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Wednesday 5 August 2015

MI5 British Secret Service, MI6 Penetrates Buhari’s Government

MI5, the secret service responsible for protecting the United Kingdom against threats to national security may have penetrated the Buhari administration working under the cover of top British-owned consulting firm, Africa Matters Ltd, BREAKING TIMES gathered on Tuesday.

An informed security source who spoke to BREAKING TIMES on Tuesday on condition of anonymity disclosed that Africa Matters Ltd surreptitiously conducts soft espionage activities for the British Government.

Africa Matters Ltd prides itself as a company devoted to assisting “private sector clients across multiple industries to make sustainable investments across Africa, as well as offer assistance to African governments in attracting vital foreign direct investments in to their countries”, according to a profile on its official website.

Sitting at the head of the organisation as Founder and Chairman is Baroness Lynda Chalker a former member of the Lower and Upper Houses of the UK Parliament for over forty years. Between 1986 and 1997, Chalker was Minister of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, holding responsibility for Africa and the Commonwealth and for Overseas Development.

Chalker would pass for a Nigerian if any British citizen could. She had been working for the governments here for the past 26 years. And she can also qualify as an African. With her considerable experience of African cultures and relationships, and of the numerous business and development issues crucial to Africa, Chalker supports the work of AML, providing leadership and political insights. She was the co-coordinator of the Honorary International Investment Council, first for President Olusegun Obasanjo, and later for the late President Umaru Yar ‘Adua. She is a member of both the Tanzanian and Ugandan Investment Roundtables and the Kenyan Economic and Social Council. South Africa is not left out of her itinerary, as well as Ethiopia.
Chalker’s new responsibility on behalf of the British government is to “keep potential African superpowers like Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, under close watch”, a security source informed BREAKING TIMES.

“What they do is mask their espionage activities for the British government’s MI5 with ‘private sector and governance support for African countries’. But what they actually do is to spy on foreign Governments on behalf of Britain. The arrowhead of their public relations agenda is a very charismatic MI5 undercover agent known as Imad Mesdoua. His job is to penetrate African nations where he has been assigned to carry out his job forging relationships with influential young people, civil society organisations, business professionals and politicians. If you study Imad very well, you will see that his conduct in the social media appears very friendly especially when interacting with unsuspecting targets”, the source disclosed.

Independent investigations by BREAKING TIMES reveal that in May 2013, Imad testified before the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Commission on Instability in the Maghreb, Sahel and West Africa. Imad who is fluent in Arabic, French, English and Spanish has lived in a number of African countries, and has traveled extensively in the regions he specialises in.

On July 24, 2015, Imad accompanied Baroness Chalker on a working visit to the Aso Rock Presidential Villa to a meeting with President Buhari. Chalker who Sam Nda Isaiah, a former presidential aspirant of Nigeria’s ruling APC once described as a woman who “made a profitable career in insulting the sensibilities of Nigerians” reportedly discussed matters around Nigeria’s foreign and economic policy with President Buhari.

It is not immediately clear the details of that meeting, but reports suggest that President Buhari may have inadvertently exposed the Nigerian government to undercover secret agents working for the British government.

Along with the threat of the possible security risks that come with the Chalker visit is the challenge of unreliable security and personal aides to President Buhari who sources say may have created a ‘leaking channel’ at the Presidential villa divulging state secrets as often as convenient.

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