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Monday 10 August 2015

Nigeria: The Colonial Edifice of Plunder and Genocide

A Plea for the Restoration of Biafra
Only those with ulterior motives insist on keeping Nigeria one because the basis for such a union has been a ruse based in the oil fields of the Southeastern Ibo region of Nigeria— henceforth Biafra—and in the interest of the British. Nigeria exists at the peril of Biafra. For one hundred years, the Biafrans have been the victims of this wicked edifice orchestrated by the British for naked plunder.

Frederick Luggard, the soldier of fortune who forged Nigeria by subterfuge was fully conscious of his fraud especially against the Biafrans when he said that the constituent nations of Nigeria “are like oil and water that can never mix.”

The first Prime Minister of Nigeria, echoed the thinking of every sensible victim of one Nigeria since its inception when he said that: “Since 1914, the British Government has been trying to make Nigeria into one country, but the Nigerian people themselves are historically different in their backgrounds, in their religious beliefs and customs and do not show themselves any signs of willingness to unite … Nigerian unity is only a British invention” – Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.

Obafemi Awolowo, the foremost leader of the Yoruba in the Southwest infamously described
Nigeria not as a nation, but a mere “geographical expression.”

Now watch the most respected leader of Northern Nigeria, the Sarduana of Sokoto, Ahmadou Bello, in this YouTube video elevating his hatred of the Ibos (Biafrans) to a standing policy of the North; a tradition which they, in collusion with the Southwest Yoruba have continued to date.

Apparently, the Hausa-Fulani with their Yoruba collaborators want Biafra for her oil, but are morbidly terrified that a free Biafra may accomplish more; pursue her God given destiny; and perhaps jettison the colonial apparatus of death, plunder and distortion. The reason that these vagabonds are not pursuing their own natural path is beyond contrived. They use the revenue generated from the oil fields of Biafra to curry favors around the world; to consolidate their tyrannical powers; and seek to repress and destroy the Biafrans.

Only Biafrans ironically have honestly demonstrated the spirit of oneness and nation building by leading the nationalist movement for self-governance; giving Nigeria a second chance after a genocidal war of extermination; living, building, establishing businesses, and developing the other sections of the country in good faith; whereas the Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba contemptuously hardly ever build anything in Biafraland; instead they target the Biafrans

investments in their respective domains for destruction and looting at the slightest provocation—imagined or real.

Recently for instance, the Oba of Lagos, one of the most respected Monarchs in Yorubaland, threatened to drown the Biafrans residing trustfully among the Yorubas in the sea if they failed to vote for his choice gubernatorial candidate. His candidate eventually won and arbitrarily proceeded to demolish Ladipo Market—a Biafran auto spare parts market—without prior warning or access for the store owners to secure their goods. Watch the
threat: and

Every human spirit has a breaking point. The Islamic Daesh (ISIS) no doubt did not emerge from a vacuum. The hatred and enmity between the Sunnis and the Shiites is irreconcilable. This conflict is amplified and exacerbated unintentionally by the Western presumptuousness of foisting unnatural relationships among divergent peoples by sheer military might, and imposing rivals as leaders over handpicked losers, determined by exogenous forces; and consequently spawning a tsunami of unforeseeable reactions such as the rage known today as ISIS. That rage then, is fueled, albeit misguidedly, with the potent opiate of the masses—religion. The
rest is history.

But I doubt very strongly though that the Sunnis of Iraq were nearly as violated, killed, subjugated, emasculated, plundered, exploited, and humiliated to the extent that the Biafrans are.

In the 1800’s Britain came to Biafraland to trade palm oil, but ended up with her sovereignty. The 3000 years plus civilization was arrested and her history stolen, yet her spirit thrives. Biafra was expunged from the map, and Nigeria, a name forged by Luggard’s drunken wife, superimposed in its place in 1914.

Nigeria has been a disaster from inception. Yet the world pretends not to notice because the British with her media preponderance and imperialism manipulates the Nigerian story. Blinded with unjust gains, corruption and impunity, the Nigerian puppet actors and the entire polity have wholly and completely lost their compass.

