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Wednesday 29 July 2015

Inviting a War Criminal, Terrorist, and Negotiator of Boko Haram to the White House

Terrorists in chief  Buhari has a long and indelible history of ruthlessness, nepotism, entitlement, and tyranny. Having very limited education—because he has no proof that he has ever attended any higher or military institution—it is no surprise then, that he has always resorted to intimidation and violence to achieve his political goals, as he has consistently demonstrated throughout his career. I regret that it would be impossible to aggregate this septuagenarian’s history of atrocities in such a limited space, but I will attempt however to strip some wool off the visiting wolf.
His reign of terror didn’t start when he overthrew a democratically elected government in 1983 and ruled arbitrarily: killing, censoring, and rampant human rights violations in fragrant display of lawlessness; rather, it started with the Biafra genocide in 1967-1970.
As he called for Sharia in all the states of Nigeria in 2001, Buhari said, quote “God willing, Sharia will be [imposed] in all parts of Nigeria” ( He has since denied any intention to spread Sharia across Nigeria while on campaign trail. Today however, the entire Northern States of Nigeria are under Sharia Law with his tacit support.

Buhari had contested four presidential elections consecutively since 2003 and failed woefully in the previous three. Each time he lost, he inspired riots and senseless killings.  His supporters (mostly illiterate nomads) are usually primed and explosive prior to each election. Had the last election come out differently, Nigeria would have bled to its own death.  After losing in 2011 presidential elections, he incited his supporters to unleash mayhem on the winning party.  About one thousand people were brutally murdered and over seventy thousand displaced consequently.

He has since been charged with crimes against humanity for inciting riots at the International Criminal Court. He did not condemn the violence and continued to rain threats leading up to 2015 elections. He said, quote ““If what happened in 2011 [elections] should happen again in 2015, [if he loses again] God willing, the dog and the baboon will be soaked in blood.” See

Contrary to the rules of the election, Buhari floutingly contested even though he failed to provide the minimum academic prerequisite to be eligible.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, he refused to debate with the former president while insisting on

being the best candidate. The largely destitute and fear gripped masses acquiesced to avoid a senseless bloodbath by any attempt to disqualify the apparently unqualified candidate. Suffice it to say that violence or the threat thereof is always on the table when dealing with Buhari.
The Boko Haram Terrorist Organization came about as an insurgent group in response to the perceived loss of political power by the predominantly Muslim north during the Obasanjo regime—a southwestern Christian. Since then, it has
metamorphosed into a most extreme terrorist organization. They once selected Buhari as their trusted negotiator. He has recently addressed these murderers as “his Brothers,” while expressing his willingness to negotiate and grant Boko  Haram amnesty, albeit contrary to his campaign mantra of crushing them. Buhari, in one sentence, is the godfather who lost control of Boko Haram.

Before he threatened his way back to power, Buhari accused the former president of killing Boko Haram Terrorists and warned that, “An attack against Boko Haram is [tantamount to] an attack against the [Muslim]

Exactly 21 days in office, Mr. Buhari launched an aerial bombardment of the densely populated, oil rich creeks, at Ikot Obiokot, located in Akwaibom State, in Biafra—Southeast of Nigeria, by using “incendiary” Bombs for no apparent reason. Spurious charges such as kidnapping and oil theft were consecutively advanced by the Nigerian air force. 350 women and children were massacred. The Nigerian press attempted to diffuse and obfuscate the news about the senseless attacks with blatant lies and denials, but as the victims wailed and tweeted pictorial evidence, Radio Biafra—the Indigenous   People of Biafra’s point of conference, exposed and broadcasted the mayhem all over the world, and then, the bombing seized. No official explanation or investigation has taken place yet.

An aerial bombardment of an entire village on some baseless allegations and killing everyone at sight makes this man a recidivist genocidist. Many believed that it is revenge for the killing of Boko Haram Terrorists by the previous president who also comes from the napalmed area.

