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Thursday 2 July 2015

Christian’s Crying As Kano Police Arrests Food Sellers To Enforce Ramadan Fast

As Muslims all over the world observe the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Kano State Hisbah Board Wednesday intensified efforts at arresting food sellers who sell during the day as well as any Muslims who deliberately refuse to observe the Ramadan Fasting.

The Commander of the Board, Shiehk Aminu Daurawa, said his men so far have arrested quite a number of food sellers and Muslim adherents young and old male and female from the beginning of the Holy Month till date.

Daurawa, also said that the board will not tolerate the attitudes of some Muslims who are in the habit of eating, smoking or drinking in public during the month of fasting without any health issues or tangible reason why they must not fast as Sharia permits.

Meanwhile, non-Muslims Kano residents and food sellers who spoke to our correspondent under the condition of anonymity expressed dismay over the development which they described as unfair as the action leaves many people who are not Muslims in a bad condition.

They lamented that the development will force non-Muslims in the state to end up starving at work because they cannot get food to eat.

According to the food sellers, “Getting food to eat is now a big problem, even when we manage to help those who are not Muslim; it is done in the secret as if we are selling evil things.

“Must everybody fast because the Muslims are fasting?
“Beside no body follows any one home forcing him or her to come and eat. Why must we be denied freedom to sell and why must we be involved?”

It would be recalled that few days ago, some ladies who are indigenes of the state and Muslims were arrested smoking Shisha in public.

This, the Commander of the Board said is a big slap for a state as Kano which is considered to be an Islamic state to be seeing such ugly things.

Damming any complaints, Shiehk Aminu Daurawa, assured that efforts are been made to clear up bad joints in the State in the Month and that the Board is working day and night arresting youths who engages in one form social vices or the other.

He further explained that food sellers must understand that Kano is a Muslim dominated state and that people of other faith living in the State must learn to respect the laws of the land by avoiding anything that will encourage people to break their fast before sun set or refusing to even fast at all.

He said hawking food during the day no doubt encourage some lazy Muslims not to fast and end up patronising such Restaurants.

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