Following the northern secessionist counter coup which brought Yakubu Gowon to power in
1966, the Nigeria State unleashed a Pogrom against the Biafrans, chanting “Araba!“—meaning secession— because they resented the idea of Nigeria with more educated Biafrans in positions they would rather occupy. Entire congregations of Christian worshippers were bolted in from Church exteriors and set ablaze. Unborn babies were daggered out of their mother’s womb in the most chilling display of wickedness. Many were decapitated and dismembered. About three hundred thousand Biafrans were violently murdered by Muslim mobs and Nigerian soldiers.

Note that the current president is one of the ringleaders of this massacre.

Yakubu Gowon then stated unequivocally that “there was no basis for Nigeria’s unity.” That remains the truth because Nigeria violates every intellectual ingredient in the definition of a nation. The component parts diverge embarrassingly in almost everything including: language, belief, culture, tradition, history, ancestry, food, clothing, world views, attitudes, physical appearance, and aspirations etc. But Nigeria, having listened so much to the lies by Britain, delusively anticipates that the oil in Biafraland will emulsify her insoluble counterparts.

Because of the exigency imposed by the pogrom, the leader of Biafra General Ojukwu recalled Biafrans to their homeland as he should. In search of a sensible solution, and to end the series of senseless massacres of Biafrans by the Mohamedan puppets of Britain since 1945, a meeting was convened at Aburi, in Ghana on January 4 and 5, 1967. Solutions were found. Agreements were signed. Parties ate and drank in the spirit of reconciliation and resolution. (Please see video of the mood after the Aburi agreements at

On return to Nigeria however—it is widely known that the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, a suspected KGB agent, frowned heavily at the Aburi Accords to adopt a confederacy as the only viable solution to the incessant killing of Biafrans (and apparent clash of civilizations)— Gowon, suddenly shrouded in arrogance and disdain; now bloated by British luring and assurance of full political and military back up; and goaded by the fantasy of oil wealth, then, made the most deadly volte face in the history of mankind.

Every manner of lies and propaganda then were conjured up to justify his treachery. There and then Nigeria lost the moral justification and legitimacy to rule over the people of Biafra forever. These lies, I hasten to add, have been pandered so much that the purveyors not only believe themselves; but they also have lost the capacity to repent thereof. Even wretched people that gain nothing fantasize about oil rather than seeking their own self-determination and freedom from the insoluble satanic contraption.

With no other choice left, Ojukwu declared the Sovereignty of Biafra ostensibly to defend his people, their land, their women, their children, their way of life, their faith, and everything that Biafrans held together as a family because hundreds of thousands of Biafrans had already been senselessly mutilated, brutalized and murdered in the Northern and Southwestern parts of Nigeria with the government consent and collusion. Nigeria’s narrative to date is that the Biafrans wanted to keep the oil. What rubbish. Now you see their obsession.

Like maniacs, Nigeria aggressively—but not without full assistance and oversupply of military armaments by Britain, who nefariously championed a campaign of calumny against Biafra and influenced other world powers including former USSR, now Russia, Arab League, Organization of African Unity (OAU), Spain, United States, and even the United Nations of whom  Britain prevailed upon to block every attempt by Biafra to present her case against Nigeria—

unleashed a Genocidal war on a wounded people who had been unjustly battered and terrorized for being enlightened, and hardworking within the framework of ONE Nigeria and for seemingly standing between Britain and oil plunder.

Notice, as Nnamdi Kanu, the leader and director of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Radio Biafra correctly observed that for the first and only time in world history, the forces of Eastern Communism and Western Capitalism converged to crush a small bleeding Black nation.  Perhaps, the Harold Wilson ‘KGB’ scandal may help shed some light on this paradox.

I must interject also, that Britain’s rejection of Aburi Accord to adopt a confederacy as the only viable panacea to ending the massacres without tearing the contraption into pieces reinforces her intent, ab initio, in the formation of Nigeria. Britain designed this devilish contraption for the exacerbation of plunder and to stifle dissent, and mask the truth about Biafra, who she is and where she comes from. All Britain wanted, still wants, and have always wanted is a
mechanism to reach and exploit the oil fields of Biafra and to destroy the people of Biafra at all cost; nothing more, nothing less. Britain intends to commit genocide against Biafra again using Islamic Jihadists and dictators as the puppet apparatus.

