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Monday 6 July 2015

Armed Men Invade Village Kill 10, Burn 32 Churches As The March for Total Islamization Continue

Suspected members of the Boko Haram sect have killed 10 people at Mussa village in Askira/Uba Local Government of Borno State.

Stephen Apagu, the chairman of the youth vigilante group in the village, disclosed the massacre.
He said Boko Haram returned to remote villages and killed ten civilians.
Apagu said three members the terrorists group also died during the attack.
He also revealed that all 32 churches in Mussa district and over 300 houses burnt down.
“The insurgents killed 10 persons and 3 Boko Haram were equally dead but all 32 churches in Mussa District were burnt as well as over 300 homes completely wipe out. Our people have been camped in Gombio village but there is no foods and water, even that place is not safe.  We call on authority to come to our aid now as we are seriously in helpless situations someone should help us,” Apagu said.

The quest for total implementation of sharia in the whole of Nigeria is fast yielding results, churches are being burnt on a daily bases and christian minorities in the Muhamadian Emirates of North are being prosecuted. Jihads are also being carried out in northern communities by multiple armed groups that all sprung up since the Terrorist Buhari took office. With the negligence of the Zoo's Army, civilians have no choice but to flee these villages; the current crusade consequently will as well continue to soar without resistance.

News24 contributed in this report

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