been Massacred and have always been the victims in your so called Nigeria. Nigeria belongs to Hausa People not even to Yorubas. Yorubas must wake up and search for their own Nation.They can`t be Boy Boy forever.

Are you blind that you can not see how your people are being massacred? Are you deaf that you can not hear the Cry of the Sufferers? Well, you are my Elder and i must respect you but please do not project yourself with your so called Nigeria mentality. Many of my uncles, aunties and other relatives were Killed during the War. My Father was a Millionaire before the genocide (Biafra War). If really we were one, how come all the millions my father had in the Bank of Nigeria, only 20 Pounds was given to him after the War? About four or more of my Father`s houses were confiscated in Ugwuocha (Port Harcourt). My Father lived many years in Benue State Oturkpo and Makurdi where He Built many houses too even before he built the one we lived in. Today all were taken by your so called Nigerians.

Please, let us be truthful to ourselves. The Country where you are living today are made up of 8.5 Million people and you are living very happy and stress free there. Everything is well organized. In the year 1967 Biafra had a total population of 14 Million people, and still they were not allowed for self determination. Look:-- today 45 years after the genocide, Biafra has 32 to 36 Million people. And still all the problems that brought the war in the past 45 years have been discussed. WE are Biafrans. We are not and were never Nigerians. Nigerians are people from different countries like Chad, Niger, Cameroon, Mali, Ghana, etc. There is no place in the World i have seen such amount of Hatred as it is in Nigeria against Black Jews (Biafrans)

Please, how can you call someone who killed your fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, uncles, aunties and in fact even animals in Biafra land a brother? Please, big brother! make more research before you talk. I,m not talking what i do not know but rather I,m talking from facts and realities that the so called Nigerians hate us like (Hitler hated the Jews). May I implore you to watch this video, That time, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Gen, Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi Ironsi (Igbos/Biafrans) were still struggling to keep Nigeria as one nation. Can you watch and listen to that elderly Northern elite/their Spiritual Leader? There are many more disturbing speeches more than this even recently another speech was made by Anuofia Coomasie saying that if Igbos try to secceed again, they will exterminate them all. Watch how they rant up and down about Radio Biafra while they commissioned Arewa24 and so many other Ethnic/Private Radios and TVs. Why are they then against us?

Please, stop fighting against Biafra/Biafrans because Biafra is a living righteous Spirit on earth, She is not just a Country, she is a Kingdom of God. Hausas hate us, Yorubas hate us,Tivs hate us. In fact all of them hate us simply because they say "we are very Intelligent", wise,hardworking and brilliant. Did we create ourselves? We built Nigeria, we developed Nigeria as it is today. Tell me that city or town in Nigeria that has been developed without the help of Igbo business men and women? Still they hate us, killing us everyday everywhere. Is it by force to be together as a nation? You mentioned Austria, good, What do you know about the history of Austria? In the 18th century, Austria were together with Italy,Slovenia,Hungary, Bulgaria, West Poland, Yugoslavia, Belgium,Netherlands and many more countries. How come they are just 8.5 Million today? In 1848 the Hungarian revolutionaries started to agitate for their self determination which finally led to the break up of all other countries you see or hear about today.

You can also read about Liechtenstein who were lately freed by Austria government. They are made up of a total of five hundred thousand people as a country. Now how come you are still blind? Wake up from your slumber. Biafran born children can not go to School and study. Even many of our women are forced into prostitution to make ends meet. Many of our young men are in prison all over the world. Some are struggling to make it or die while trying. A young Biafran was recently murdered by the Police in the same country you live. What was his offence? I,m very sad to hear any real Igbo/Biafra blood talking or reasoning like you. Thank you. Biafra Freedom is what we Need Now -

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