As the war ensued, millions of Biafran infants, children, women, and elderly were starved and bombed indiscriminately to death. The war tactics of Nigeria had all the earmarks of British war stratagem especially the Second Anglo--Boer War in South Africa. While Britain enforced a land, sea, and air blockade of Biafra, Egyptian mercenary piloting Russian supplied jet
bombers bombed the markets, schools, hospitals, churches, farm lands, refugee camps, and residential areas in violation of Geneva Convention war protocols. More than 3.5 Million Biafrans were killed according to British reporters, but because of the British colonial antecedents: habitual falsification of numbers, and historical hatred of the Biafrans, it is believed that up to 6 million Biafrans, mostly women, children and elderly were murdered. The nation of Biafra then fell into a coma.

Before I proceed, please what is the likelihood of asking the Jews to unite with the Nazi’s that committed a holocaust on them? But that is what the world unthinkingly expects from the Biafrans, to live side by side with Nigerian Muslims whose deep thirst for blood knows no bound, and runs entirely counter to the Biafrans’ republican and Christian way of life.

For the first time in contemporary history, 3.5 million people died without a UN fact finding inquiry, war crimes investigation, or any talk of referendum to find a democratic solution to resolve the conflict in brazen violation of international law and the essence of United Nations. Biafra was gang bullied into subservience by the world, yet it held out for 3 years fighting with bare hands and improvised as well as captured weapons from the battlefield.

Overwhelmed by the world’s injustice, Biafra sheaths the sword on January 15, 1970 that she may fight another day. For her part, Nigeria promised reconciliation, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of the Biafrans. But it has since perfected its hatred, disdain, exploitation,

wickedness, and marginalization of the Biafrans as punishment for daring to free itself from the stranglehold of death. All the conditions that caused the war, painfully, are still prevalent to date. In pretext of seeking arms to fight Boko Haram, General Buhari is desperately seeking arms to brutally Islamize Biafra. Please read the former
article. or

Time has fully unmasked all the lies and conjectures by Nigeria to justify her crime against Biafra. Alas, Biafra’s late leader General Chukwuemeka Ojukwu has been vindicated. Nigeria never fought for unity. Rather, it waged a war of aggression and recolonization to seize Biafra’s oil fields. Today, 95% of all the oil blocks in Biafraland are owned and controlled by the Mohamedan puppets of Britain. Pipes were laid underground soon after the war from Biafra oil fields in the Southeast, to Kaduna refinery in the far north—about 1000 miles away from source—thus, defying all economic logic and letting you glean into the parochial mindset of Northern Nigeria, and the sole reason it waged this war; yet promises to wage another if Biafra errs.

Let’s pretend for a second that the ‘unity’ narrative was believable, it would still be the worst crime against humanity to kill people and force them into any union let alone one you never intended to build; or a union solely for economic interest. That, by every stretch of the imagination is bloody rape. “No war no matter how desirable for the purpose of keeping a
nation together [for the sake of togetherness] is justifiable.” Nigeria mercilessly violated Biafra’s inalienable right to choose her destiny. And citing US civil war as precedent is disingenuous because the United States honestly fought for a noble cause: to end slavery, to leave no room for British meddling between the North and the South of USA, and in pursuit of a more perfect union indeed and in truth. That journey to perfection has continued assiduously to date.

On the other hand, contrary to the spirit of unity, but obsesses with greed, hatred, and jealousy, Nigeria confiscated all the wealth of Biafrans, their landed properties, businesses, and bank accounts and gave every adult male exactly £20.00 ($20.00) to start life anew.  No remedy or compensation has ever been contemplated by the “unity” warriors. Thousands of Biafra refugees in the surrounding countries were never reabsorbed to date. No memorial or burial ground was built in memory of the dead. Evidently, in Nigeria’s mind, they died in vain.

In 2014, the Indigenous People of Biafra built a cenotaph in memory of the genocide and fallen heroes. But the Nigerian police like the monsters that they are, went and demolished it. The story of the war is not thought in schools. Clearly you have no remorse. You’ve clung unto lies, instead of healing. Thus, you fought out of sheer wickedness to commandeer Biafra’s oil fields…. But little do you know that you also sealed your doom.

