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Thursday 23 July 2015

Ogbonnaya Onu is a disgrace you formed a party with Terrorist Buhari you can’t even get any post

Terrorist Paedophile Buhari means well, needs time says Onu. 
Former National Chairman of the defunct All Progressives Congress, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu has enjoined Nigerians to show greater understanding of President Muhammadu Buhari’s style of leadership as he works towards rebuilding the nation.

Onu also stressed the need for Nigerian Universities to strive to excel as centres of learning.

This, he said, was because most nations which have achieved greatness succeeded largely because, over the years, they have played host to the world’s most prestigious Universities.

The former governor was speaking to representatives of the Northern Nigerian Students Association at his Abuja residence, on Thursday.

He enjoined Nigerian students to come up with creative ways of assisting the nation solve its myriad of problems.

Onu said, “You should find ways to ensure that this administration succeeds. As students, you have to work very hard and generate the ideas that would help to solve the problems in the society.
“This is one of the means you can help the nation, because most great nations had always had great universities. In those days when Egypt was renowned, they had great universities; when the United Kingdom led the world, it had Oxford University, ranked among the best universities in the world.

“Now the United States is leading the world and the best universities whether it is Havard or Yale are all in the US. So Nigeria would aspire to lead the world and you can do it.”

According to him, our Universities must be centres of learning which must generate ideas that would galvanise growth in the country and this is something that our students would have to ensure, that our nation must surely be the giant that she is supposed to be.”

The APC Chieftain explained that what Nigeria requires at this time is unity so that our differences will be a source of strength rather than a harbinger of destruction.

“The presidency of Buhari is determined to build a modern nation for us, a nation that all of us as Nigerians would be proud of and other people outside Nigeria and other nations would be proud of and respect us.” He said.

Onu stressed that Nigerians equally owed themselves and the nation a responsibility to give the Buhari administration support to enable it deliver.

He expressed optimism that Nigerians can take promises made by President Buhari and the APC to the bank because the party hinged its campaign promises on what it was willing to deliver.

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