Buhari was elected on the premise of “Change” to clamp down on the Boko Haram Terrorists which, ironically, he helped found.
But his focus has since shifted to genocidal attacks for oil and covert Islamization agenda. To prove his intent, within the first thirty days in office, Buhari unilaterally transferred battle hardened Boko Haram Prisoners to the Southeastern States where they are not known to operate. The Biafrans learnt about the act, and shut down their markets in protest of the dangerous and insensitive policy of transplanting Boko Haram to the southeastern part of Nigeria.

The government claimed however that it was a containment strategy. One such transfer occurred at Ekwulobia Prison which only has a maximum capacity of eighty five inmates but had exceeded its capacity by fifty, before forty seven Boko Haram terrorists were added. To push his will, the city of Ekwulobia was disdainfully besieged with military Humvees, armored tanks, and excessive military personnel brandishing sophisticated weaponry to intimidate the defenseless residents.

Mohammadu Buhari and many of his peers still living, participated in the Biafra Genocide. No crime against humanity or War crime charges have ever been conducted in the aftermath of Biafra war partly because since the Nigerian State acted in British interest, Britain has continued to use its world power status to shield these war criminals from prosecution. For the first time in contemporary history, the United Nations and world powers have repeatedly frowned upon any inquest   into the massacre of over 3.5 million Biafrans for wanting to exercise their most fundamental right—the right to life, by cutting ties with those who are bent on wiping them out.

General Buhari unilaterally applied to upgrade Nigeria’s observer status at the Organization of Islamic Conference/Cooperation (OIC)—a body of Muslim states whose regional objective among many others, is to eliminate all non-Muslim faiths, especially the Christian faith—to full membership, albeit scornfully, as a former dictator. Nigeria therefore is a de facto rogue Islamic state even though the Christians arguably outnumber the Muslims.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) political party through which Buhari was elected bears a striking resemblance to the Muslim Brotherhood with ties to radical Islamic extremists, but far more potent in all its ramifications because whereas  the Muslim Brotherhood has been roundly rejected and outlawed in Egypt, the APC-Boko Haram-Islamic party has enjoyed Western support, and been empowered as Nigeria’s ruling party.

President Obama’s campaign machinery led by David Axelrod worked for, and helped elect APC, a party saturated with Islamic extremists, Boko Haram sponsors, fraudsters, and criminal minded politicians. One such person is a former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, who was listed by the CIA as an al Qaeda handler.

Clearly, this White House guest is one and the same with Boko Haram, only that he wishes to use the Northern dominated
military and state apparatus which are largely infiltrated with Boko Haram sympathizers and terrorists; and the pretext of Boko Haram “prison transfers” to transplant terrorists to “infidel regions” in pursuit of the same goals and aspirations as Boko Haram.

The agonizing question then is: why should the Western Powers allow this imminent and present danger of bloody Islamization to unravel, knowing that the aggression of radical Islamism and terrorism will only get worse especially in the absence of a countervailing power that is unencumbered with radical Islamic sentiments in the region, to checkmate it? Only Biafra indubitably has the existential imperative and the contrapositive ideology to defeat the marauding Islamic jihadists.
Whereas the Islamic countries are supporting, arming, aiding and abetting the Nigerian Muslims to Islamize Nigeria and gloat to inherit her vast oil reserves in Biafra as plunder; the so called Christian nations are either deliberately or inadvertently aiding the Muslims by their obsessive interest in keeping Nigeria as one, at the expense of the occupied and marginalized Biafrans, in order not to upset the flow of oil, or the oil cartel’s status quo. I shall explain further in part two of this article.
Finally, is it right for General Mohammadu Buhari, the sponsor and former negotiator of Boko Haram, an Islamic fundamentalist, a mass murderer, and a genocidist to be allowed to bring his unrepentantly bloody feet to the White House? You be the judge.

(Part II, Coming soon) Ndubuisi Anukwuem ([email protected])

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