Further, Nigeria systematically destroyed the Biafran markets, schools, education system, industries, and entire infrastructure, and thus forced an exodus of the Biafrans from their

blessed land in search of livelihood and to escape persecution. Today, they are scattered all over the world. The Biafrans left the oil for them, left their homelands, let them monopolize the government, and even kept silent as they are impoverished, marginalized and disenfranchised, yet the killings by Muslims have continued unabated.

The Biafrans were schemed out of civil service and every other sensitive instrument of the government. Unqualified Hausa Fulani and Yoruba peoples took the jobs. I don’t mind that they took the jobs, but mediocrity, nepotism, corruption, lawlessness, and ineptitude became the order. It is no secret today that a menacing unqualified semi illiterate genocidist who has no high school certificate is the current president.

The Nigerian Muslims, by and large, are the most blood thirsty and the worst of its kind on
earth because they kill, and kill, and kill, and get very creative at killing, relish every opportunity to kill, and then go free incessantly. For every perceived insult against Islam anywhere in the world, the Christian Biafrans pay a heavy price: usually death by massacre, church burning
and looting of Biafra businesses. For example, in 2002, the Muslims were enraged that the
Miss World Pageant would be hosted in Nigeria. Addressing the brouhaha, a young Journalism intern Isioma Daniels in an attempt to lighten the mood of the angry Muslims playfully suggested that Mohammed would probably have chosen a wife from one of beauty
contestants. All hell broke loose.

Four Hundred Christian Biafrans were slaughtered, 11,000 displaced, over 1000 hospitalized. The newspaper (ThisDay) that carried the joke was burned to ashes despite front page apologies to the Muslims. A fatwa was issued by the deputy governor of Zamfara State to kill Miss Daniels. She fled to Europe ever since. Please see

Another example in the seventy long years of such incidents is the Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed as a terrorist in 2005. More than one hundred Biafrans were slaughtered, and many churches burned to their foundation. You know… the Biafrans are seen as the closest to Western civilization which the Muslims are indoctrinated to abhor.

But, why should Miss Isioma Daniels endure such a wicked country that has no capacity to protect her precious life?  Now imagine sixty million Isioma Daniels being told by the West to respect the territorial integrity and indivisibility of Nigeria in the face of existential threats. What arrant nonsense.

The Boko Haram terrorist ideology is a consistent part and parcel of the cultural attitude of Northern Nigeria. That is why Boko Haram which means “Western Education is sin,” never stops targeting the Biafrans. But the syndicated “duplicitous and conspiratorial” media masterminded by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the Yoruba owned media outlets, and Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC)—because they all fear for loss of oil should

Biafra restore her sovereignty—report vaguely and vacuously to the point of criminality so that no one understands who the victims truly are or exactly what transpired in any given situation.

Most editorials are skewed to preserve the status quo. Also, Nigeria is in the habit of lying about everything especially the number of people killed in any given massacre by Muslims. The perpetrators of these heinous crimes distressingly, are never prosecuted, or brought to
justice. For instance, the former Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria and current Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi presided over a mob beheading of a Biafran, named Gideon Akaluka
on some trumped up charge of desecrating the Koran. Sanusi has since received great honors, rewards, and promotions. See beheading-of-akaluka-group-to-drag-sanusi-to-national-conference/

Justice is ostensibly elusive whenever the victims are Biafrans. And the world has become desensitized to the number of killings executed daily especially by Northern Nigerians including Boko Haram and other nameless Almajiri (illiterate Muslim wanderers) factions in Nigeria.

Contrary to the media impressions, more people have been killed in Nigeria by Boko Haram, than ISIS executions, Al Qaeda and Hamas operations combined. According to, over 13,000 people have been killed by Boko Haram, but keep in mind that the number of deaths are usually three to five times more than the number officially reported, and many incidents go completely unreported given the climate of incompetent, corrupt, and criminal press corps who distort reports to confound the impoverished masses and the world at large. BBC has taught NBC well. For example, when you hear religious and sectarian violence, it really means that the Christians, usually the Biafrans are under attack by the Muslims. Beware.

