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Saturday 4 July 2015

Boko Haram Kill 200 in 48Hrs: Christians In the North Must Prepare For The Coming Onslaught

By Ugochukwu Obinigwe

Boko Haram have killed nearly 200 in 48 hours. The attack on Wednesday that claimed over 150 lives was a significant one. It was the heaviest Boko Haram attack since February, and the main targets were muslims.

One may wonder why Boko Haram, an islamic oriented group, are killing muslims in such numbers. Well this is not unusual, and christians in the northern and southern part of the Zoo should not for one second be complacent in Boko Haram matters. The reason for the incessant killings of muslims in the north is to intimidate ordinary muslims in the streets to join the Boko Haram army of destruction. This is also a strategy familiar with ISIS where, initially they kill muslims, intimidate the rest to join the army and then with greater numbers they descend on the christian population.

Boko Haram is back and stronger, just two weeks ago NBC NEWS published a report warning that "Boko Haram is winning" ; counting from this period Boko Haram have launched more than 10 devastating attacks mostly on muslim communities. Boko Haram in March officially became affiliated to ISIS. It is expected that Boko Haram, although more deadly than ISIS, will strategically be similar to ISIS.

It is also important to note that the Zoos' Army has halted the attack against Boko Haram abiding orders from the Terrorist in chief, Buhari. The Terrorist, on Friday, urged muslims in the north to fight back Boko Haram after the attempt lure them into accepting negotiations failed. Boko Haram is on the loose and they are gaining numbers rapidly.

Christians in the north must, immediately, begin to prepare for the greater onslaught coming. The attack Christians will face is bound to be far more devastating and gruesome than what muslims are currently experiencing.

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