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Tuesday 7 July 2015

Insider's story: How Hausa/Fulani army commander of 19th battalion ordered killing of Ogedegbe for stopping his oil bunkering

Commanding officer, Lt. Colonel Umar Aminu
When the news broke on June 23rd on how the Chairman of Oghara Vigilante, Mr Benson Ogedegbe was killed by the men of the 19th battalion on the express order of the commanding officer, Lt. Colonel Umar Aminu, this reporter sent out some of his reporters to get the behind the scene details, but was surprised to see a report on various news medium, both print and online, with his byline, and the report exonerating the Colonel from the inhuman act. It was a surprise on how a report still being worked on was sent out bearing the authentic byline but with different emails not associated with me. This prompted personal travel to Oghara and Koko for first hand investigation of the story. How the leaked report came about will be discussed in another report.
Detailed insider report given can authoritatively state that Benson has never been a criminal nor associated with such evil men of the night as claimed by the Nigerian Army from the 19th battalion which prompted his killing.
According to sources close to the military in Koko, a certain Onos led and still leads a criminal gang that terrorized the Koko waterways and Oghara community. Onos is said to be very close to the 19th battalion, who see him as partner in business. What was, however, unknown to some persons is that Onos serves as the middleman and informant to the Umar-led soldiers and some deadly millionaire oil bunkerers.

Revealing to this reporter, the 19th battalion provides cover for this oil bunkers to carry out their illegal trade which often involves killing of innocent villagers who try to stop their activities. Onos according to an insider arranges the meeting between the bunkerers after every deal, while also serving as informant to the Army on the movement of the Oghara vigilante, which Ogedegbe heads.

"19th battalion provides cover for this oil bunkers to carry out their illegal trade which often involves killing of innocent villagers trying to stop their activities"

Investigation revealed that the Army Command had made overtures to him to stop his security monitoring of oil bunkering and join them in providing covers through the local means, which he turned down. Onos, the notorious criminal on his part had in the past threatened to deal with Ogedegbe, using the army. This threat it was gathered got the attention of the Oghara Divisional Police State, who arrested Onos and detained him for weeks. He was later released to the Chairman of Ethiope West LGA, Solomon Golley, on health ground, who promised to provide him when he’s needed.
No sooner was he released when he escaped from town to stay with the army, stated a source. This was the stroke the army needed to get Ogedegbe down by any means, hence he was picked up by them and taken to their Benin base for no reason, where he was tortured almost to death, before a human rights activist, David Ugolor raised alarm. Umar out of fear quickly transferred him to the Police Headquarter in Asaba, but arranged with a criminal in the cell to implicate Ogedegbe as one of their gang member, with promise to set him free and monetary reward.

Ironically, on the day of interrogation, the hired criminal broke down and confessed that he had never met Ogedegbe before. This confession set the vigilante leader free, with his son who was also arrested by the soldiers.

"Onos arranges the meeting between the bunkerers after every deal, while also serving as informant to the Army on the movement of Oghara vigilante"


On the fateful day, investigation revealed that Ogedegbe had just left the Oghara Police Station to his house, to pick his materials to go to the school, where he functions as a games master. Unknown to him, the 19th battalion troop were lurking around to nab him.

He left the home into his car, when an Army Hilux vehicle was noticed following him by some passerby and his wife who followed them. From behind, the soldiers occupying the Hilux began to fire shots at the car, which prompted Ogedegbe to stop,

An eye witness revealed that they walked up to him, dragged him out of the car, where one of them made call to inform the man at the other end of the phone for possible instruction. The man at the other end of the phone according to witnesses is said to be Lt. Colonel Umar Aminu, who gave a direct order that he should be shot and made to look like what criminals do.

It was then live bullets were pumped into him four times in his abdomen, and they certified him personally dead, before dumping his body at the Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Oghara.

*** Watch out for the dirty media cover up by the Lt. Colonel and 19th battalion.

By Fejiro Oliver

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