If you went to explore Nigeria today, you would find mass impoverishment; deprivation; 90-
95% youth unemployment; dilapidated and inefficient hospitals; death roads; most pastors are wolves and sheep clothing, and robbers; distressed education system; student prostituting for grades; female bank workers sent out to prostitute for new accounts; widespread violent cultism in higher institutions; corruption at all levels of society; sale of human body parts; baby factories, human sacrifices and ritual killings; human organs harvesting and exportation; sex trafficking; no electricity, no portable water; fuel scarcity despite Biafra’s gas, crude oil, and coal resources; rampant armed robbery and kidnapping; drug running; oil bunkering; standing military and police in peace time mounting road blocks, harassing civilians especially the Biafrans; extra judicial killings, and constant extortion of money from Biafrans despite absence of war; official graft; election rigging; political thuggery and executions; worthless and corrupt press; and many more vices. The oil sector is the most corrupt in the world because scavengers make a lot of mess.

Bear with me. The police and army are full of illiterate murderers; while the courts are full of criminals who take bribe before seating in judgment. Thus, there is no justice in the land as

cases are adjourned repeatedly until justice is subverted. Monies for infrastructural development are swindled away to foreign banks, especially the UK and US by presidents, governors, and 99% of top government officials. Most past governors graduate to the senate and make laws to grant themselves fat salaries and immunity from prosecution. The Nigerian legislators are the highest paid on earth. Yet the masses live in crippling poverty; with epidemic road accidents; gas tanker trucks frequently exploding in densely populated areas. The biggest criminals are the most celebrated and are above the law. The poor masses are rendered impotent due to constant intimidation and brandishing of AK47 riffles which the “security
forces” use frequently with no accountability on unarmed poor citizens. Hopelessness and destitution pervades the land.

I crave your indulgence. Death lurks around; a multitude of Biafran youths are dying trekking across the Sahara desert while others drown in the oceans all to emigrate to Europe and elsewhere in search of greener pastures; Boko Haram and other AK47 wielding Muslims kill and rape scores of innocent victims daily; the seaports, customs and post office are full of thieves and are notorious all over the world; most private shipping agents won’t ship to Nigeria; your money is not safe as most top bankers are fraudsters; inordinate number of daily deaths; the most wicked country on earth; the court and police work mostly for themselves, criminals, the rich and powerful; the innocent are killed or jailed while the guilty are set free to receive accolades and promotions. The Hausa Muslims defend their criminals, the Yoruba promote their criminals, and both target the Ibo criminals who are then made the scape goats unless they betray and sabotage the Biafrans. Only the Biafran traitors in most cases are legible to play in the Nigerian Ponzi; the ruling criminals refuse to lets go. Obasanjo has ruled twice and so is Mohammadu Buhari—the Islamic extremist septuagenarian—both of whom are
fraudsters and genocidists as are all the other presidents since 1966.  And you say where am I
going with all these? Well, nowhere.

If you haven’t gotten the picture, then I will save you the trouble. Nigeria is the domain of Satan. It is the Infernal Colony of the “great” dragon.  ...All these to encapsulate Biafra? Not in a billion years. Not unless Chiukwu Abiama, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the God of Gad; the father of Eri; and the father of Biafra is dead. Yet the Biafrans will arise and defeat
this hydra headed behemoth with the help of Chiukwu Abiama and all decent and moral people all over the world.

But my soul hurts deeply that this irredeemable citadel of evil is the reason that 3.5 plus million
Biafrans, mostly children and their mothers were killed; to keep this pit latrine of the earth
afloat. Are you telling me that those 3.5 - 6 million Biafrans died in vain, and yet still dying?  Oh that darkness may reign should you remain silent further.

But having spilled the blood of over 3.5 million Biafrans and counting, in this demonic quest for a baseless “territorial integrity,” it would be extremely unconscionable for the world to remain silent, yet again, as the Muslims seek to slaughter Biafrans a second time with the tacit support

of Britain. Britain and Nigeria have a satanic hatred for the Biafrans and seek to covet her resources on the one hand, and overtake her for Islamic expansionism on the other, as the West gloats for plunder and “free for all oil.” Does the creed of liberty and inalienable rights apply to the lives of Black Biafrans in Africa?

All that Biafra wants is to be left alone. Let this wicked and evil contraption disband without further delay and loss of lives. Only a suicidal people will negotiate with those implacably committed to their destruction. Traitors may come and go, but Biafrans will never negotiate the absolute restoration of their independence and sovereignty.  I pray that it is done peacefully. Otherwise, it may cost millions of more lives unless men and women with character and courage arise and say enough is enough. No more killing! To hell with Nigeria! It is not and will never be a country or nation! I am not and will never be a Nigerian!

