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Friday 17 July 2015

At Least We Still Have Some Decent & Honest Yorubas In The Zoo

ADEOLA from Ondo State, Nigeria replies to the NBC on Radio BIAFRA!

Indeed things are happening in the Zoo that never happened before!!!
Maybe the young Yoruba man from Ecuador that called Radio Biafra on the PM Edition of the live broadcast of 15 March 2015 was right that their younger generation has changed and more honest than their leaders

Dear NBC,
I respond to your mail below
My name is Adeola, I am a native of Efun Alaye in Ondo state, I have been hearing about this Radio Biafra, until I decided to search for it online and listened to the information been disseminated from it.
I gave you my name so that you will know I am not a Biafra supporter or neither am I an IBO tribe.
when I listen to the information from it, especially the style they use to read news headlines, I must confess that all they are saying is notting but the truth.
I mean 99.9% of the information are truth about Nigeria and our so called leaders.
I am a very frank and open minded person, they are not transmitting any seditious and divisive content. come to think of it, if this country provides for every Nigerian their needs do you think all these will crop up? certainly no. I think it is a wake up call for Nigerian Leaders to make an amend. e.g
the very month my father's retirement benefit was paid to him into society General Bank was the month they folded up, all effort to get the money out was a waste, and now we are told that our so called senate president was among the people that defrauded the Bank. Today he is now being celebrated as senate president. The Man died of heart attack because of this. So, if I come out on air on day to transmit this, I know they will look for my head to crush.
I have not yet seen or heard any bad transmission from that Radio. I WILL SOON PUBLISH THIS IN NATIONAL DALIES.
(Cf. Daily Post 15Jul 2015)

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