Britain still insists on keeping Nigeria one in the face of the growing existential threat posed by radical Islam, Boko Haram terrorism and global jihadism while simultaneously invoking Falkland’s—a small Island in the coast of Argentina with a population of mere three thousand citizens—United Nations protected rights to self-determination.

A few months ago, Britain used a referendum to determine Scotland’s —with population of five million people— quest to secede from the United Kingdom after four hundred years of voluntary union without once mentioning the territorial integrity of Britain.

Now, she wishes to extricate herself from European Union in the interest of British self- determination. But Nigeria that was fraudulently established on a thin ice in the last century is reminded daily about the inviolability of her territorial integrity. Apparently, 3000 whites that are not aborigines of Falkland can secede, but 60 million black aborigines of the 3000 year old republic cannot, because Britain forced her into a sadistic marriage for British plunder and pleasure.

Perhaps Africans are less human from the British view point. But permit me to say unequivocally that the Biafrans have had enough of the insult, humiliation, disdain, calumny, racism, exploitation, plunder, hatred for no just cause, condescension, injustice, and death by the British government. Please tell the world what the Biafrans—who attend your Anglican Church, of which the Queen of England is head—did to warrant your hatred to such an extent that you sadistically interlocked them with murderous Muslims to plunder and destroy them, even as they pray for your queen and tithe to your Church.

And does the United States and Britain truly believe that two competing ideologies, cultures, world views, polar religions, and constitutions can survive in one state? Why do you, intentionally or inadvertently, instigate genocide? How can the Muslim North be using Sharia in a supposedly secular state, clamoring for sharia via Boko Haram, even though sharia already
is the law of the Northern States?

The current President Buhari and all the Muslims in Nigeria have expressed their wish to dip the Koran in the Atlantic Ocean, while USA and UK leaders are telling the fatal marriage to remain territorially sanctimonious. Are you suggesting that these virulent brand of Muslims who have exceedingly demonstrated their thirst for blood and the never ending cycle of massacres of the Biafrans…; are you saying that the Biafrans should wait and see? If you think that ISIS is bad, then continue promoting the corked rage of 100 years of suppression and compression to explode.

Finally, if the Nigeria Muslims love Sharia law so much, and they do; if they prefer strict Sharia law to the already Islamic laced secular Constitution of Nigeria, and they prefer; and if they refuse to separate from the “infidels” in order to establish a more perfect Sharia nation, yet they refuse, then, it follows logically that they intend to Islamize Biafra --not that it’s a secret— because Jihad is the creed and modus operandi of Islam. Why do they need predominantly Christian Biafrans that they share absolutely nothing in common with?  Therein lies the
irreconcilable antagonism. They shall remain predators until the end of time. Clearly then, they are in it to kill, ambush, destroy, and to plunder. Resolve to be silent no more.

Between Britain and her Nigerian Muslim puppets is a discordant double coincidence of wants. Each of their goals overlaps yet perfectly synchronizes, albeit mysteriously, as both seek to fulfill their diabolic schemes at the peril of Biafra and Biafrans.

USA judged correctly to not sell arms to Nigeria because of her wicked use of such arms to abuse and terrorize the people they rule over in respect of the US Leahy Law. Will you also not arm Biafra to defend herself against this blood bathing leviathan?

The United States, United Nations, and especially Britain, shall remain culpable in the Biafra Genocide until men and women of honor stand erect and condemn the wicked act; until men and women with fortitude call for the prosecution of these war criminals and mass murderers, one of whom was recently invited and celebrated at the White House; until Biafra’s Sovereignty is absolutely and unconditionally restored; and until justice is served.

 Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak.
                                                           Not to act is to act.

By Ndubuisi Anukwuem
Political Consultant
Follow him at twitter: Insearch Justice@BsuBoss
 Contact: [email protected]


  1. All the things said here are perfectly coewrect!
    I thank the editor, writer for illuminating us

  2. All the things said here are perfectly correct!
    I thank the editor, writer for illuminating us on the issue.


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